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  • Unit2 Grammar & Speaking

  • British EnglishAmerican English&What will happen if an American is on a trip in London?


  • London

  • Please find out the words that are confusing ()Amy and her friends .Write down the words that have the same meaning as those listed.UndergroundLeft-hand side right-hand sideGo straight on two streets

  • Not polite Very polite

    Tell me where the nearest subway is.Please tell me where the nearest subway is,.Could you please tell me where the nearest subway is?Open the window.Dont touch that.

    Do /Dont

    RequestsDo ,pleaseCan you / Could you/ Will you/ Would you?

    Come this way , please.Will you please not smoke here?Commands

  • In English, giving commands is less polite than making a request. Not everyone should give commands. People who often give commands are bosses, teachers ,parents, generals and some others. Go and collect the wood right now. Could you go and get the shopping bags, please? Shut the door at once. Go and get my coat. Would you please get that map for me? (C)(R)(C)(C)(R)Please tell which sentences are commands (C) while which are Requests (R).

  • Subway Station London

  • At the subway station please act out these dialogues in group of three.Betty : Please slow down, John!John : What did she say?Amy: She asked you to slow down . Policewoman: Watch out! Dont cross the yellow line. Thats dangerous.John : What did she say?Amy: She told us not to cross the yellow line.

  • On the train Amy: Excuse me ,sir. Is this seat taken?The old man: No. Go ahead. Do you like any sweets?Amy: You mean candy? No, thanks. The map we bought doesnt show exactly the Places we are going. Could you please show us where they are ?The old man: My pleasure.The young lady: Dad, what did the girl say?The old man: Well. She asked us to show them where their destinations were.

  • Look at the screen ,please. Discuss with your partner to find out how to change commands and requests from Direct Speech into Indirect Speech.

  • Rules1. 2.


    told sb. (not) to do sth.asked sb. (not) to do sth.

  • Do /Dont

    Do ,pleaseCan you / Could you/ Will you/ Would you?

    Sb told / ordered sb else (not) to do

    Sb asked sb else(not) to do

  • 1.Please close the window, he said to me. He ______ me _____ the window. A. said to; to close B. told to; closing C. asked ; to close D. said to; please close

  • 2. He said, Dont do that again. He _____ me _______ that again. A. said to me; not to do B. said to me; dont do C. told me; dont do D. told me; not to do

  • 3.Dont take off your coat. his mother said to him. His mother told him ___ take off _____coat. A. dont, his B. dont, her C. not to,her D. not to, his

  • Now please make dialogues in groups of four imitating()the dialogues above and the one in the book(Page15). Please choose from those places of interest or famous people.

  • London Bridge & River Thames, EnglandFamous attractions in the British Isles

  • Famous attractions in the British IslesWebmister Abbey, England

  • The British Museum & the National Galley, England

  • Where?

  • librariessupermarketHotels cinema

  • Who?John Betty, Amy,

    Librarians tour guide),policemen ,guards()waiters/waitress, assistant()Clerk(),librarians()

  • What happens?language you can useDo /Dont

    Do ,pleaseCan you / Could you/ Will you/ Would you?

    Sb told / ordered sb else (not) to do

    Sb asked sb else(not) to do

  • candylorryfallelevatorapartmentrubbergassweettruckautumnliftflateraserpetrol

  • Bathroom


    CookieMovieThe first floorThe second floor

  • Homework

    1. Please write down your dialogue in exercise books and try to make it even better. 2.Please review the differences between British and American English.