unleash american business

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Unleash American Business

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Unleash American Business. Unleash American Business. When you think of America Land of Opportunity Freedom to innovate Entrepreneurial spirit. Unleash American Business. Capitalism works when Level playing field Regulation is reasonable Room to maneuver. Unleash American Business. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Unleash American Business

Unleash American Business

Unleash American Business

When you think of AmericaLand of OpportunityFreedom to innovateEntrepreneurial spiritUnleash American Business

Capitalism works whenLevel playing fieldRegulation is reasonableRoom to maneuverUnleash American Business

Health Care and American BusinessWW II wage controlsWhen health care was simple and cheapBenefits now wagging the dog

Unleash American BusinessHealth Care costs out of control18% of GDP and risingDistortion of business expensePoor Quality and AccessUnleash American Business

Two problems, One solutionDecouple health care finance from businessPromote Medicare for AllGet back to workUnleash American Business

Why Decouple and Promote?The business of business is businessAll other nations pick up the costAs long as there is a hole money flows like waterHealthy employees are productiveUnleash American Business

How would Medicare for All workRedirect current spending no new funds neededAll medically necessary from licensed providersWhat about Death Panels? Same as currentWhat you can do todaySupport HR 676Partner with PNHPGet back to work

Unleash American Business