unit4 reading global warming. what is happening to our earth what is happening to our earth? global...

Download Unit4 Reading Global warming. What is happening to our earth What is happening to our earth? Global warming

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  • Unit4 Reading Global warming

  • What is happening to our earth?Global warming

  • What has caused the global warming?

  • The effects of global warming Negative effects:1 cause the sea level to rise;2 severe storms;3 droughts;4 famine;5 destruction of species6 flood

    Positive effects:1 make plants grow faster;2 crops will produce more;3 make life better

  • What can we do about global warming?

  • Skim the first letterWhat is Ouyang Guang purpose?

    What opinion can you get from his letter?getting some suggestions for what he can do about global warmingas an individual, he can have no effect on environmental problems

  • Skim the second letterDoes Earth Care agree with Ouyang Guangs opinion?

    Scan the second letter List Earth Care suggestions in the chart on page30, and discuss whether you can carry out each suggestion, give your reasons. No, together, individuals can make a difference.

  • Motor vehicles use a lot of energy, so walk or ride a bike if you can.Recycle cans, bottles, plastics and newspapers and buy things made from recycled materials.save energysave energysave energyYesYesYes

    Earth Cares suggestionCan you carry it outReason

    If you are not using electrical appliances, turn them off.

  • Get your parents or friends to buy products that are made to save energy.Plant more trees.Talk with your family and friends about global warming and tell them what youve learned.YesYesYessave energyPlants absorb carbon dioxide from the air.Together, individuals can make a difference.

    Earth Cares suggestionCan you carry it outreason

  • Word study commitmentput up withelectricalso long ascircumstancebe casual abouteconomical

    tolerant; bear belief; an opiniondo sth using less time or moneyconnected with electricity; using electricity only if not showing much care or thought; not care about sthcondition ,situation

    Column AColumn B

  • Discussing could we, as an individual do something about global warming?

  • turn electrical appliances offwalk or ride a bikerecycle cans, bottles, plastics plant treesbuy products that are made to save energyeducate others

  • WritingWrite a passage about what we can do about global warming.Para 1: ProblemsPara 2: What causes the problems?Para 3: What we can do?Para 4: A slogan/a suggestion/a hope

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