unit 8 why don’t you get her a scarf ? (period two) longde no.2 middle school zhang ci

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  • Unit 8 Why dont you get her a scarf ? (Period Two)Longde No.2 Middle School Zhang Ci

  • Review

  • a gift boxGuess the gifts in it and describe them!

  • What/How about +v-ing/n./pron.+ Why dont you +v.+Why not +v.+

  • Gifts Giving - Pairwork ( )How about a sweater?Its my sisters birthday soon. What should I get her?No, thats not interesting enough.

    Think of a friend or a family member who is having a birthday soon. Then discuss with your partner what to get this person. 2C.Pairwork.

  • Tom, Lily and Bob are thinking about what gifts to give to their friend, teacher and sister. There are many things they can choose, but they dont know what to choose. Groupwork. Work in groups of three and give suggestions.They need your help!

  • A: Its my math teachers birthday soon? What should I get her?B: How about a scarf?A: No, thats too personal.C: Why not buy her some flowers?A: Yeah. That sounds like a good idea!Example

  • Gifts Giving-Summary( )2a.Listening

    Conversation 1Conversation 2Conversation 3TeacherSisterFriend

  • Gifts Giving - SectionA 1b ( )Suggestions Comments too personal. not special enough. not creative enough.good idea.sounds good. shell like that. Listen and write the suggestions and comments.2b.Listening

  • a CDnot special enoughflowersgood idea2b.Listening

    Conversation 1Suggestion 1Comment 1Suggestion 2Comment 2

  • a scarftoo personala calendarsounds good

    Conversation 2Suggestion 1Comment 1Suggestion 2Comment 2

  • a soccer balla photo albumshell like thatnot creative enough

    Conversation 3Suggestion 1Comment 1Suggestion 2Comment 2

  • Summary

  • - What should I get my sister?- Why dont you get her a camera?- Thats too expensive.- How about some tennis balls? Theyre too cheap. Why dont you buy a scarf? Thats not interesting enough.Grammar focus

  • Exercises

  • Example:too boring: not interesting enough1. too expensive: 2. too short: 3. too difficult: 4. too noisy: 5. too young: not cheap enoughnot long enoughnot easy enoughnot quiet enoughnot old enough

  • Translate and write them down.- - - What should I get my mom for her birthday? How about a scarf? No, thats too boring.1.

  • 2. __________ _______ leaving for Canada on Sunday?3.200 The ______ of the meeting is _____ ________for 200 persons.4. - - -_____ _____ _____ get him a ________? -Yeah,______ ____ ______ ______!Why dont you room big enoughWhat / How aboutcalendar thats a good idea

  • Homework

  • Preview the new words and expressions on Page 62.Paper of Unit 8: Section A: I. III.Make three conversations like 2c.

  • Gifts Giving-Summary( )