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Unique Approach of Garanti Bank to Woman Entrepreneurs First Forum for South East European Women Entrepreneurs September 2010 Istanbul Slide 2 Our Aim is... Giving woman entrepreneurs managerial and consultancy support t o help them reach a competetive level in global markets! To contribute to Turkeys social and economic development by increasing the number of women entrepreneurs who create economic value. Slide 3 Facts of Woman Entrepreneurs TURKEY EU 70% 24% 6% 59% 25% Secondary SchoolHigh SchoolUniversity 14% Education Level Technological Advancement No new technology New Technology (1-5 years) Early Stage Entrepreneurs Established Entrepreneurs 84.2 89.3 14.3 8.1 1.3 2.4 Latest technology Education... Age distribution of woman entrepreneurs; 7,6% is 18-24, 44,1% is 25-44 age, 32,5% is 44-64. After founding company, they will need marketing, finance and technology know-how. Encouragament... 9,14 1,62 1,54 0,46 2,63 3,83 2,96 2,9 1,84 3,01 Belgium France Russia Turkey Romania Slovenia Italy U.K. India U.S. Opportunity Ratio Percentage of the female unpaid family workers to total employed women is 49.8% Percentage of the wage/salaried woman workers to total employed women is 33.4% 59.7% of Turkish woman lives in the rural area The likelihood of being involved in entrepreneur is three to four times higher for who also are employed in a wage job (whether full or part time) Slide 4 Facts of Woman Entrepreneurs Different Point of View... Business More relationship management is needed Understanding their needs and solution partnership Approach to financial supports Financial solutions should not only support their cash flow but also, production capacity, product quality and sustainable business development. Expectations from their banks They connect their business with emotional ties Their business must go on after them They want to evolve in sustainable projects Assessing the opportunities Confident their own skills and more likely to know other entrepreneurs More alert to the existence of unexploited opportunities Slide 5 Garanti & Woman Entrepreneurs 2 Education Encouragement 31 Financial Support Turkeys Women Entrepreneurs Assosiations (KAGDER) Garanti SME Banking Woman Entrepreneurs Support Package Woman Entrepreneurs Gatherings Turkeys Woman Entrepreneur Contest & Garanti & KAGDER & Ekonomist A BankA NGO A MagazineA BankA NGO Slide 6 Financial Support; Women Entrepreneur Support Package Garanti Bank & SME Banking Retail Banking Private Banking SME Banking Commercial Banking Corporate Banking SME Definition Annual Turnover European Union Turkey 0 50 MM EUR 0 25 MM TL 0 10 MM TL Garanti Bank Garanti SME Definition Annual Turnover TL 3 - 10 Mn Banking volume TL 200 - 600k Credit LimitTL 125k - 1 Mn Annual Turnover TL 500k - 3 Mn Banking volume TL 30 - 200k Credit Limit TL 0 - 125k Annual Turnover < TL 500k Banking volume < TL 30k Credit Limit 0 Medium Small Micro Statistics (since 2006) # of Credit : 10.500 Total Limit: 310 MM TL New Disbursment - # and limit Woman Entrepreneur Consumer Loan SME Project Loan (7 year maturity) Overdraft Foreign trade services Letter of credit POS Pension Program for Woman Entrepreneurs Leasing Products Slide 7 Education Support ; Woman Entrepreneur Gatherings Enlightening Our Women Entrepreneurs Way!... To provide woman entrepreneurs with information on fundamental subjects Encourage them in creating new opportunities for their businesses Support them in their personal development. Aim Schedule Marketing Finance Technology Menagament A Role Model KOSGEB Cities zmir Eskiehir Adana Samsun Kayseri Manisa Gaziantep Konya Bursa Edirne 2008 - 20092009- 2010 Slide 8 Encouragement ; Turkeys Woman Entrepreneur Competition To draw public's attention to woman's "entrepreneur soul", with the aim to help raise their numbers in Turkey to match that of developed countries', thus help increase women entrepreneurs' contribution to the Turkish economy overall.. Aim Turkeys Woman Entrepreneur Turkeys Woman Social Entrepreneur A resident in Turkey Controlling partner in the company The Company's annual revenue < 25 MM TL In 2007 ; 113 application from 23 region In 2008 ; 806 application from 53 region In 2009 ; 2.119 application In 2010 ; 3.640 application from 70 region Categories Application Criteria Statistics 2008 2009 2010 Slide 9 Other Projects; www.wegaranti.com can access all prasentations and videos of Woman Entrepreneur Gathering Can access all information about Turkeys Woman Entrepreneur Contest Can read the stories of Turkeys Woman Entrepreneur Contest finalists. Can learn how to benefit from financial supports And; Can use Woman Entrepreneur Forum to communicate other entrepreneurs The first web site for woman entrepreneurs, prepared by a bank Woman Entrepreneurs ; Slide 10 Other Projects for Woman Entrepreneurs National Funds and EU Supports for Woman Entrepreneurs Projects International Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit ~ 2009-2010 The Summit will bring esteemed women entrepreneurs and leaders together from US, Europe and MENA Regions Main target audience are women leaders and entrepreneurs who want to improve their knowledge, develop their business and be pioneers for change Individual Funds Small Enterprises Loan Program II (SELP II) Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) Supporting Women Entrepreneurs: Examples from Turkey, The UN Session GarantiBank and KAGDER were found eligible to attend the 53rd Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women which took place in the UN Headquarters in March 2009. Contents of the book;. Which funds can woman entrepreneurs take advantage of? Tax advantages Which funds should women entrepreneurs follow? Slide 11 11 7th Annual International Business Awards Final results in this year's have been announced, and honorees will be celebrated in Istanbul, Turkey on 27 September Slide 12 Facts of Woman Entrepreneurs Financial Support 1 23 To contribute Turkeys social and economic development Empowering woman entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship is a socail respo n sibility socail respo n sibility for us... Education Encouragement Slide 13 To increase the number and quality of women entrepreneurs, who create economic value We believe that our package will help women entrepreneurs reach a competitive ability in the international business arena!... Not just financal services and profit ; Social responsibility GarantiBank & Woman Entrepreneurs... To bring Turkish women entrepreneurs together Our Aim Our Priority Our Mission Slide 14 Advertisement Samples on Activities Slide 15 News clippings link Advertisement Sample News Clippings Women Entrepreneurs Gatherings Slide 16 Women Entrepreneurs Competition Envelope Invitation letter sent together with a hardcopy application form to 25,000 women in GBs database Application form Emailing Format Advertisement announcing winners of the competition Special 8 March Womens Day Advertisement TV Band Commercial Application Slide 17 25 Newspaper Articles have been received, some sample clippings: Women Entrepreneurs Competition Slide 18 Garantis Adv. as Summits Main Sponsor Sample Clipping Stand at the lobby Notebook for attendees Summit Poster International Woman Entrepreneurship & Leadership Summit Slide 19 Woman Entrepreneur Support Package Brochure Poster Slide 20