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A Power Point Presentation of a Universal Prayer and Aspirations that all can practice for the happiness and peace of all beings. Please download for some animation effects and background soothing music.


  • Universal Prayer and Aspirations
  • May my thoughts, speech and action be good and wise throughout the day
  • May I be strong in moments of weakness, courageous in times of trouble and calm in the face of changing fortunes
  • May I always act with kindness, patience and forgiveness in my dealings with others, including those unfriendly to me
  • May my family and I be well, happy and peaceful
  • May all my relatives, friends and people of the world be well, happy and peaceful
  • May my country and the world be blessed with peace and prosperity
  • May Wisdom be at my head, Love in my heart and Compassion at my side to protect and guide me always.
  • May I have the opportunity today to help someone in need of my love and support
  • May I not waste this life in useless pursuits but use it to bring benefit and happiness to the world
  • If I have strayed from the Path of Truth, Love, Compassion and Wisdom, may I never do so again
  • If I have carelessly hurt someone today, by word or deed, may I be more mindful the next time
  • Oh the Enlightened Ones, help me to set my heart right. May my actions reflect Your Love, Compassion and Wisdom
  • I shall strive to cleanse my heart from hate and envy, and live in harmony with all people
  • I shall be close to Truth or Righteousness, in good as well as in difficult times
  • When the moment comes for me to leave the world, may I do so without fear or regret because I leave the world a better person than when I came into it
  • Whatever wrong someone may do to me, may I be compassionate and forgive him or her, and bear no hatred in my heart
  • I shall not forget to be grateful for the acts of Love and Consideration shown to me, no matter how small they appear to be
  • May this life be a blessing and a source of happiness to all beings
  • May I realize The Truth in all its aspects, The Path in all its stages
  • May I attain The Supreme Happiness, Peace, Bliss and Wisdom
  • The End May you grow in Love and Compassion May you grow in Wisdom and Peace With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin