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  • Unit 2 School life Grammar (2)

  • Comparing two things: +______________ nouns + than more lessuncountable more fewer+______________ nouns + thancountableComparing more than two things:the mostthe fewestthe mostthe least+______________ nouns+______________ nouns countableuncountable

  • 12 4 1 hourDo Part B163 4 hours823 hours

    NancyJohnDanielSubjectsClubsFree time

  • 1. John studies fewer subjects than Daniel, but Nancy studies __________.2. Nancy joins more clubs than John, but Daniel joins __________ .3. John has less free time than Nancy, but Daniel has ___________ .the fewestthe mostthe least

  • 1.I ______________ tomatoes.2. Millie ______________ juice.3. Kitty ______________ eggs.4. I ________________ beef.5. Millie ______________ bananas.6. Kitty _________________rice.have the fewesthas the least has the mosthave the mosthas the fewesthas the least Do Part B2

  • We went to plant some trees last week.I plant fewer trees than Sandy and Simon.I planted __________trees of the three of us. 2.Yeaterday we had dinner at Simon's home.Most of us liked the beef but Sandy did not.She ate ________beef.the fewestthe leastDo Part B3

  • 3.During Reading Week,Simon read more books than we did.He read __________books of all thf students.the most

  • Millie and I are in the Reading Club. We like reading comic books. I have eight comic books and Millie has five.I have ____ comic books_____ Millie. Millie has _____ comic books _____ I .morethanfewerthanDo Part B4

  • Simon and Sandy are in the Music Club. Last Sunday, they went to buy CDs. Simon spent $25 and Sandy spent $20.Sandy spent _____ money on CDs______ Simon.2. Simon spent _____ money on CDs ______ Sandy.lessmorethanthan

  • Amy, Kitty and Andy are in the Health Club. Everyday, Amy drinks one glass of milk, Kitty drinks two and Andy drinks three.Kitty drinks _____ milk _____ Andy. Amy drinks _________ milk of the three students.lessthanthe least

  • Sandy, Andy and Kitty are in the Online Friendship Club. Sandy has eight online friends, Andy has five and Kitty has two.

    Andy has _____ online friends _____ Sandy. Of the three students, kitty has __________ online friends.fewerthe fewestthan

  • Their sweaters are the same. Sandys sweater is the same as Mandys sweater. How are their sweaters?SandyMandy

  • toy eyesT-shirt face hairstyle skirt shoesSandys ______ is/ are the same as Mandy's_______.Can you describe the twins like above?SandyMandy

  • Lucy LilyTalk about Lucy and Lily with the same as:paper clipspumpkin lanterncuptrainers

  • The car on the left is the same size/ colour as the one on the right.The car on the left is the same as the one on the right.

  • My jeans are blue. Anns jeans are blue, too. My jeans are the same _____ as Anns.colour

  • Jims notebook is 5 yuan. Toms notebook is also 5 yuan. Jims notebook is the same _____ as Toms. priceJimsToms

  • 4 Mr Greens shoes are _____________ Mr Whites shoes.the same size assize: 40size: 40Kitty 13Amy 13 1 Kitty is ________________ Amy. 3 This goldfish is ________________________ that one. 2 The hat is _________________ the tie. 9898the same colour / shape asthe same age asthe same price as

  • the same as. Conclusion:

  • Their flowers are not the same/ different.

    How are their flowers?Sandys flower is different from Mandys flower.

  • SandyMillieSandys hairstyle _______________ Millies.is different from

  • Snoopy ASnoopy BSnoopy A _______________ Snoopy B. is different from

  • different from.Conclusion:

  • Daniels uniform is the same as Simons.Daniels uniform is different from Johns.Dont forget the

  • Fill in the blanks with the same as or different from 1 Simons jacket is Johns jacket. 2 Tinas shoes are Millies shoes. 3 Johns tie is Tinas tie. 4 Millies skirt is Tinas skirt.different fromthe same as different fromthe same as

  • 1 Ninth grade in the USA / Grade 9 in China (the same)

    2 Year 8 in Britain / Grade 8 in China (the same)

    3 School life in the USA / school life in Britain (different)

    4 Nancys timetable / Johns timetable (different)

    Ninth grade in the USA is the same as Grade 9 in China.Year 8 in Britain is the same as Grade 8 in China.School life in the USA is different from school life in Britain.Nancys timetable is different from Johns timetable.Make sentences using the same as or different from:

  • the same as. different from.Conclusion:

  • Would you like to tell me something by using the following patterns:Speak upthe same as: My desk is the same as yours.the sameas: Sandy is the same age as Millie. (size, colour, price, kind)different from:Lilys hair chips are different from Kittys.

  • 1. Simon JohnSimons jacket is _______________ Johns jacket.2. DanielSimon, John.Daniels uniform is _____________ Simons, but _______________ Johns. is different fromthe same asthe same asFill in the blanks with the same as or different from

  • 3. NancyJohnNancys timetable is _____________ Johns timetable.

    4. Her hairstyle is ____________ her mothers.different fromthe same as 5.JohnJane.Johns shoes _________________ Janes.are different from

  • Translation:1. My schoolbag is quite different from Li Mings.2. My sweater is the same colour as yours.3. My comic book is a little different from Simons.4. My shoes are the same size as my brothers.

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