unit6.a charity walk comic strips and welcome to the unit comic strips and welcome to the unit

Download Unit6.A charity walk Comic strips and welcome to the Unit Comic strips and welcome to the Unit

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  • Unit6.A charity walk Comic strips and welcome to the Unit

  • Revision : Different charities in China Spring Bud ProjectProject Green Hope

  • Lead- inThe charity show for Project Hope was very successful. The principal invites all the students to organize other charity events. Some students are organizing a charity walk. Hobo also wants to join in it.

  • What is Hobo doing? Why? He is training. He wants to join in a charity walk. Listen to the tape carefully, answer the question.

  • Listen again and answer 1.What does Hobo ask Eddie to do?

    2.What does Eddie think about the charity ?

    3.What does Hobo want for the charity walk?

    4.What is Eddies opinion about Hobos walk? Why?He asks Eddie to support him.He thinks its meaningful to support charities.He wants some more food for himself instead of money for charity.He doesnt think Hobo will ever finish his walk.Because he carries and eats too much.

  • Fill in the blanks according to the conversation:Eddie and Hobo learns much about charities. So Hobo wants to do something for charities. Today he ________ himself for a ________ ________. And Eddie thought it was ___________ to _________ charities and he wanted to give Hobo some money. But Hobo refused because he thought he didnt _______ money but ______ food. Eddie was surprised to Hobos idea because he ______ ______ Hobo would _____ ______ his walk. trainedcharity walkmeaningfulsupportneedmoredidntthink everfinish

  • Why are there so many charities in China or in the world ? In your opinion, what kinds of people need help?

  • a poor person (beggar)a disabled person People who need help

  • a blind person a deaf person

  • a homeless person an elderly person

  • Finish Part A( Page93)The Class1, Grade8 students have found some posters of people who need help. Write the correct names under the pictures.

  • disabled persons = the disabled poor persons = the poor

  • blind persons=the blindelderly persons=the elderly =the old

  • homeless persons=the homelessdeaf people=the deaf

  • Fill in the blanks with the proper words.1. When we see the _______________, we can help them cross the road.2. If we see the ______________, we can help them go upstairs.3. We can give ______________ some food and clothes. We can also teach them how to make themselves rich. blind (elderly) disabled the poor

  • When we meet the __________ on the bus, we should give seats to them.5. When we see some ____ people, we mustnt laugh at them. We can talk to them with pens.6. We can help ________ people go back to their hometowns.deafhomelesselderly

  • Part B. Make a dialogue like this:A: Have you seen blind people?B: Yes, I have.A: How can you help them?B: We can help them cross the road.A: What about homeless people?B: We can donate some things and money to them.A: How about elderly people?B: We can

  • Translations1.


    Lets help that elderly man carry the box.How can I support the charity?

  • 3.


    5. Its meaningful to help those homeless people.

    I dont think they can finish this job.How about taking part in the charity walk with them?

  • 1. Finish off the Workbook Period 1. 2. Talk about how we can help poor people. 3. Listen to the tape ,read and recite the dialogue (Page 92).Homework


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