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unleash Issue 22 - youth ideas, action and opinions


  • December 2012 - January 2013 unleash 1

    ISSUE 22 / DECEMBER 2012 - JANUARY 2013

    Are You Involved?

    news opportunities action opinion

    Youth CounCilsDifferent PeoPle, Different VoiCeshow to Get the Job - with the helP of An eXPert

  • unleash is YAPAs magazine of youth opinion and action.

    If you are under 20, unleash gives you the opportunity to express your opinions on issues that concern you. It also supports and encourages you to take positive action to improve your community and young peoples lives.

    editor coordinatorBridie Moran Nick Manning

    graphic design Emma-Lee Crane, Milk Thieves Art & Design www.milkthieves.com.au

    YAPA, the Youth Action & Policy Association NSW Inc, is the peak organisation representing young people & youth services in NSW. YAPA is not religious and not party political. YAPA receives core funding from the NSW Government - Department of Family and Community Services. More at www.yapa.org.au/yapa

    get unleashunleash is published 6 times each year. See the subscription details on the back cover, or go to www.yapa.org.au/unleash

    feedbackWe want to hear what you like, what you dont like, andwhat you would like, in unleash. We also want to hear whatyou think about the issues discussed in unleash. Just email: unleash@yapa.org.au

    contributeunleash is a space for young people aged 12-19. See how you can contribute on page 21, or go to www.yapa.org.au/unleash

    advertiseIf you would like to advertise in unleash, please contact Nick Manning at YAPA on (02) 8218 9803 or email unleash@yapa.org.au.

    legalitiesunleash is Copyright YAPA 2012. Individual articles are copyright the individual authors. Contact us if you would like to copy something from unleash.

    Opinions are the authors and not necessarily YAPAs.

    contact usBridie Moran - Editorunleash magazineYouth Action & Policy Association NSW IncSuite 403, 64-76 Kippax StreetSurry Hills NSW 2010

    unleash@yapa.org.au(02) 8218 9800fax (02) 9281 5588


    unleash 22december 2012 - January 2013

    front coverThis editions cover art is by Irangi Matapuku from St Clair in Western Sydney. Irangi is 14 years old and was commended in the recent SNAPSHOT competition at the Penrith Regional Gallery.

    Irangi will receive a voucher to take part in the Snapshot workshops at Penrith Regional

    Gallery on behalf of YAPA and Penrith Regional Gallery. If you are under 20 years and

    would like us to consider your art, in any form, for a future front cover of unleash, email


    unleash heads to SHIFT THIS!

    Tamara Lennon tells us What Matters to her

    YOLO Or Do You? Get the latest on driving facts with YAPAs Sam

    Creating change with board games! Tanya Land from Burwood shows us how

    Juggling and Other Extracurricular Activities with Michael Elliot

    unleash intern Katerina breaks down what Youth Councils are all about

    Annie, a HR expert, lets us in on the secrets of applying for a job

    Check out the beautiful photography of 18 year old Snapshot photography competition finalist Annabelle Colussi of Toongabbie Summer Jump


    contentsin this issue of unleash...


    03 04052021







    plus our regular features:


    2 unleash December 2012 - January 2013

  • unleash asks

    WhY dId You come toshIft thIs 2012- A festIvAl for Young Agents of chAnge?

    December 2012 - January 2013 unleash 3

    I wanted to be inspired. - Danielle, 14, Kogarah

    To meet new people - the

    future leadersof Australia.- Tim, 13, Moree

    I want to changethe way people see disabled kids I came here to start. - Sam, 15, Snowy River

    Ive always had a dream of helping people, but I wanted to learn about how I can make that a reality. - Grace, 12, Manly

    I set myself a goal to

    make a differencein my community and theworld. This is the place I can soak up the information on how to do that. - Rosa, 15, Hinchinbrook

    To be informed of current issues that threaten youth and to

    educate others back in my community.- Isabelle, 16, Warringah

    I really wanted to meet people I wouldnt usually meet on my school holidays. Who else can say that they learnt how to

    change the world these holidays? - Imogen, 16, Manly

  • 4 unleash December 2012 - January 2013

    editors letter

    This editions $50 gift voucher goes to Tanya Land of Burwood for her article: Different People, Different Voices: Tackling Cultural Bullying With Board Games! check it out on Page 10!

