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UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT DIVISION, PSAS 2013 . Turnitin …. Turnitin is a suite of educational tools for digital assessment and plagiarism prevention. To Deter Plagiarism. To Hold Students Accountable. To Determine The Similarity Of Text To Sources. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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1Turnitin is a suite of educational tools for digital assessment and plagiarism prevention.

Turnitin.To Deter PlagiarismTo Hold Students AccountableTo Enhance Teaching & Student LearningTo Determine The Similarity Of Text To Sources22ORIGINALITY REPORT

Matching passages from 12+ billion Internet web pages: updated at a rate of million pages/day

Matching passages from millions of Student Papers or Client NodeCompare matching passages to original manuscript or articleMatching passages from millions of Books, Journals, Newspapers Create Originality Report 3333WHAT TURNITIN SEARCHES?A current and archived copy of the publicly accessible Internet (more than 12 billion pages indexed)90 millions of student papers submitted to Turnitin since 1996Millions of published works from ProQuest, Emerald, EbscoHost,Gale Cengage, Thomson Reuters, Science Direct, ABC-CLIO, The Gutenburg Collection and CrossRef (CrossCheck).4Getting Started5

Visit the library website:http://www.lib.upm.edu.my 6Click here

START by log in to Turnitin with your e-mail address and password7

Adding a class18Click dd Class button to create a class

92. Select class type = Standard

3. Enter a lass Name & enrollment password

4. Select appropriate subject area(s) and student level(s)

5. Select lass end date. Paper cannot be submitted after this date

6. Click submit 25346

Important!Class ID and Enrollment password should be distributed to your student7107. The class will now appear in your class list

11Create a new assignment88. Click New Assignment button to create an assignment

126109. Select Paper Assignment

10. Click Next Step

131112131411. Enter Assignment title

12. Enter Start dateStudents are only able to submit once the start date and time has passed

13. Enter Due dateStudent will be blocked from submitting papers after the due date

14. Click Optional setting

14**Optional settingThese 3 parameters must be set as follows:

To view student report

15. Click View link in the ACTIONS column

16. Click on the % of similarity in the SIMILARITY column to the details of the report

1516On the instructor homepage, click on the lass name e.g. Turnitin Class

Details of similarity report New feature version

Your thesis/assignmentMatch overview to the sourcesDownload & Print the reportTotal % of similarity reportDetails of similarity report old feature version

Your thesis/assignmentMatch overview to the sourcesPrint reportDownload the reportTotal % of similarity reportBreakdown similarity report by sources18

Filter / edit the report17. From the Match overview box, click on selected sources18. Click on the Exclude Sources button.- The sources that were excluded (e.g:1%) affects to the Similarity Index, it will recalculate and display a new percentage.


Exclude Bibliography -supervisor can remove the reference list or bibliography from the similarity indexExclude Quotes- Text that appears between quotation marks in a paper. indentation or direct quotation marks () begin and end the quotation. Exclude matches- Can exclude the matches either word count or by percentage. The matches that are less than (number of words) or (% of the text in a match ) will not be include in the similarity index.This feature can be adjusted any time.