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    APRIL 2016

  • Estates &

    Campus Services

    Document title

    Estates Department SOP 038 Low Voltage Management Plan

    Document author and department: Responsible person and department:

    Paul Harding

    Compliance Engineer

    Sean Edwards

    Strategic Maintenance Manager

    Approving body Date of approval

    Fiona Bell

    Estates & Campus Services Director April 2016

    Review date Edition no ID code

    April 2018 2


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    External queries relating to the document to be referred in the first instance to the

    Estates Help Desk:

    telephone 023 9284 6677 or email

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    1.0 Introduction 5

    2.0 Responsibilities 5

    2.1 General 5

    2.2 Organogram 6

    2.3 Duty Holder 7

    2.4 Low Voltage Authorizing Engineer 7

    2.5 Low Voltage Authorized Person 8

    2.6 Low Voltage Competent Person 9

    2.7 Project Managers / Designers 9

    2.8 Authorized Electrical Contractor 9

    2.9 Estates & Campus Services Managers / Supervisors 10

    2.10 Health & Safety and Compliance Manager 10

    3.0 Risk Assessment 10

    4.0 Record Keeping 11

    5.0 Competency 11

    5.1 Low Voltage Authorizing Engineer 11

    5.2 Low Voltage Authorized Person 11

    5.3 Authorized Electrical Contractor 12

    5.4 Low Voltage Competent Person 12

    5.5 Other Trades 13

    6.0 Communication 13

    7.0 Audit & Review 14

    Appendix 1 Example Letter of Appointment for Low Voltage Authorized Person 15

    Appendix 2 Electrical Permit to Work 16

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    Campus Services


    1.0 Portable Electrical Appliances 19

    2.0 Fixed Wiring Systems Installation, Alteration & Maintenance 19

    3.0 Fixed Wiring Systems - Certification 19

    4.0 Fixed Wiring Systems Connection to Final Outlets 20

    5.0 Fixed Wiring Systems Periodic Inspection & Testing 20

    6.0 Fixed Wiring Systems Circuit Identification 21

    7.0 Live Working 21

    8.0 Test Equipment 21

    9.0 Fixed Equipment Periodic Maintenance 22

    10.0 Fixed Equipment Single Point Isolation 22

    11.0 Electrical Permit to Work 22

    SOP 01 Single Point Isolation for Fixed Equi[pment

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  • Estates &

    Campus Services


    1.1 The purpose of this document is to provide practical guidance for the Estates & Campus Services (E&CS) Department on how it will meet its responsibilities defined in the University of Portsmouths (UoP) corporate Electrical Safety Policy that ensures risks associated with low voltage electrical systems are managed safely.

    1.2 The requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 have been considered and as a means of achieving compliance for electrical safety on low voltage systems the E&CS Department has adopted the following guidance: Health and Safety Executive publication HSG851 in achieving safe working

    practices. Electrical Safety Firsts publication Best Practice Guide 22 in achieving safe

    isolation of low voltage electrical systems. BS 7671:20083 (incorporating all amendments) to ensure compliance with

    standards regarding installation of low voltage electrical systems.

    1.3 Low voltage is defined as exceeding extra-low voltage but not exceeding 1000V alternating current (a.c.) or 1500V direct current (d.c.) between conductors, or 600V a.c. or 900V d.c. between conductors and earth.

    1.4 This is a live document and will be reviewed two yearly and/or when a change occurs in the UoP management and organisation, legislation and other such relevant guidance or good practice is changed.


    2.1 General

    2.1.1 The UoP shall appoint suitably qualified and competent staff to discharge itsresponsibilities with regards to electrical safety and sufficient resources shall be provided to relevant budget holders to enable the UoP to comply with its legal duties.

    2.1.2 All relevant persons, either UoP staff or external, involved in the design, installation, commissioning, alteration and maintenance and use of low voltage electrical systems within the University have a responsibility to ensure that, so far as is reasonably practical, they comply with the requirements of this Low Voltage Management Plan (LVMP) to minimise the risk to staff, students and the public.

