unit 9. let’s chant: monday, monday, math on the monday. tuesday, tuesday, art on the tuesday!...

Download Unit 9. Let’s chant: Monday, Monday, math on the Monday. Tuesday, Tuesday, art on the Tuesday! Wednesday, Wednesday, computers on the Wednesday. Thursday,

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  • Unit 9

  • Lets chant:Monday, Monday, math on the Monday.Tuesday, Tuesday, art on the Tuesday!Wednesday, Wednesday, computers on the Wednesday.Thursday, Thursday, P.E. on the Thursday!Friday, Friday, my favorite Friday!

  • interesting () ______ 2. busy () ______3. difficult () ______ 4. A.M.() ______5. _________ 6. ______ 7. __________ 8. __________freeeasyP.M.boringat ninehave historyhave scienceon Friday

  • 9. __________ 10. ________11. ________________12. ____________ 13. 3:30 _____________________14. ____________________________have an art lessonfor two hoursMy class finishes at 3:30. The teacher says math is useful.fromto after that

  • Whats Davids favorite subject?_______Why does he like?Because its ___. Talk about Davids favorite subject with your partner in 1d.When is the class?Its on ____.

  • Try to retell the letter in 2b. Dear Jenny, I am very busy on Friday.

    TimeSub/ActDescriptionsAt 8:00mathNot fun, useful, difficultAt 9:00scienceDifficult but interestingAt 10:00history--At 11:00P.E.Easy and fun12:00 to 1:00lunch--After thatChineseMrs. Wang, great fun2:00 to 4:00Art Really relaxing

  • 3aNumber these parts of an e-mail message[1-3]. 123

  • Hi Mei LingDale

  • want to do sth do I want to finish my homework at 6:00. Bob wants to buy a new computer. 2. Is that OK with you? be OK with sb Is the time OK with Linda?

  • Fill in the schedule below for your classes on Friday. 3bChinesemathEnglishP.E.lunch and rest ()geographyartsports

    FridayTimeSubjects8:00 to 8:509:00 to 9:5010:00 to 10:5011:00 to 11:5012:00 to 2:002:00 to 2:503:00 to 3:504:00 to 4:50

  • Write an e-mail message to a friend about your Friday. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3c

  • 3b1. Thanks for your e-mail. 2. Its Friday today. Im really busy./Im really busy on Friday 3. I have classes in the morning and in the afternoon.

  • 4. At , I have . Then at , I have . Next, 5. .class is from to . 6. After that, I have for

  • 7. is my favorite subject. 8. I like/dont like it because its . /9. I think its 10. Please tell me about your school life.

  • One possible version: Dear Linda, Im really busy on Friday. At 8:00, I have Chinese. Its my favorite subject. Its very interesting. I have math at 9:00. I dont like math because its too difficult. At 10:00, I have history. My history teacher is great fun. After that, I have P.E. Its really relaxing! Lunch time is from 12:00 to 2:00. Then at 2:00, I have geography. At 3:00, I have an

  • art lesson. Its great, easy and interesting! Classes finish at 3:50, after that I have sports for an hour. I think its cool! Please tell me about your school life.


  • Add more words in each box.1difficultmathuseful ChineseTuesdayrelaxingartWednesdayfun P.E. Thursdayboringhistory FridaycoolcomputerSaturday

    DescriptionsSchool subjectsDays of the weekinterestingEnglishMonday

  • 1. _______ is your favorite subject? ________________________________2. _______ do you like it? ________________________________3. _______ is your music teacher? ________________________________4. _______ is your math class? ________________________________________Complete the questions with what, when, who or why. Then answer the questions.2What WhyMy favorite subject is music.Because its easy and fun.WhoMs. Wang.When Its on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • e-mail

    Thursday afternoon2:00-2:50historyboring3:00-3:50geographydifficult, useful4:00-4:50an art lessoneasy and fun5:00-6:00basketball gamegreat fun

  • ________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. ___________5. ___________________ 6. ___________________at 1:00have P.E.have mathon Saturdayon Friday afternoonhave an art lesson

  • 7. ___________ 8. ___________9. ____________ ______________11. _____________________want to do sthmusic teacherbe OK with sbThank you for When is your math class?

  • 1. I cant play with you ______ Im very busy now. A. but B. because C. and 2. Sandras favorite ______ are Saturday and Sunday. A. days B. subjects C. sports 3. We have P.E. and art ______ Friday afternoon. A. at B. on C. in BAB

  • 4. Eric usually plays soccer _____ three hours at school in afternoon. A. for B. in C. at 5. Jane doesnt like English because its _____. A. relaxing B. interesting C. difficult AC

  • 1. ______ is your favorite teacher? Miss Fang. 2. _____ is Janes favorite subject? History. 3. P.E. is my favorite subject ________ its fun. 4. I think science is difficult _____ interesting. 5. ____ does your son like Beijing Opera? He thinks its very interesting.6. School usually _______ at 4:00 P.M. 7. _____ Green has a daughter and a son. butWhatbecauseWhowhat, who, why, because, but, finish, Mrs.WhyMrs.finishes

  • 1. His history teacher is Mr. Hu. ______ ______ his history teacher? 2. She likes P.E. because its relaxing. ______ ______ she like P.E.? 3. We have music on Tuesday and Wednesday. ______ ______ you have P.E.? 4. Lindas favorite subject is art. ______ ______ Lindas favorite subject? 5. She has an art lesson from 4:00 to 5:00 today. = She has an a rt lesson ____ ____ _____ today.Who is Why doesWhen do What isfor an hour

  • 1. dads, whats, your, sport, favorite _____________________________?2. color, favorite, his, purple, mothers, is _______________________________.3. favorite, who, teacher, is, Peters ____________________________?4. like, why, does, he, science, math, and ________________________________?5. math, I, think, but, is, useful, difficult _______________________________. Whats your dads favorite sportHis mothers favorite color is purpleWho is Peters favorite teacherWhy does he like math and scienceI think math is useful but difficult

  • 1. ___________________________? My favorite subject is English.2. ___________________________? My English teacher is Mrs. Li.3. _________________________? Because music is very relaxing.4. ____________________________? Her favorite food is ice cream.5. ___________________________? Because he thinks P.E. is fun. Whats your favorite subjectWhy do you like musicWho is your English teacherWhats her favorite foodWhy does he like P.E.

  • Frank: Do you like math best, Mary?Mary: 1. ______Frank: 2. ______Mary: Science.Frank: 3. ______Mary: Because its very interesting.Frank: Who is your science teacher?Mary: 4. ____________________Frank: When do you have science?Mary: 5. ____________________CEDBAA. We usually have science on Monday.B. Miss Smith is our science teacher.C. No, I dont.D. Why do you like science?E. Whats your favorite subject?


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