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2. At this very momentcountless citizens acrossAmerica are being. bullied discriminatedharassed againsttreated unfairly assaultedretaliated against by governmentofficials 3. The American public continues to experience: increased costs inexcusable delays unfair denial ofgovernmentbenefits or services 4. Why? 5. Because ourgovernmenttolerates retaliation &discriminationinthe workplace. 6. On May 15, 2002, Congress passedthe Notification and Federal Anti-Discrimination and Retaliation(No FEAR) Act after hearingtestimony that federal workforceabuse reduces governmentsability to timely and adequatelyaddress vital public needs.Reference: Public Law 107174MAY 15, 2002 7. No FEAR Act was to makefederal managers andagencies more accountableto their employees whenallegations ofdiscrimination, retaliation, and harassment are made.Wang, N.Y. (2004). Employment Discrimination Issues: Putting Bite Into FederalEmployment Discrimination, Vol. 52 No. 3 (p1) . U.S. Attorneys Bulletin. 8. Eleven years after the passage ofNo FEAR federal officials continue to violate laws with impunity and withoutconsequences. 9. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel(OSC), an independent federalinvestigative and prosecutorialagency reported the following onJanuary 3, 2012:As you may already know, OSC isexperiencing record increases in itsoverall caseload across all programareas.Source: OSC Letter to Mr. Joseph Carson dated January 3, 2012. 10. OFFICIALS No Accountabilityguilty ofviolating thecivil rights ofothers are rarelysubjected to-----DISCIPLINE 11. In the Case of U.S.Department of Interior 12. CRAIG LITTLEJOHNAfter Equal EmploymentOpportunity Commission foundLittlejohn GUILTY OFDISCRIMINATION on (07/02/10),U.S. Department of Interiorrewarded the Chief InformationOfficer with a pay increase(07/18/10). (Pierre v. Salazar)Source: Dept. of Interior Freedom of Information Act reply to The Coalition ForChange, Inc. (C4C) dated January 20, 2012. 13. In the Case of U.S.Department of Commerce 14. FRED FANNING, JANABROOKS and MARIOAQUINO.No recommendation foradministrative action wasconsidered for the namedpersonnel guilty of exposingemployees to unsafe levels ofasbestos and mismanagingasbestos conditions.(Lee v. Locke)Reference: Letter to President Obama from the Office of Special Counsel dated June10, 2011, OSC File No. DI-10-0454 , Whistleblower Disclosure of Asbestos Conditions. 15. In the Case of U.S.Department of Agriculture 16. Managers who discriminatedagainst Black, Hispanic, andNative American farmerswere never disciplined.Agriculture Secretary TomVilsack asserts firing USDAemployees fordiscrimination is NOT thefocus of his administration.Lucas, F. (2010, December 14). Fire USDA Employees Guilty ofDiscrimination, Black Farmer Activists Says. CNSNEWS.COM 17. In the Case of VeteransAffairs 18. The matters you are concerned with are preventive in nature. While the EEOC orders agencies to consider discipline, we have no authority to issue discipline.Source: May 13, 2011 letter from EEOC to C4C member - IsaacDecatur formerly of Veterans Affairs after he inquired aboutwhat actions would be taken to discipline agency officials fordiscrimination. Mr. Decatur proved he was discriminatedagainst by agency officials Jeanette Butler andMaurice Troop. 19. In the Case of Army 20. Abuse, cover-up, and wrongdoingin government impactsthe very lives of U.S. citizens. 21. Just ask Mr. LouisMurphyIn 2011, Mr. Murphysettled a wrongful deathsuit against Brooke Armymedical center after theloss of his wife, Ms. FeliciaL. Murphy, who haddedicatedly served ourcountry.Reference: Zamost, S. , Griffin, D. and Ansari, A. (2012). January.13, Doctors cheated on exams., CNN. 22. To better protect our citizens, we must protect our Federal workers against workplace abuse.Civil Servants: Americas first line of defense. 23. Help Close theNo FEAR LOOPHOLEThus, the only requirements inNo FEAR regarding disciplinerelate to the reportingrequirements (p.8).Whether discipline should beimposed will depend on thedisciplinary policies of the agency(p.9).C4C Note: Presently, if the offending agency chooses not to disciplineemployee; EEOC cannot enforce discipline for No FEAR violations.Source: Wells, C. (2004). Employment Discrimination Issues. Vol. 52 No. 3 (p8-9). U.S. AttorneysBulletin. The No FEAR Act: What Department of Justice Attorneys Need to Know. 24. UNLEASHNo FEARTell President Obama toprescribe mandatorydiscipline to hold publicofficials accountable whenfound GUILTY of violatingthe civil rights of eitherpublic servants or thecustomers they are tofaithfully serve.The Coalition For Change, Inc. (C4C)