Unit 1 Good Friends The 2nd Period Talking and Speaking

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<ul><li><p>Unit 1 Good FriendsThe 2nd PeriodTalking and Speaking</p></li><li><p>.Talking:Q1: As you know, everybody needs friends and friends often help each other. However, being a good friend can sometimes be hard work. Why?Q2: So what has become very important for us to learn? Why?-- How to solve problems and how to apologize.Q3: Different people need different solutions, and different problems require different solutions. But what do you think is the most important solution to all the problems that may occur in our life, especially if you want to keep your friends?--- Learning how to apologize.</p></li><li><p> The Expressions to Settle an ArgumentWhy did you ?Why didnt you ?3) You promised to 4) You said that you would do 5) I forgot.6) Im very sorry.7) Please forgive me.8) It wont happen again.Pair work. Please think of another situation in which 2 friends are having a problem. Write it down on your own cards and act it out by using the expressions properly. After that, you can exchange role cards with another pair and go on practicing.</p><p>ABHow to complainHow to apologize</p></li><li><p>Q: What are your interests? What are your partners likes/dislikes?</p></li><li><p>14151516</p><p>14</p><p>boy</p><p>girlgirlboy boyboyskiing,reading,singingfootball,reading</p><p>singing,rock music, compu-tersdancing,com-puters,rock musicreading,football, singingcom-puters,skiing, rock musichiking, rock music, footballsinging, compu-ters, rock musicfootball, classical music, dancinghiking, reading</p><p>dancing, com-putersfoot-ball, hik-ing</p><p>NameSteveJohnPeterAnnSarahJoeAgeGender</p><p>Likes</p><p>Dislikes</p></li><li><p>Discussion: Discuss in pairs who could be friends according to the form which you filled in just now. Of course, youd better give your partner your reasons. When you express your ideas, you can use the following expressions. Im sure ___ and ___ could be friends, because Im not sure if ___ and ___ could be friends, because Perhaps ___ and ___ could be friends, because like, love, enjoy, be fond of, hate, not like, not enjoy </p></li><li><p>4.Language study:be fond of : like Im fond of country music, while he is fond of playing football.2) so + be / have / / + Neither / Nor + be / have / / +e.g. --- I have finished the work. --- So have I. --- Mr. Smith is really a kind person. --- So is his wife. --- I cant surf. --- Neither / Nor can Li Lei.Its the same with / So it is with e.g. --- Kate isnt an actress, but she dances well. --- Its the same with / So it is with Betty.</p></li><li><p>Homework: 1) What Chinese proverb can you think of to explain the social phenomenon: the most common things are likely to bring people together and become good friends? And what is the similar English proverb for this? 2) Find your best friends. Once youve made a decision who you would like to make friends with. Go and talk to him/her/them in English to make sure of your common interests or personalities, or something else to see if you can help each other in some way. 3) Read the passage ( P.88-89 ) and finish off all the exercises.Summary: Its very lucky if you have a good friend. And as weve just learnt, you will have to learn a lot of things if you want to keep a good friend and let your friendship going in a pleasant way, which is sure to add colors to your life. And thats one of the reasons many people like to make friends. So to make your life full and interesting, first things first, youll have to find a good friend.</p></li></ul>


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