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  • Unit 17 SpeakingDescribing people

  • 1. Only adjectives 2. Only positive words3. Only for peoples qualityKeep on adding whenever you can.

    Dont write the same word twice.Rules for Word Bank :

  • Listeningserioussmartfriendlyhelpfulloyalhonestfatquietwarmkindprettystronghard-workingmathssingingpaintingteacher in a storebosscharacter


    good atnothingjob

  • Tell us about your future jobAB

  • You can see that I think I am suitable for the job as a

    competitioncompetitioncompetitionSentence patterns

  • warm-heartedhelpful be ready to help others

  • hardworkingdeterminednever give up

  • generouskind-hearted be worth admiring

  • be devoted to ones duty responsible loyal

  • AWhat are you reading? BIm reading the story of AWhat do you think of ? BI think he/she is the kind of person whoA: Why do people admire her/him?B: People admire her/him becausepractice

  • Discussion Who is a ____ person in our class? (with examples)

    warm-hearted determined responsible hardworking

  • One exampleOKTwo examplesGood jobMore examplesExcellent

  • Not everyone can be famous but you could be great if you try. You learn from doing and you win from trying.

  • HomeworkWrite a short passage is a great person in my life

  • Wrapping up Count the number of words in your bank