unit one learning about language. frederick Ⅰ frederick william Ⅰ peter the great, the czar the...

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  • Unit One Learning about language
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  • Frederick Frederick William Peter the Great, the Czar the Czar Catherine Nazi 1716 1770 1941 recently
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  • The Amber Room was first made in the special style for the palace of Frederick I. Later, Catherine II told the persons who created works of art to add more details to it. Unfortunately, in 1941,when Russia and Nazi Germany were fighting against each other, the Amber Room was secretly stolen by the Nazis before the Russians took away all the treasures. 100,000 pieces of the room were put inside 27 boxes which were made of wood. It was certain that the boxes were then put on a train for Knigsberg. After that, what happened to the amber room remains an unknown thing. designedfancy the artists at war removed wooden boxes There was no doubt that a mystery
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  • 1 2 ... 3 4 .. 5 6 . 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 . 1 have such an amazing history 2 be used to 3 in the fancy style 4 be decorated with 5 be made to be 6 be designed for 7 belong to 8 in return 9 add more details to 10 be considered one of the wonders of the world 11 be at war 12 less than 13 there is no doubt that. 14 remain a mystery 15 be worth sth /doing sth.
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  • belong (vi.) to 1. Does this house belong to Mr. Smith? 2. (1)The boy is belonging to Grade One. (1)The boy is belonging to Grade One. (2)The bike is belonged to me. (2)The bike is belonged to me. 3. Frederick William , to whom the amber room belonged, decided not to keep it. belongs to belong
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  • There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for Konigsberg, which was at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. There is no doubt that language plays an important part in the culture.
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  • After that, what happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery. 1. What he did that day remains a mystery 2 How to persuade him to change his mind remains a problem.
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  • be at war 1 At that time, Japan and China were at war. 2 The two countries have been at war for many years. People there are suffering a lot.
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  • worth 1 (... ) , ... 2 ( ...) be worth doing The treasure is worth $100,000. The summer palace is worth visiting.
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  • The amber room was given its name because several tons of amber _______________ make it. It ____________ belong to the king of Prussia. Later it was given to the Russian Czar as a gift. So the amber room became part of the Czars winter palace in St Petersburg, where it ____________ be a small reception hall for important visitors. Later, Catherine II had the amber room moved to a palace outside St Petersberg where she ___________ spending her summers. used to be used to do be used to doing . were used to used to was used towas used as was used to /
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  • be used to be decorated with a troop of belong to in return at war less than 1 Twenty-seven wooden boxes ______________ take away the pieces of the amber room. 2 The amber room was lost when the two countries ________________ 3 In ____________ 3 years, a new amber room was rebuilt. 4 Germany sent _____________ experts to help the Russians rebuild the new amber room 5 The room _______________ a large number of works of art. 6 The artist gave the famous painting which __________ him as a gift to Mr.Smith. ___________, Mr.Smith selected some valuable jewels in his shop for the artist. were used to were at war less than a troop of was decorated with belonged to In return
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  • 1 We read the ___________ history of the amber room We were ___________ at the fact that it was made of several tons of amber. Its fancy style also ________ us. (amaze/ amazed / amazing) 2 Peter the Great __________ the gift and accepted it. He used it as a small _________ hall for important visitors. (receive / reception) 3 Amber is often used to be made into ___________ The amber room was a treasure ___________ with gold and jewels. (decorate / decoration) 4 The cultural relics are very _____________ (value/valuable) amazing amazed received reception decorations decorated valuable
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  • take / spend / cost / pay 1 The amber room _________ the countrys best artists about 10 years to make 2 Catherine II ________ her summers in a palace outside St Petersburg. 3 Rebuilding the amber room __________ the Russians about $100,000 took spent cost It took the artists 10 years to make the amber room
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  • 1. Some researchers believe that there is no doubt ____ a cure for AIDS will be found. A. which B. what C. that D. whether 2. Do you know whom this bird _______ ? A.belong to B. belongs to C. is belonged to D. is belonging to 3. Hes given me so much help that I really want to do something for him _____. A. in returns B. by turns C. in return D. in answer 4. Charles Babbage is generally considered _____ the first computer. A. to invent B. inventing C. to have invented D. having C B C C
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  • This gift was the Amber Room, ________was given this name because almost seven thousand tons of ________were used to make it. which amber 1) The chairman, _______spoke first, sat on my right. 2)The speech, _________bored everyone, went on and on. 3)On April 1 they flew to Beijing, _______they stayed several days. 4)Im seeing the manager tomorrow, _________he will be back from New York. who which where when
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  • Put the two sentences into one: 1. Mrs. Clark is angry with the goat. The goat is eating her flowers. Mrs. Clark is angry with the goat which /that is eating her flowers. 2. Can you lend me the book? You talked about it last night. Can you lend me the book (which/that) you talked about last night. Can you lend me the book about which you talked last night?
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  • 3 Are you familiar with the teacher. The teacher spoke to me just now. Are you familiar with the teacher who/that spoke to me just now. 4 The scientist is very famous in the world. We met her yesterday. The scientist (who / whom/ that) we met yesterday is very famous in the world. 5 This is the boy. His father is a teacher. This is the boy whose father is a teacher. The room is mine. Its window faces south. The room whose window faces south is mine.
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  • 6 I still remember the day. On that day I joined the army. I still remember the day on which I joined the army. I still remember the day when I joined the army. 7 This is the house. We lived in it last year. This is the house in which we lived last year. This is the house where we lived last year. 8 Do you know the reason? He was late for that reason. Do you know the reason for which he was late? Do you know the reason why he was late?
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  • This gift was the Amber Room, which was given this name because almost seven thousand tons of amber were used to make it. Beijing, which is the capital of China, has a long history. I have a brother, who works in Beijing. I have a brother who works in Beijing. They have two sons, both of whom are doctors. that which