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  • 1. CH5 Road toIndependencemilitia members Americanself governing Patriot sons of liberty boycott, petition and use violent actions

2. CH5 Road toIndependenceAmericansagainst fighting faithful to the king British soldiersLoyalist Rich Supportedsome boycottsbut paid taxeson tea 3. CH5 Road toIndependence French and Indians Common GoalPartnershipbetween nations Allies Colonists andSupport each other British 4. CH5 Road toIndependenceCitizens Small Army In time of emergencymilitiaBy individual Volunteerscolonyprovideownsupplies 5. CH5 Road toIndependence refuse to buy organizeto change something BoycottnonviolentProtest 6. CH5 Road toIndependence Government Action Cancel a LawTake Back Repeal Requested forDone in by citizensresponse toprotests 7. Prior to 1763 Colonists were CH5 Road toProud to be BritishIndependenceSome of the attractionsto move to AmericawereCheap land, ReligiousTolerance andEconomic Oppurtunity*most importantly* Population grows in America British Gov. had letfrom 50,000 to 1 millon+ colonists learn to Govern themselfsColonists want to move West by colonies electingof the Appalachians their own Legislative Mountians Assemblies.Colonial Gov. had thepower toApprove Laws and TaxesThey also decided how taxrevenue was Spent 8. CH5 Road toIndependenceFrench claim land West ofthe AppalachianMountainsBritish claim land West ofthe AppalachianColonists want to move West Mountainsof the AppalachiansMountainsFrench Build Fort Duquesnein the Ohio ValleyGovernor of Virginiaorganizes a Militia andopen fire 9. CH5 Road toIndependenceFrench and Indian War Washingtons actions mark the start of the French and Indian war over territory and power 1754 Britain sends troops to Treaty of Paris of 1763 Ohio Valley led by General ended the War Braddock.* Britain gets Canada Goals is to clear the French and east of Mississippi out of The Ohio Valley They were unsuccessful river, Florida because of their Red *France West Indies Uniforms made them easy*Spain gets west of targetsMississippi"Louisiana and portOrleans The turning point in the 7 Years War was when Britain captured Canada from the French. Americans were proud to be _________________ 10. CH5 Road toIndependenceIndians are unhappywith the loss of Landto colonists George the III becomes King Proclamation of 1763 made the boundary1763 Treaty of Appalachian Mountains, East colonist/ West IndiansParis of George the III increases ended the military presence War Britain is in Debt from paying for WarsuppliesGreenville passes thestamp Act which taxes all paper goods & requires a stamp 11. CH5 Road to IndependenceColonists pay few taxescompared to BritishCitenzensColonist feel taxationwithout Representation inParliament is unfair. Some Colonists Protest by sending a message toParliament requesting a Stamp Act is Repeal of the Act (The Repeled. Colonists Stamp Act Congress) Celebrate.even Loyalists refuse tobuy stamps.Patriots organize theSons of Liberty that take up violentactions of attacking tax collectors andtheir homes. 12. CH5 Road toIndependence Quartering Act is passed in 1765. Nick named the Mutiny Act Stated Colonists had to provided Shelter, supplies and Food to the British armyStamp Act isRepeale NY and New Jersey*However*** Protest the justness of theParliament passes the ActDeclaratory Act at the NY refuses to contributesame time. Stating Vinegar, Liquor, and SaltParliament has the right as required by thetax and make laws in Quartering Act.the colonies.New YorkAssembly issuspended fornot complyingwith theGovernment 13. Rising Tensions CH5 Road toIndependenceTownshend passesthe Townshend Actsthat tax importedgoods such asGlass Lead, PaperPaint, TeaSamuel Adams of Townshendthe Sons of Taxes areliberty writes a Repealedletter encouraginga boycott of except for theBritish goods.Tax on Tea.Women were veryinfluential inboycotting Britishgoods. To help theeffort they boughtonly American goodsand made their ownCloth and Tea frompine needles. 14. CH5 Road to Boston MassacreIndependenceBritain had sentextra regiments ofTroops stationedin Massachusettsbecause ofbrewing tensions.Colonists tauntGeorge III keeps the oneBritish Soldierstax on Tea in order tocalling them Lobstershow their right to tax the Backs. Crowd beginscolonies. to throw Rocks andsnowballs A soldier is knockedto the ground.Panicked soldiers Open Fire. 5 Colonists are killed one named Crispus attacks . 15. Rising Tensions CH5 Road toIndependence______________ and_____________ createa engraving of theBoston Massacre touse as propaganda tostir up anti-Britishsupport for the____________. ___________________ represents the British Lord North tries to soldiers at trial evenhelp the though he is a________________ ___________ because every person____ deserves a fairby passing the _________. ___________._____________ accept the tax on tea. _____________ instead buy cheaper smuggled tea from the ___________. 16. CH5 Road to Boston Tea partyIndependence Colonist blockships fromunloading the________.They forceThe Tea Act mademost ships to British GovernorBritish tea ________ ____________ of Boston orderedthan the illegal the ____________ _____Dutch Tea andto block the shipscreated afrom leaving until______________.the _________ was unloaded______________________organize 50 men todress upas__________________and throw___thousand poundsof ______ overboard. 17. Intolerable ActsCH5 Road to Coercive Acts areIndependencepassed in order topunish _____________ for the ruined tea and to_________ the Colonies.Colonists nick namethem the____________________1. closed _____________until the tea was paid for.2. Massachusetts _______is suspended. Virginia3. ________________ willbe tried in England calls for4. A stricter______________ requiring the firstsoldiers in very home._________ Some colonies showed _________ support for Massachusetts by ____. sending ____________ and supplies to help out the protest _____________ felt Massachusetts had gone to far and should pay for tea. 18. CH5 Road to Decisions at 1st ContinentalCongressIndependence The Committee drafted a list of colonists rights and a list of grievances to king _________________ _____requesting that all Acts be First Created the ________________.__________________ Continental ____. Association that organized a_____ leaders from _____________ of______ coloniesparticipate. all British Goods in all to organize ColonialAgreeof theGeorgia didnt Colonies. in every______________participatecolony in case of emergency. Meet in a year. Most want to resolve issues with Britain not Unite as one country 19. CH5 Road toIndependenceBrink of WarNew England militia were know as________________ Militias in several colonies steal_________________ fromBritish forts for their militiasAt ___________________Both sides open fire and ______ tells claim it was the otherGeneral side who Shot ___st.__________ theIt is considered a victoryfor theColonists are ________________ whohiding guncontinue to Concord. powder and _________ British Troops March to make at weapons_____________ a___________ attack and seize the weapons. _______________ and_______________ alertthe colonists that theBritish are coming toseize the weapons 20. CH5 Road toIndependence The point of no returnBritish arrive in______________ to find the weapons and gun powder have been_______. They set ___________ to wooden supplies out of frustrationAt ___________________ The colonial __________Both sides open fire andtries to block the Britishclaim it was the otherfrom leaving and areside who Shot ___st._________ upon. British ____________ back toIt is considered a victory Boston. Battled provedfor theAmericans were willing to________________ who_____ for their rights.continue to Concord. ____nd Continental Congress meets. Most delegates still want to be ____________. They send the Olive Branch Petition claiming self _________ and a love for the King, and a repeal of the Acts and a peaceful resolution. The King does notRespond __________. Instead declares the Colonies Rebellion in a state of ________________ and strengthens the Navy.


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