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Excellence in precast concrete Bell & Webster

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University of East London


  • Excellence in precast concrete

    Bell & Webster

  • The University of East London relocated to the

    Docklands site as part of their consolidation and

    expansion. The 110million programme of expansion

    and renewal has created a world class learning

    environment that is attractive, accessible and

    welcoming, open 24hrs a day, seven days a week.

    The student residences project commenced by HBG

    Construction Limited in September 2005 and was

    completed in March 2007.

    UEL Student Residences Accommodation

    The development for the University of East Londons

    campus at Royal Albert Docks, provides 788 student

    bed spaces and ancillary facilities on a previously

    vacant site adjacent to the Universitys existing

    Docklands campus. The site is opposite London City

    Airport, is bounded by the Royal Albert Dock, a

    publicly accessible dock edge path to the south, the

    Docklands Light Railway, Gallions Reach Roundabout,

    University Way to the north and Woolwich Manor

    Way to the east. The building was constructed

    using precast concrete in the main because of its

    robust nature, acoustic and thermal properties, the

    elimination of wet trades saving time and money and

    the speed of erection.

  • The design was in close liaison with London Borough of Newham

    Planners, the Mayors Architecture and Urbanism Unit and also

    passed detailed scrutiny by CABEs Design Review Panel. Detailed

    geotechnical studies were conducted to mitigate the impact of

    the scheme, which also involved close consultation with the

    Royal Docks Management Authority to meet the requirements

    of spectators during rowing events, and with the City Airport

    to negate impact on radar and physical safeguarding as well

    as meeting the requirements of Docklands Light Railway which

    bounds the site to the north. The five, seven-storey blocks have

    been orientated to open up the site to the south where they

    face the docks and to allow for as many windows as possible to

    enjoy a view of the water.

    The Design and Appearance

    The rooms are arranged in five, seven-storey rendered blocks

    orientated north-south and three, three-storey timber clad blocks

    connected east-west. The accommodation in the seven-storey

    blocks is predominantly single study bedrooms, each of which have

    an en-suite shower room, grouped in flats of between four and

    seven sharing a communal kitchen-dining room. In the three-storey

    blocks the accommodation is individual self-contained studios.

    In addition twelve wheelchair accessible bedrooms are provided.

    The buildings are in harmony with the other rendered buildings

    in the vicinity, using bright colours with clean lines.

    speed of constructionconstruction

  • The blocks are generally constructed from precast concrete panel

    walls, floors and roof. The ensuite shower rooms are precast

    concrete pods chosen by HBG Construction Limited and supplied

    by Sterchele. The bar and the ground floor of Longbridge House

    have been constructed in insitu reinforced concrete.

    External finishes have been selected to complement the existing

    campus building and the new campus, and also for their

    robustness and compliance with the thermal and acoustic

    performance requirements for the development. The seven-storey

    blocks are finished with a through-coloured insulated render.

    Windows have high performance UPVC frames finished externally

    with a grey foil with low E, argon filled double glazed units for

    very high thermal and acoustic performance.

    Between the windows, recessed panels of insulated render are

    designed to visually link the windows into horizontal bands.

    Curtain walling to the central circulation cores, communal kitchens

    and bar is a thermal break curtain walling system with polyester

    powder coated aluminium clad coloured Spandrel panels in the

    south elevations facing the dock.

    The roof finish on the seven-storey blocks is standing-seam

    aluminium, with circular roof top plant rooms clad in uninsulated

    Alcuabond panels. The roof finish for the three-storey blocks is a

    Hydrotech bituminous waterproofing system finished with brown

    roof biodiversity rubble as part of the ecology strategy for the

    site; provision of a habitat for the very rare Black Redstart bird,

    which colonises parts of the urban derelict landscape bordering

    the lower reaches of the River Thames.

    elimination of wet tradeswet trades

  • Gabion walling has been used to create a base to the blocks along

    University Way where there is a significant level change and also

    to clad the powerhouse at the Gallions Reach entrance to the site.

    Internally, the precast concrete walls and ceilings are painted with

    drylining only to the lightweight internal partitions in the central

    core areas and sections of the Metsec in corresponding external

    wall structure.

    Particular attention has been paid to creating vibrant facades

    that advertise the presence of the University and complement the

    existing campus buildings.

  • Innovative Use of Concrete and Integration of Services

    The Bell & Websters RoomSolutions Concrete precast frame

    provided a fair faced finish to both walls and ceilings, negating

    the need for plasterboard or plaster skim. The Bell & Webster

    frame also incorporated all internal and external walls into the

    structure (excluding pod riser wall) omitting the need for the

    internal drylined walls and external metal framed walls.

    This system also provided the acoustic rating required for the

    external envelope along with the insulated render increasing the

    dB rating further and complying with the building regulations

    for internal party walls and party floors with no other surface

    treatments being necessary. These attributes of the system helped

    reduce the overall cost and programme of the project.

    excellent insulationinsulation

  • ! Fair faced finish to walls and ceiling minimised the need for drylining or suspended ceilings and wet trades

    ! Conduit cast into slabs not walls

    ! Good acoustic rating

    ! Speed of construction

    ! Following trades can commence on the lower floors as the upper floors are being erected

    ! Toilet pods installed as frame erected

    ! Safe access at all times

    ! Designed to avoid progressive collapse

    The Benefits

  • A member of the Eleco Group plc

    Bell & Webster Concrete Limited, Alma Park Road, Grantham, Lincs. NG31 9SETel: (01476) 562277 Fax: (01476) 562944 Email: [email protected]

    Web: Cad: [email protected]

    Our range of products is constantly under review. Data relating to new products will be issued when available. We reserve the right to amend our specifications. September 2011

    Bell & Websters precast concrete RoomSolutionsTM

    enabled the University of East Londons Docklands

    Campus to be completed on time and on budget.

    Bell & Webster