    If you would like to contribute to unleash, email your article (or artwork) to unleash@yapa.org.au

    Hi unleashers!

    As Editor of unleash, one of the questions that I get asked most is how to get writing published.

    As part of Shift This 2012, YAPAs festival for youth ideas and actions, I presented a workshop on just that, and I wanted to share some of the hints and tips I have with unleash readers here.

    One of the first steps to getting published is to start writing.

    Easier said than done, right? (Ill be honest its sometimes taken me a few false starts at writing my Editors letters for unleash!)

    The best way to get writing is to think about something that you would like to read- and create it on the page. Sometimes this will mean that you need to do some research dont be afraid to spend some time with Google before you hit the keyboard.

    Once you know what you would like to write, think about where you want to see it.

    Want to write about your experience in a youth organisation? Maybe Rolling Stone isnt the best place for it! (unleash would be!) If lipstick reviews are your thing, reconsider those emails you were about to send to Time Magazine and The Big Issue and check out Dolly.

    Its important to make sure that you are approaching the right publication and writing in a style that suits. Before you send off something you want published, do your research read back issues and articles.

    Having decided what to write and where you would like to see it, get in touch most publications will have a link on their website labeled contributions or submissions with instructions on how to submit your writing. Often, there will be an email for an editor get in touch with them with either a pitch for an article you would like to write or a completed article that suits their style. Make sure that whatever you send has been spell-checked and has good grammar, with correct facts. Include your name, email address and phone number (and age if you are writing for a youth publication) along with your submission.

    Dont give up if you dont get published on the first try hardly anyone does! Ask politely if you could have some feedback on how to improve most editors will be able to give you an idea and try again.

    If your article or story is selected, you will often be asked to make some changes, with the help of the editor. They may also ask you for a picture of you (a headshot) to include along with the article, and photographs or images to accompany your writing.

    Once you see your words in print, make sure you keep a copy, to add to a file of your writing that will become your portfolio. Your writing portfolio will follow you for the rest of your career, and will help you get jobs (and show off to your family).

    If you are thinking of getting published, unleash is a great place to start email me, Bridie, at unleash@yapa.org.au - Im happy to help you get started! Ive also listed some other resources for young writers.

    Cant wait to see you in print,


    Express Media: Express Medias mission is to provide support and development opportunities for young people in writing and media. They run a publication called Voiceworks that anyone under 25 can submit to, as well as two websites, The underage and The Signal Express.

    lip Magazine:lip is for girls who think, feel, create, speak out, and live. The magazine publishes fun, informative and truthful articles and fiction.

    Page Seventeen: Page Seventeen was born because there are not enough opportunities for new writers to see their work published. They encourage those with little or no publishing history to submit work for consideration.

    university Student Newspapers:If you are at or starting uni, keep an eye out on campus for student newspapers, such as the university of Sydneys Honi Soit. They accept submissions from all students and will help you learn to write for a newspaper. Some even offer paid jobs!

    gettIng publIshed

  • December 2012 - January 2013 unleash 5

    YOUth in the news

    unleashs take on how young people made the news in the last month or so...and any extras that might be relevant to you!

    Young People and Unemployment Its HSC time again and for many young people, it may soon be time to look for a job. But what is the environment like for young people in Australia entering the workforce?

    A recent report by the Foundation for Young Australians called How Young People Are Faring says that at 16.6 per cent, youth unemployment remains almost three times higher than for the population as a whole.

    While there are more Australian young people staying at school to Year 12 than ever before, many young people facing financial disadvantages or living in rural areas may need more support in finding work after study, the report suggests.

    Source: www.ayac.org.au

    Social JetlagDo you ever have trouble getting to sleep?

    If youve been told to switch off the TV before going to bed your parents might have been right. But if you still stay