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Unit 9 packing and Shipping 1. Introduction to Packing Useful expression in Packing methods In 用用用用用用用 Packed in single sound gunny bags of 50 kgs gr oss. in…of…each Packed in gunny bags of about 25 kgs net each. In…, each containing 用用用用用用用 , 用用用用用用 Packed in cartons each containing 2- polyethyl ene bags of 10 kgs net.

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Unit 9 packing and Shipping 1. Introduction to Packing Useful expression in Packing methods In Packed in single sound gunny bags of 50 kgs gross. in of each Packed in gunny bags of about 25 kgs net each. In , each containing , Packed in cartons each containing 2- polyethylene bags of 10 kgs net. Slide 2 to In tins of 12 kgs net, 2 tins to a 3-ply- wooden case. Each in and , Each block in a polyethylene bag and in an inner box, 6 blocks to a carton, 20 pieces per block Slide 3 In class practice 1) 20 10 500 2).Each to be wrapped with paper then to apolybag,every dozen to a new strong wooden case,suitable for long voyage and well protected against dampness,moisture, shock,rust and rough handling. Slide 4 1). 20 pieces to a box, 10 boxes to an export carton. Total 500 cartons only. 2) Slide 5 Useful words of packing packing packing charge package packing clause packaging packing expenses Slide 6 Packing Method neutral packing customary packing shipment packing consumer packing packaging industry pack test package design package engineering package in damaged condition Slide 7 2. Introduction to Shipping Warming up questions: 1).What does shipment mean? 2).How is the time of shipment set in a contract? 3).Can the port of destination be set more than one? 4).What is the usual bill of lading used in foreign trade? 5).Why should shipping advice be sent timely to the buyer? 6). Which transportation ways are used in international business? 7).What kind of B/Ls are applied in international marine transportation? Slide 8 Shipping Parties ( ): ----Consignor/Shipper , who send the goods; ----Consignee , who receives goods at destination; ----Carrier ( who carries the goods; ----Forwarder , who represents the carriers Slide 9 Usual words of shipment make shipment effect shipment handle shipment expedite shipment rush shipment hasten shipment shipment time shipment date Direct/indirect shipment Partial shipment Slide 10 Useful words of shipping Shipping advice Shipping company /shipping line Shipping marks Shipping order Shipping space Shipping document Shipping container Shipping agents Shipping instructions Slide 11 Freight Freight charges Freight agency Freight forwarder Freight rate Freight service Freight tariff Slide 12 Shipment in equal lots to make shipment in three equal lots The contract stipulated that the shipment should be made in two equal lots. Slide 13 Shipment in one or several month for shipment in May for shipment during June and July shipment May for May shipment Shipment is to be made during April to June in three equal lots. We will do our best to expedite shipment to meet your requirements in time. Please ship the three lots on a single bill of lading. Slide 14 Shipping Documents may includes: commercial invoice packing list weight memo certificate of origin certificate of inspection bill of lading insurance policy Slide 15 Letter 1 1.seaworthy adj. seaworthy packing 2. protect against 3. FCL: full container load LCL: less than container load 4. be liable for 5. packing list 6. in duplicate in triplicate in quadruplicate Slide 16 Letter 2 1. metal strapping 2.fragile adj. Slide 17 Key to questions after reading From a buyer to a seller For their new hotel Be in bales covered in sacking with metal strapping With the accepted international sign FRAGILE Slide 18 Letter 4 Key to questions after reading To inform the buyer that the mirrors they ordered had been sent to their hotel as requested. As the buyer requested. To their new hotel. No. Friendly relationship is the first step to successful business. Slide 19 Letter 5 1.sail v. , sailing port sailing schedule (list) sail for/leave for There is no vessel sailing for Hamburg this month. As there is no direct sailing to your port we regret being unable to ship the goods in April. 2. consignment n. , ; , consignment goods consignment business on consignment ( ) ( ) 3. non-negotiable adj. non-negotiable bill of lading 4. weight memo , 5. in good time = in time , 6. to sb's entire satisfaction Slide 20 Key to sentence translation 1. Cartons as a kind of packing container have been extensively used in international trade. Therefore, you need not worry about their seaworthiness. 2. The packing of our Men s Shirts is each in a polybag, 5 dozen to a carton lined with waterproof paper and bound with two iron straps outside. 3. So far as we know, insurance companies accept goods packed in cartons to be insured against TPND. In case of theft and pilferage, you may be assured that you will get indemnification from the insurance company concerned. 4. The quality of your Ginseng Wine is fine, but its packing is rather poor. Bottles are subjected to breakage and paper boxes is very thin. Please put each bottle in a foam plastic casing and then in a thicker paper box for our future orders, otherwise, we shall be compelled to give up this business. Slide 21 Writing Write a letter to your customer to urge shipment of Blue Wollen Serge under Order No.5781. The relevant L/C has been extended to 31 st March. Slide 22 Dear sirs, We wish to invite your attention to our Order No.5781 covering 500 pieces Blue Woolen Serge, for which we sent to you about 30 days ago an irrevocable L/C expiration date 31st March. As the season is rapidly approaching, our buyers are badly in need of the Slide 23 goods. We shall be very much obliged if you will effect shipment as soon as possible, thus enabling them to catch the brisk demand at the start of the season. We would like to emphasize that any delay in shipping our booked order will undoubtedly involve us in no small difficulty. Slide 24 We thank you in advance for your cooperation. Yours faithfully,