unit 3 - artefact - how are artefact made

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Page 1: unit 3 - artefact - How are artefact made

Sabrina Syeda Ali

Page 2: unit 3 - artefact - How are artefact made

Props are usually used in plays and musicales. They are used to give the audience a clearer understanding of the performance.

There are many things we need to consider when using props. Firstly the prop has to fit in terms of colour and material. For example it we are using a glass it cant be made out of wood. Foe health and safety reasons you could use see through plastic.

Another factor that you should take into consideration is that the prop should be recognisable from a distant. For this we have to make sure that the prop is large enough to be seen from the end of the theatre, but doesn’t mean that you have to make it unusually large.

One of the main and most important factor you will need to think about is safety and comfort. You will need to think about the directors visions. For example if the director wishes to have a flying angel hovering above the stage you’ll have to think about safety issues like harnesses and maybe a safety mat in case they have to fall off a tower.

Comfort is another important issue, you need to make sure that the actors are comfortable with certain tasks such as jumping off of high objects. Or smashing sugar glass on them.

What you’ll need to do is make sure the actors and the whole crew are not under any danger with certain tasks and if so they must be discussed and resolved so everyone is safe.

Page 3: unit 3 - artefact - How are artefact made

Costumes are vital in drama performances especially in theatre and movies it makes the performance more realistic.

As you cans see in the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Captain Jack had a very creative and difficult costume and make up to make the character look real and alive.

Page 4: unit 3 - artefact - How are artefact made

Prop – bikes

Prop – 2 floor stage set

Olden style costume