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  • United Way of Forsyth County Educate> Engage> Empower 2014
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 2 WLC Mission To reach out to women in our community to educate, engage, and empower them in meeting the most pressing needs in Forsyth County. Our objective is to help women develop even further as philanthropic leaders, advocates and community investors through volunteer, education, and networking opportunities.
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 3 History of WLC: The First WLC was started 10 years ago, now there are over 130 chapters across the country. In 2007, United Way of Forsyth County started our local WLC. Since inception, we have grown to over 1,000 members and have raised more than $4 million to support WLC projects.
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 4 Exclusive WLC Member Opportunities WLC members have the opportunity to participate in: Volunteer activities Lunch and Learns Social events Networking
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 5 What is the WLC Focus? An Increased Graduation Rate Provides Significant Benefits to our Community: On average, high school graduates earn 32% more than high school drop-outs. Graduates are more likely to live above the poverty line and less likely to serve time in prison or to experience homelessness. High graduation rates help attract new business to communities and fuel stronger local economies. High school graduates are critical to a stable and productive workforce.
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 6 Focused Objective To provide success-ready students to the 9th grade, with initial focus on Middle School students that will enter 9th grade at our communitys most struggling high schools by funding the following projects: Tutoring program Family Engagement Summer Programming
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 7 Measuring Our Success Since we are working with middle school students, it will be several years before our projects have a direct impact on the countys high school graduation rate. Success will be measured by: improvements in standardized test scores the number of students that are functioning at grade level the number of students that are promoted to the next grade reduced behavior problems in school Key Outcomes Philo Middle School 20082011 Percent Change 2008 to 2011 All Students (6th 8th) Passing Math & Reading End of Grade Test at Philo Middle School 29.6% Math 18.3% Reading 70.1% Math 39.3% Reading 137% Math 115% Reading
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 8 How Can You Help? Join WLC - Take Advantage of the BB&T Challenge Match which is available to New and Next Level Leadership Circle Donors Let Us Hear From YOU! We welcome your ideas, involvement and creativity wlc@uwforsyth.orgwlc@uwforsyth.org Spread the Word Invite your friends and colleagues to learn more about the WLC
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 9 How the Challenge Match Works Leadership Circle Step-Up (For New Leadership Circle Donors) Members contributing $500 or commit to increase their contribution by at least $100 annually to reach the Leadership Circle level of $1,000 Members will receive a match in each year equal to the difference between their contribution and $1,000 These members will be recognized as Leadership Circle donors beginning in year one
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 10 PledgeMatchTotal 2013$0 - $499 n/a$0 - $499 2014$500 $1,000 2015$600$400$1,000 2016$700$300$1,000 2017$800$200$1,000 2018$900$100$1,000 2019$1,000$0$1,000 Leadership Circle Step-Up
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 11 Leadership Circle Step-Up YearPledgeMatchTotal 2013$620$380$620 2014$720$280$1,000 2015$820$180$1,000 2016$920$80$1,000 2017$1,000n/a$1,000 Heres another example with a donor currently giving more than $500.
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 12 How the Challenge Match Works Leadership Circle Next Level Challenge (For Existing Leadership Circle Donors) Those who are Leadership Circle members should commit to reaching the next level and increase their contributions based on the table on the next slide Donors have up to 5 years to reach the next leadership level Donors will be recognized at the next leadership level beginning in year one
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 13 FROMTO Level$ $ Minimum Increase per year Bronze$1,000Silver$1,500$100 Silver$1,500Gold$2,500$200 Gold$2,500Platinum$3,500$200 Platinum$3,500Diamond$5,000$300 Leadership Circle Next Level Challenge
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 14 YearPledgeMatchLevel 2013$1,000n/aBronze 2014$1,100$400Silver 2015$1,200$300Silver 2016$1,300$200Silver 2017$1,400$100Silver 2018$1,500n/aSilver For example, a woman already giving $1,000 should plan to increase her gift by $100 each year to get to $1,500. Leadership Circle Next Level Challenge
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 15 Common Questions Asked If the woman has a spouse who gives, how can she qualify for the WLC match? The intent of the match is to empower women to give more money to United Way, not to shift the couples giving. In addition to what the spouse currently gives, the woman needs to increase her personal contribution by the minimum requirement. Can the woman designate her increase to an agency? No, in order to become a WLC donor and receive the match, she must designate the increase to go to WLC. All increases and matches will go to the WLC project. If a woman has already fulfilled her WLC commitment and reached her targeted Leadership Circle Level, what must she do to maintain her WLC membership? What match will she receive? Your gift should increase annually by $25 or more. Your increase will be matched dollar-for dollar and will be used to fund WLC projects.
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 16 Common Questions Asked Can the woman designate her entire contribution to the WLC? No, so as not to negatively impact the United Ways overall campaign funding, only the increased contribution and the match can go to the WLC. Will the WLC match dollars be included in the companys total United Way contribution? No, but the company can count the increased contributions by its employees. Can men join the WLC or contribute to the WLC in honor of a wife/mother/daughter/etc.? No, the WLC is limited to women members. However, men are encouraged to take a brochure and pledge form home and ask his wife/daughter to make an individual contribution to participate in WLC.
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  • United Way of Forsyth County 17 For More Information Visit United Ways website www.forsythWLC.org E-mail us at wlc@uwforsyth.orgwlc@uwforsyth.org Visit us on Facebook