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University Drinking Bans. Before We B egin. What form’s of proof does the video show? What form’s of proof did I show throughout the course of the presentation. Kairos, Ethos, Pathos or logos?. Youtube Video. http:// =Jdbjh6VdfkQ&feature= fvw. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Fraternal Drinking Bans

University Drinking Bans

Before We BeginWhat forms of proof does the video show?What forms of proof did I show throughout the course of the presentation.Kairos, Ethos, Pathos or logos?

Youtube Video For A Dry Campus

Argument To Keep Campus Wet

What do you think?Should we impose a Dry Campus policy?What do you think about the current drinking ban on fraternities?What are the positives and negatives of a drinking ban?What are the underlying effects of both a dry and a wet campus?What compromises could be made to pacify both sides?


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