    2.1.3 All UoP staff whom are delegated with specific duties or responsibilities within the LVMP, these duties will be confirmed in writing by either the Duty Holder or the Low Voltage Authorised Person(s).

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    Campus Services

    2.2 Organogram

    The following organogram indicates the main lines of communication relating to the management & control of electrical safety.

    Director of Estates & Campus Services Delegated Authority as the Duty Holder

    Low Voltage Authorizing Engineer

    Appointed in writing by the Duty Holder Role can be undertaken by a suitably

    qualified external consultant

    Electrical Operations ManagerLow Voltage

    Authorized Person Appointed in writing by the Duty Holder on

    advice from the Authorizing Engineer

    Reactive Maintenance Team

    Electrical Maintenance ManagerLow Voltage

    Authorized Person Appointed in writing by the Duty Holder on

    advice from the Authorizing Engineer

    Authorized Electrical Contractor(s)

    Low Voltage Competent Persons Electrical Tradesmen

    Low Voltage Competent Persons Electrical Maintenance Staff

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  • Estates &

    Campus Services

    2.3 Duty Holder (Director of Estates and Campus Services)

    Assume overall responsibility for the strategy and resource allocation (within the limits of the approved budget) of financial and other resources for the management of the electrical low voltage systems within the UoP.

    Appoint in writing a suitably competent Low Voltage Authorizing Engineer (LVAE) to provide independent advice and to undertake specific duties in regards to the strategic management of the electrical low voltage systems within the UoP.

    Review the LVAEs appointment annually to ensure duties have been carried out in accordance with this Management Plan.

    Appoint in writing (see Appendix 1 Letter of Appointment for a LVAP) under recommendation from the LVAE sufficient Low Voltage Authorized Persons (LVAPs) to undertake the operational implementation of this Management Plan. The appointment shall not be for a period longer than three years.

    Provide the LVAPs with sufficient authority and support to ensure that all operational procedures are carried out in a timely and effective manner.

    Acknowledge receipt of audits undertaken by the LVAE, make any necessary comments and compile an action plan in consultation with the LVAE.

    2.4 Low Voltage Authorizing Engineer (LVAE)

    Assess the suitability and competence of potential LVAPs and make a recommendation to the Duty Holder of their suitability for appointment as an LVAP. The recommendation shall include the extent of the electrical systems the LVAP is responsible for, and also any areas that are excluded from the LVAPs responsibility e.g. electrical systems / equipment under the direct control of Faculty Departments.

    If necessary, recommend the suspension or cancellation of the appointment of an LVAP and withdraw the certificate.

    Undertake a periodic review (not to exceed a twelve month period) of each LVAPs operational experience and compliance with the LVMP. These reviews shall pay particular attention to operating records and the issue and cancellation of permits. Formally advise on any training or retraining considered necessary, including when it should be received. These reviews shall also include a meeting with the LVAP and a brief review of the systems or installations to which their appointment refers.

    At intervals not exceeding three years undertake a comprehensive audit of the safe systems of work and safety procedures required by this LVMP. A written report of the audit shall be compiled, listing satisfactory items seen and any deficiencies found, and recommendations made. This shall be issued to the appropriate LVAP for action as necessary. A copy of the report with a summary of the findings shall be issued to the Duty Holder.

    Review the progress on the action plan agreed with Duty Holder

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  • Estates &

    Campus Services

    Provide technical assistance to the LVAP(s) and/or Health Safety Compliance Manager on investigations of reported injuries and dangerous occurrences involving electrical systems and installations.

    To advise the Duty Holder of any deficiency in the number of suitably trained and experienced LVAPs where this significantly impairs managements ability to provide a safe and efficient service.

    Provide expert witness and consultancy services as and when requested by the Duty Hold