unit 2 travelling comic strips & welcome to the unit

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Unit 2 Travelling Comic strips & Comic strips & Welcome to the unit Welcome to the unit

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Unit 2 Travelling Comic strips & Welcome to the unit Slide 2 Slide 3 2.What is Hobo doing? What does he want to do ? 1.Where is Eddie going? He is going on a trip to South Hill. He is packing. He wants to bring everything with him. Slide 4 Slide 5 go on a trip Ive been there many times. Hey,Eddie.where are you______? Im going on a_______to South Hill. Ive been there many times. going trip Have you been to Beijing? Slide 6 must be fun join sb take sb out for a few days It must be _____. Can I ____you? OK.Let me take you out for a ______days fun join few Slide 7 bringwith be excited What are you_____,Hobo? Im______.I want to _______ everything with me. Im so _____ doing packing bring excited Slide 8 come on take the bag I dont think itll be a holiday for me. Come on,Eddie. _____ the bag. Lets go. Take I dont think itll be a ______ for me holiday Slide 9 Hobo: Hey, Eddie.______ are you ______? Eddie: Im _____ ______ a trip to South Hill. Hobo: It _____ ______fun. Can I _____ you ? Eddie: OK.______ me ______ you out ______ a few days. What are you doing, Hobo? Hobo: Im ________.I want to _______ everything _____me. Im so ________. Come on.Eddie.______ the bag. ________go. Eddie: I _______ think itll _______ a holiday ______ me. Where going on must be join Let take for packing bring with excited Take Lets dontbe for Slide 10 Slide 11 The worlds popular tourist attractions Slide 12 the Great Wall a symbol of China Slide 13 Mount Fuji Japan Slide 14 the Opera HouseAustralia Slide 15 the Eiffel TowerFrance Slide 16 the Tower Bridge England Slide 17 Italy the Leaning Tower of Pisa Slide 18 the Statue of Libertythe USA Slide 19 the Little Mermaid Denmark Slide 20 Countries attractions the USA Mount Fuji the UK the Great Wall France the Little Mermaid Japan the Statue of Liberty Denmark the Tower Bridge China the Eiffel Tower Slide 21 Slide 22 Whats this? Its Mount Fuji in Japana symbol of Japan. What can people do there ? They can go skiing there. Slide 23 A:Whats this? go hiking go skiing see the beautiful view take photos B:Its _________ in _______________ A:What can people do there? B:They can ________there. Make a simple dialogue Slide 24 Translation . go on a trip join sb take sb out let sb do sth a few days want to do sth bring sth/sb with sb come on Slide 25 9 10 11 12 13 14 15. must be fun see the beautiful view go skiing take photos go hiking take the bag a symbol of Japan Slide 26 Homework 1. Comic strip 2. Unit Two : Welcome to the unit