unit 5 birdwatchers comic strips & welcome to the unit

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Unit 5 Birdwatche rs Comic strips & Welcome to the unit

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  • Unit 5 BirdwatchersComic strips &Welcome to the unit

  • Zhalong () Nature Reserve

  • go birdwatchingbirdwatchers

  • 1. go fishing by the lake 2. take some photos 3. wear new leather shoes4. protect the land5. kill wild birds for their feathers6. leave rubbish there7. donate money to wild birds in danger8. cut down all the trees and forests can cant12345678What can and cant we do in Zhalong Nature Reserve?We can / cant

  • crane n.talllong legslong necklong beak

  • seagulls

  • white and grey or black feathersweb-footedlong-winged

  • beakcolorful feathers parrotpawshooked123wings

  • brownish feathersa hooked beakbroad wings golden eagle

  • smallsparrowbrown and grey feathersa long tail

  • the forked tailthe long-pointed wingIt always flies to northern countries in summerswallow

  • swanwhite feathersa long thin neck

  • seagullparrotgolden eaglecolourful feathers, can learn to speak and singlong-winged, web-footed, white and grey or black feathersbrownish feathers, broad wings, a hooked beak

  • red-crowned cranesparrowswallowswantall,longlegs/beak/neck,a red crownlong-pointed wings, a forked tail, flies to northern countries in summersmall, brown and grey feathers, a long tailwhite feathers, a long thin neck

  • Guessing gameThe birdhas broad wings, a hooked beak and brownish feathershas long-pointed wings and a forked tailhas white feathers and a long thin neckis small, brown and grey featherslong-winged, web-footed, white and grey or black feathersis tall, it has long legs/beak/neckWhat bird is it ?has colourful feathers, can learn to speak or sing

  • Make a dialogueA: Do you like birds?B: Yes, I do.A: Which bird do you like best?B: I like the best.A: Why?B: Because it .

  • Lets go birdwatching tomorrow!

  • 1.Does Eddie really like birdwatching? No, it doesnt.

    2.Where does Eddie think is the best place to watch birds? At the market.

    3. Why does Eddie think so? Because it likes Beijing Duck and roast chicken at the market.

  • 1.Make bird reserves bigger.2.Build more nature reserves.3.Plant more trees and forests for wild birds to live in.4.Encourage people not to hunt birds.5.Dont eat endangered() birds.6.Encourage our government() to make laws to punish bird hunters.

    ADV I C E

  • Live together with wild birds in perfect harmony().