unit 10 can you play the guitar?. can you swim? can you dance?

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  • Unit 10 Can you play the guitar?

  • Can you swim?

  • Can you dance?

  • Can you sing?

  • Can you play chess?

  • Can you play the guitar?

  • Can you play basketball?

  • swimdancesingplay chessplay the guitarplay basketball

  • I can speak English and play chess.Tom can sing , but he cant dance.Lily can play piano,but she cant play it well.Linda can paint , and she can paint very well. she is good at it.

  • He can speak Chinese.He is good at singing.He can play the piano and drums.His famous song is Friends.

  • She is a Chinese girl.She can swim and dive. She is the champion of 2000 Olympic Games.

  • He can play basketball very well.He is a super basketball star. His number is 23 on the basketball team.

  • They are from South Korea.They can speak Korean.They can sing and dance very well.

  • She/ He likes music.She/ He can play the cello.She/ He is one of the students in our class.

  • We can play basketball. We are good at it. We want to have a sports club. Can you play basketball? Do you like it? Do you want to join our club? Please call Alice at 63530896 for more information.Sports Club

  • A:Hi, Can I help you? B:Yes, please. I want to join the art club.A:Good. May I know your name? B:Jones.A:Whats your first name? B:CindyA:How old are you? B:Twelve.

  • A:How can we contact you? B:My e-mail address is cindyjones @163.com.A:Can you draw? B:Yes, a little. I want to learn about art.A:Here is a card. Please fill it out. B:Thank you.


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