unit 1 hello again. who are they? remember? grandma star grandpa star

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Unit 1 Hello again Who are they? Remember? Grandma Star Grandpa Star MeeraAlexLenny purplered yellow green pinkgrey brown black whiteblue orange a, b, c, d, e, f, g, Lets play a game. Whats this colour B-l-u-e. I know. Its blue. My cars blue. Look! Now, its my turn. Whats this word? F-o-u-r. I know. Thats four. Here are four pencils! My turn. Whats this, Trevor? P-ur-p-l-e. Er. Is it a pencil? Pencils are my favourite food. No, Trevor. Its purple. Your hairs purple. OK, Trevor. Its your turn. Er Whats this? T-h-r-e-e. Three. Ive only got three pencils! Wheres the red pencil? Are pencils your favourite food, Trevor? Er, yes, they are. Sorry, Monty.