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<ul><li><p></p><p>University and College Preparation with Kaplan International in Canada </p><p> 2015</p></li><li><p>Why university and college preparation with Kaplan International in Canada?</p><p>Your Route to Academic Success</p><p>Step by Step Support</p><p>College or Diploma or Certificate</p><p>1 to 4 year programs</p><p>Partner Universities and CollegesAn extensive network of over 20 universities and colleges in Canada</p><p>Academic CounselingCommitted counselors with years of experience who help students from program selection to application and transfer</p><p>English Language Programs Kaplan curriculum and testing methods to improve English skill and test scores for success at university or college</p><p>Bachelors Degree </p><p>(undergraduate)</p><p>3 to 4 year programs</p><p>Masters Degree (Graduate)</p><p>1 to 3 year programs</p><p>At Kaplan International, we have 20 years of experience in preparing international students for entrance into university or college. Our experienced teachers and academic counselors are dedicated to giving each student personal attention from the time they start at Kaplan International until their transfer to university or college. </p><p>As part of Kaplan Inc., a world leader in education, Kaplan International offers programs that help students improve their English language skills, academic knowledge and independent study skills. </p><p>Students benefit from our extensive network of partner schools and our experienced University Placement Counselors who will assist you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transfer from Kaplan International to university or college.</p><p>Study English with Kaplan International in Canada</p><p>University Transfer Program</p><p>1 to 2 year programs</p><p>2 I Find out more at</p></li><li><p>Kaplan International is proud to name over 20 universities and colleges across Canada as partners. These schools offer conditional acceptance to certificate, diploma, bachelor or even master programs to academically eligible Kaplan International students before they leave home, making the study permit application process easier. Many partner schools will even accept successful completion of Kaplan International English levels instead of a TOEFL or IELTS score. </p><p>What is University Placement Service?</p><p>Basic University Placement- Personalised help in selecting a program and institute</p><p>- Assistance with one application to a partner institute</p><p>- Conditional letter of acceptance</p><p>- Academic counselling during studies</p><p>- Guaranteed admission if meeting all entry requirements</p><p>Study English at Kaplan </p><p>International</p><p>Study at any of our partner universities </p><p>and colleges</p><p>Graduate with a certificate, </p><p>diploma, bachelor or masters degree</p><p>How Kaplan International Helps You</p><p>Students benefit from our extensive network of partner schools and our experienced University Placement Counselors who will assist you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transfer from Kaplan International to university or college.</p><p>Kaplan International is committed to making the most out of each students time at our Vancouver and Toronto schools. We are known for our strong academic focus and our commitment to offering a challenging and engaging curriculum. </p><p>Find out more at I 3</p></li><li><p>How to prepare for university or college?</p><p>1. What do you want to study at university?Selecting a program and institute takes time and consideration. If you have an idea of what you want to study, you should to think about the type of credential you want to achieve in Canada. Do you want to graduate with a diploma or a bachelors degree? Also think about the different types of education: in general college education is more applied and prepares you for a specific career, whereas university degrees are more academically focused.</p><p>2. What is your current English level?Part of University Placement Service is a free pre-test to determine your level of English. Based on this assessment, Kaplan International estimates the time you need to improve your English to the required level for admission into university or college. Almost all our partners accept completed Kaplan International levels for admission into their programs.</p><p>C1 75-91 6.5-7.0 Level 4 76-84180-200CAE</p><p>C2 92-100 7.5-8.0 Level 5 85-100200+CPE</p><p>37-54 4.5-5.0 Level 2 43-58</p><p>A2 13-36 3.5-4.0 Level 1120-140KET</p><p>A1 0-12 3.0</p><p>B2 55-74 5.5-6.0 Level 3 59-75160-180FCE</p><p>Breakthrough</p><p>Level</p><p>PTECEFR TOEFL IELTS CAMBRIDGE ALTE</p><p>B1 140-160PET</p><p>100-120</p><p>*Please note that 10 weeks per level is just a guide to average progress rates on an Intensive English course. We cannot guarantee an exact period of study over which specific language goals can be attained.</p><p>Equivalent exam level</p><p>Proficiency</p><p>Lower Intermediate</p><p>Elementary</p><p>Intermediate</p><p>Higher Intermediate</p><p>Advanced</p><p>KAPLAN LEVELS</p><p>Length of study in weeks (Intensive English)*</p><p>0</p><p>30</p><p>10</p><p>40</p><p>20</p><p>50</p><p>60</p><p>4 I Find out more at</p></li><li><p>3. Which Kaplan International program is best for you?Our Vancouver and Toronto schools offer a variety of programs to help you improve your English skills. Depending on your English level and the university or college you want to enter, any of these three categories supports you in achieving your goal. </p><p>Entry level: Any levelStart date: WeeklyMinimum length: 2 weeks</p><p>Effective and flexible programs that address your specific language needs</p><p>Entry level: Intermediate (IELTS) or Higher Intermediate (TOEFL)Start date: WeeklyMinimum length: 2 weeks (IELTS), 4 weeks (TOEFL)</p><p>Intensive programs that focus on skills and strategies required for studying in a university setting</p><p>Entry level: Higher Intermediate Start date: January, May or SeptemberMinimum length: 10 week program</p><p>Kaplan-designed program with targeted modules for university transfer. Includes essential skills such as essay writing, critical thinking, and reading comprehension</p><p>Application Process</p><p>1. Send your program preferences and take the free English pre-test</p><p>2. Kaplan International sends you recommendations based on your English level, future objectives and preferred study location</p><p>3. Choose a partner university or college and enroll for English study at Kaplan International</p><p>4. Kaplan International assists in your application for university or college and pre-screens your application</p><p>5. Receive joint letters of acceptance for Kaplan International and the partner university or college (conditional)</p><p>English Proficiency General English Intensive English</p><p>Exam Preparation TOEFL and Academic English IELTS Intensive Preparation </p><p>English for Academic Purposes University Foundation Course</p><p>Your individual pathway program into college or university could range anywhere from 8 weeks to one year based on your English level and study progress.</p><p>Find out more at I 5</p></li><li><p>Kaplan International partner universities and colleges*</p><p>*Please note that Kaplan International partners are updated continuously. </p><p>INTERNATIONAL </p><p>Details subject to change. Published January 2015. Revised August 2015.6 I Find out more at</p></li></ul>


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