unit #6 color schemes the color wheel using the color wheel for choosing a color scheme is very...

Download UNIT #6 Color Schemes The color wheel Using the color wheel for choosing a color scheme is VERY useful

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  • UNIT #6 Color Schemes

    Louise Fisher / Color 113 / Fall 2017

  • Color Harmony Harmony - a pleasing arrangement of

    parts that creates a whole.

    Ex: music, food, poetry

    In color harmony, there is a sense

    of intrigue, balance, and order in the


    Georgia O’Keeffe

    Pink & Blue II, 1919

  • The color wheel Using the color wheel for

    choosing a color scheme is VERY


    Predicts how the colors will

    interact with one another.

  • Warm vs cool colors Warm colors = yellow through red

    Associated with sun, fire and heat.

    Cool colors = green through violet

    Associated with snow/ice, forests, water.

    Yellow-green and red-violet are considered both.

  • Achromatic Color Scheme Colors that only differ in value (have no hue).

  • Monochromatic Color Scheme A single color (hue) that differs almost

    exclusively by value.

  • Analogous Color Scheme Colors that appear next to one another

    on the color wheel.

    Typically warm or cool.

  • Complementary Color Scheme Colors that appear opposite of one

    another on the color wheel.

    These colors contrast with one another


    “Opposites attract”

  • Triadic Colors that appear in a triangular

    formation on the color wheel.

    Primary triadic = red, blue, yellow

    Secondary triadic = orange, green, purple

  • Tetrad Colors that appear in a rectangular

    formation on the color wheel.

    Ex: yellow-green, green-blue, orange-red,


  • Pick that color scheme!

  • Ansel Adams

  • Andy Warhol

  • Mark Rothko

  • Vogue fashion ad Circa 2010

  • Pablo Picasso

  • Mysterious living room Via Google Images

  • Unit 5 project “Schemes of Scenes”

    Relief printing

    Favorite Film blogpost

    Work by Sean Starwars

  • Weebly Blog Post Demo

  • Relief printmaking Linocut or woodcut

    Cutting away the white area, inking the

    black (raised) surface.

    Transferring image onto receiving surface

    (paper, fabric, etc.)

    OG in China 2,000 years ago!

  • Andrea Lauren (Ink Print Repeat) English artist based in US

    Print & textiles

    Works with linocuts

    On Instagram @inkprintrepeat

  • Tugboat Printshop Collaborative print duo

    Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth

    Pittsburg, PA

    Multi-layered color woodcuts

    References to folk-art

    Arts & Crafts movement

  • Tugboat Printshop Process of cutting


  • Drive by Press Collaborative printmaking

    group (NYC)

    Founded by Greg Nanney

    & Joseph Valesquez

    Travelling printing press

    Relief on shirts

  • Drive by Press Process and history


  • Choosing your image Ex: Into the Wild

    Choose a still that has an

    Interesting color scheme.

    (No text, simple scene)


  • Choose composition Focus on a detail of the scene

    to simplify your image.

    (We are working SMALL!)

  • Flip image horizontally When an image is printed onto a

    Surface, it is mirrored (flipped).

    Make sure to flip image horizontally

    on a program like Photoshop.

    (Or if you don't mind it being backwards

    don't sweat it).

  • Printing the image Horizontally flipped

    Will be inked and printed

    on a surface (paper).

    Think of it like an elaborate

    rubber stamp!

  • Coloring the image 1. Edition of 3 prints 2. Each print will be hand-colored 3. 3 different color schemes 4. 1 “natural”, 1 “artificial”, 1 wildcard


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