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  • Unique diy crafts-bracelet and ring connected jewelry

    While browsing the internet for newly trendy jewelry,

    we may come across the slave bracelet actually

    frequently. However, this phrase does not mean to

    offend or abuse anybody as much as judging literally,

    typically, it is a bracelet and ring connected jewelry.

    And in todays post I will rightly show you such piece

    among the unique diy crafts.

    Supplies needed in the unique diy crafts:

    (thin & thick) Chains


    Lobster Claw Clasp

    Flat Nose Plier

    Side Cutting Plier

    How to make the bracelet and ring connected jewelry?

    Step1: prepare the chain part Step2: assemble the bracelet

    Todays post is about one of the recently popular unique diy crafts-the slave bracelet, i.e. a bracelet and

    ring connected jewelry. Just have a look and design your own piece by chains and jumprings.

    1. Cut out a short segment thin chain that will fit

    around your middle finger;

    2. Then, cut another 2 strands of thin chain for

    the connected branches;

    3. Wrap the thick chain around your individual

    wrist and cut out the segment.

    1. Open one small jumpring and connect the

    starting and ending links of shortest part for

    wearing on your finger;

    2. Then the two similar links of the connected


  • 3. Crab the thick chain and find the middle point. Now, from the middle, go out about 1cm distance

    on each side. Attach the two ending links of connected branches to the locations youve found, by

    using the jumprings.

    Step3: add on your clasp

    Attach the lobster claw clasp and a larger

    jumpring on two ends of the bracelet.

    Voila! You gained yourself the bracelet and ring

    connected jewelry!

  • It seems so wonderful over your back of hand, right? Due to it may make us a bit of indisposed

    feelings, Id rather to name it a bracelet and ring connected jewelry rather than the so-called slave

    bracelet. Just move and act such unique diy crafts for a stunning chain harness for you hand.

    More jewelry making ideas can be found on our webpage:



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