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1. LANGUAGE FOCUS Unit 3 School talks Designed by Nguyen Thi Mai Hong 2. Jumbled sentence: Make ONE sentence by using these words

  • cancancanner
  • cantacanhe?

A canner cant can a can, can he? 3. Minimal pairs bet head pedal shell net bat had paddle shall gnat HAVE-HAD-HADSHALL=WILL 4. Practise these sentences

  • 1. The f a t m a n h a s a r e d p e n.
  • 2. This handb a g will be s e nt to H e len.
  • 3. S a m s ai da pples were v e ry exp e nsive th e n.
  • 4. Th e rere t e n p a ns on the sh e lf.
  • 5. B e n s ai d on a b e nch with a yellow c a t.
  • 6.A nn n e ver g e ts b a d marks in Fr e nch.

5. Listen and choose the word you hear

  • 1. It wassaid/ sad.
  • 2. She looked for apen/ pan.
  • 3. You have a message fromJen/ Jan.
  • 4. She complained about thepest/ past.

6. THE PAST PERFECT I went to a party last week. Tom went to the party too.Tome went home at 10:30. So, when I arrived11 oclock, Tom wasnt there. When Iarrivedat the party,Tomhad gonehome. 7. Uses: -Talk about thing that happens before another. Signal words:When, before, after, because, by the time Ex:When I got home, I found that someonehad brokeninto my flatandhad stolenmy fur coat. After I had finished my housework, I watched TV. - It can be considered as the past tense of the present perfect.Formation: (+) S+ HAD+ P2+ (-) S+ HADNT + V+ (?) HAD+ S+ V+? I wasnt hungry. Idjusthad lunch. Im not hungry. I have just had lunch. 8. Use the verbs in bracketsin the past perfect. 1. Why did Toms mother get angry with him? Because he( break) her favorite vase. had broken 9. 2. When did you watch TV last night? When I (do) all my homework. had done 10. 3.How did they like our city? They said it was the loveliest city they ever (see). had ever seen 11. 4. It rained yesterday after it( dry) for months.had dried 12. Complete these sentences

  • 1. The house was very quite when I got home. Everybody..
  • 2. My best friend, Kevin, was no longer there.
  • He ..
  • 3. Tom wasnt at home when I arrived. He
  • 4. Bill no longer had his car.
  • He ......

13. The simple past and past perfect

  • before/up to a certain time in the past
  • Example:
    • Before her sixth birthday, Jane had never been to the zoo.
  • some time in the past
  • Example:
    • Jane got up at seven. She opened her birthday presents and then the whole family went to the zoo.

Past Perfect Simple Simple Past 14. Signal Words

  • already
  • up to then
  • before that day
  • After S+V
  • first
  • then

Past Perfect Simple Simple Past 15. Exercise 2- page 40 1. We just (finish) dinner when they (come). 2. He seldom (travel) by bicycle before he (go) to Vietnam. 3. Ann (go) to get the carpet for the room but someone already (take) it.4. You (manage) to see the Director, or he (go) out by the time you (get) there? 5. He just (get) home when you (phone). He (be) in New York. had just finished/ came went/ had already taken had seldom traveled/ went Did manage/ had gone/ got had just gone/ phone/ was 16. Homework: Read the story in page 40 and find five mistakes to correct.


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