unit three sacraments of initiation. i. all sacraments

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UNIT THREE Sacraments of Initiation Slide 2 I. All Sacraments Slide 3 What are sacraments? 1. Sacrament- a sign given to us by Jesus to share Gods life with us. I. All Sacraments A. Slide 4 What they do 1. Sanctifying grace- the gift of sharing in Gods life that we receive in the Sacraments I. All Sacraments B. Slide 5 What they do 2. All Sacraments strengthen us and make us more holy I. All Sacraments B. Slide 6 Sacraments of Initiation 1. Baptism- frees us from sin and welcomes us in to the church. I. All Sacraments C. Slide 7 Sacraments of Initiation 2. Confirmation- we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. I. All Sacraments C. Slide 8 Sacraments of Initiation 3. Eucharist- we receive the Body and Blood of Christ. I. All Sacraments C. Slide 9 Sacraments of Healing 1. Reconciliation- our sins are forgiven and our relationship with God grows stronger. I. All Sacraments D. Slide 10 Sacraments of Healing 2. Anointing of the Sick- we receive Gods grace when we are ill or suffering. I. All Sacraments D. Slide 11 Sacraments of Service 1. Matrimony- a man and a woman become husband and wife. I. All Sacraments E. Slide 12 Sacraments of Service 2. Holy Orders- men are ordained to serve as bishops, priests, and deacons. I. All Sacraments E. Slide 13 II. Christian Initiation Slide 14 Joining the Church 1. Christian Initiation- the process of becoming a member of the Church. II. Christian Initiation A. Slide 15 Joining the Church 2. Catechumenate- Time when people prepare to join the Church. II. Christian Initiation A. Slide 16 Joining the Church 3. R.C.I.A- Classes taken by adults who are joining the Church. II. Christian Initiation A. Slide 17 How to join 1. Babies can join by getting baptized. III. Baptism B. Slide 18 How to join 2. Adults who have not been baptized take R.C.I.A. classes, then receive all 3 Sacraments of Initiation. III. Baptism B. Slide 19 How to join 2. Adults who are baptized in another Christian go through R.C.I.A., but are not baptized. Take Confirmation and receive their 1 st Communion. III. Baptism B. Slide 20 III. Baptism Slide 21 Words to know 1. Original sin- our desire to be selfish and sinful that we were born with. III. Baptism A. Slide 22 Words to know 2. Chrism- Perfumed holy oil that is blessed by the bishop. III. Baptism A. Slide 23 Words to know 3. Salvation- forgiveness of our sins and restoring our friendship with God. III. Baptism A. Slide 24 Words to know 4. Eternal life- living in happiness with God forever in heaven. III. Baptism A. Slide 25 Who receives it 1. Anyone who has not been baptized yet. III. Baptism B. Slide 26 Who baptizes others 1. Anyone who is baptized can baptize someone else Unless its an emergency, please let your priest or deacon do this III. Baptism C. Slide 27 What it does 1. Gives us salvation from original sin and forgives all of our sins. III. Baptism D. Slide 28 What it does 2. Brings us new life in Christ. III. Baptism D. Slide 29 What it does 3.Welcomes us into the Church. We join all others who have been baptized. III. Baptism D. Slide 30 What it does 4. Helps us to serve like Jesus as a priest, prophet, and king. Helps you be like a little Jesus III. Baptism D. Slide 31 What it does 5. Makes it possible for us to have eternal life. III. Baptism D. Slide 32 Symbolic actions 1. The person is presented and blessed with the sign of the cross. Dedicates them to God. III. Baptism E. Slide 33 Symbolic actions 2. The person professes their faith in God. Profess your faith- Say what they believe Also say they reject the devil. Babies have this said for them. III. Baptism E. Slide 34 Symbolic actions 3. Water is poured over them 3 times. Words of Baptism: I baptize you in the name of the father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. III. Baptism E. Slide 35 Symbolic actions 4. Anointed with chrism. III. Baptism E. Slide 36 Symbolic actions 5. Receive a white garment and a candle. Shows our new life as a Christian. III. Baptism E. Slide 37 Other types of baptism 1. Baptism of blood- people who were martyred, but not baptized in life. III. Baptism F. Slide 38 Other types of baptism 2. Baptism of intention- for people who died before they could be baptized. III. Baptism F. Slide 39 Other types of baptism 3. Baptism of desire- for people who lived holy lives but were not baptized. III. Baptism F. Slide 40 IV. Confirmation Slide 41 Words to know 1. Holy Spirit- 3 rd person of the Blessed Trinity. Holy Spirit = God IV. Confirmation A. Slide 42 Words to know 2. Gifts of the Holy Spirit- 7 special gifts God gives us to live a holy life IV. Confirmation A. Slide 43 Words to know 3. Age of reason- when you are old enough to understand what you are doing. IV. Confirmation A. Slide 44 Gifts of the Holy Spirit 1. Wisdom IV. Confirmation B. Slide 45 Gifts of the Holy Spirit 2. Understanding IV. Confirmation B. Slide 46 Gifts of the Holy Spirit 3. Right Judgment IV. Confirmation B. Slide 47 Gifts of the Holy Spirit 4. Courage IV. Confirmation B. Slide 48 Gifts of the Holy Spirit 5. Knowledge IV. Confirmation B. Slide 49 Gifts of the Holy Spirit 6. Reverence IV. Confirmation B. Slide 50 Gifts of the Holy Spirit 7. Wonder and Awe IV. Confirmation B. Slide 51 Who receives it 1. Baptized Catholics who are at the age of reason. In Baltimore, most Confirmations are in 8 th -10 th grade or higher. IV. Confirmation C. Slide 52 Who Confirms others 1. Bishops give people Confirmation. A priest can give Confirmation if the Bishop gives him permission. III. Baptism D. Slide 53 What it does 1. Seals us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. IV. Confirmation E. Slide 54 What it does 2. Completes the graces you received in baptism. We become a bigger part of the Church. IV. Confirmation E. Slide 55 What it does 3. Makes you spiritually STRONGER! Marks your soul, and is good for the rest of your life. IV. Confirmation E. Slide 56 Symbolic actions 1. Profess your faith. Like baptism, but this time you make the promises. IV. Confirmation F. Slide 57 Symbolic actions 2. Bishop lays his hands on you and prays that you receive the Holy Spirit. Same blessing passed down from Jesus. IV. Confirmation F. Slide 58 Symbolic actions 3. Anointing with Chrism Words: Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit IV. Confirmation F. Slide 59 Other Facts 1. Used to be the same Sacrament as Baptism. Many ways they are similar. IV. Confirmation G. Slide 60 Other Facts 2. Like Baptism, you only receive this once. IV. Confirmation G. Slide 61 Other Facts 3. Choose a sponsor to prepare and present you. Many people choose their godparents. IV. Confirmation G. Slide 62 Other Facts 4. In some Churches, you choose a confirmation name. Like a 2 nd middle name. IV. Confirmation G. Slide 63 V. Eucharist Slide 64 Words to know 1. Passover- Jewish feast celebrating when God saved them from Egypt. Jesus celebrated this at the Last Supper. V. Eucharist A. Slide 65 Words to know 2. Sacrifice- a gift offered to God by a priest. Jewish people did this in Jesus time. Jesus became our sacrifice. V. Eucharist A. Slide 66 Words to know 3. Real Presence- How Jesus is fully present in the Eucharist. V. Eucharist A. Slide 67 Words to know 4. State of grace- to be free from mortal sin. If you commit a big sin, go to Reconciliation first. V. Eucharist A. Slide 68 The Real Presence 1. The bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Keeps the look and taste of bread and wine. V. Eucharist B. Slide 69 The Real Presence 2. This is the MOST IMPORTANT Sacrament! AKA: Source and Summit AKA: The Big Cheese! V. Eucharist B. Slide 70 The Real Presence 3. Eucharistic Adoration- worshiping Jesus in the Eucharist. V. Eucharist B. Slide 71 Who receives it 1. Baptized Catholics who are in a state of Grace. You dont want to receive if you are not Catholic (or Orthodox). V. Eucharist C. Slide 72 Who Gives Eucharist. 1. Bishops and priests preside over the Mass and consecrate the Eucharist. Everyone else participates. III. Baptism D. Slide 73 What it does 1. We directly receive Jesus. V. Eucharist E. Slide 74 What it does 2. Nourishes our bodies, minds, and souls. V. Eucharist E. Slide 75 What it does 3. We are joined together with all of the Church Become the Body of Christ V. Eucharist E. Slide 76 Symbolic actions 1. Introductory Rites- Welcomes us in and unites us as a community. V. Eucharist F. Slide 77 Symbolic actions 2. Liturgy of the Word- we listen and respond to the Bible. V. Eucharist F. Slide 78 Symbolic actions 3. Liturgy of the Eucharist- we transform and receive the Eucharist. V. Eucharist F. Slide 79 Symbolic actions 4. Concluding Rites- Blesses us and sends us out to serve God. V. Eucharist F.


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