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  • 1. 1CopyrightUnleashInc2014 Unleash Technology Platform A Revolutionary Guided Thinking Software Solution Groups Centers Networks One Aligned Team Focused on Results

2. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 2 The Unleash Education Company offers a complete solution that will transform our society and create a great place for all: A student focused technology platform Supported by face to face training and development Put into practice through an entrepreneurial economy that fosters creativity and customer relationship skill building. Technology Guided Thinking Tools Greatplace Scorecards Coaction Plans Mentor Pairs Knowledge Centers Global Networks Software Platform Training Group Workshops Meetings and Events Mix & Match Modules Train the Trainers Hands On Work Centers Self-Directed Learning Greatplace School Entrepreneurship Handmade Artists Made to Order Projects Custom Client Designs Students as Mentors Customer Relationships Experimentation Handmade4Me A Truly Integrated Action Learning Process The Unleash Education Company 3. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 3 The Unleash Technology platform is a revolutionary guided thinking software solution that facilitates learning, mentoring, and collaborating. 4. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 4 The system opens up communication and guides everyone to move together as one aligned team focused on results. Mentoring Strong Connections Network of Mentor Pairs Data Driven Process Real Time Communication Tools Guide Mentors Mentee My Strategic Plan makes Mentoring Easy Results: Purposeful Conversations Mutually Rewarding Process Strong, Lasting Relationships Collaborating Strategic Planning Shared Vision Creation Scorecard Input/Feedback Strategic Plan Creation Dynamic Plan Execution Communication, Visibility, Coordination, Alignment Results: Fully Engaged Participants Transparency & Accountability Ability to Respond and Adapt Knowledge Sharing - Deep Relational Data Base Members, Groups, Centers, Networks Tools, Reports, Filters Trends, Outcomes Learning Dynamic Classrooms Self-Directed Learning Student Teacher Feedback Group Collaborations Teacher as Facilitator Writing, Reading, and Reflecting Results: Critical Thinking Skills. Profound Personal Discovery Empathy, Diverse Perspectives Unleash Guided Thinking Platform Engage, Align, Unleash Remarkable Results Together 5. 5CopyrightUnleashInc2014 Unleash their ability to innovate, collaborate, and deliver remarkable results together. Unleash brings people together to: Engage them in providing their input, ideas, feedback and knowledge Align them around a shared vision of success 6. 6CopyrightUnleashInc2014 Unleash facilitates the organic growth of global networks collaborating across organizational boundaries and/or silos. The Unleash Pricing model is designed to bring together the right people, at the right time, to focus on the right work. 7. 7CopyrightUnleashInc2014 1. Unleash Knowledge CenterCenter Group 2. The Group Network 3. The Network There are three types of teams that are managed through the Unleash System Administration (Admin) function. 8. 8CopyrightUnleashInc2014 The system is designed around the Unleash Knowledge Center. This is the Primary Team and the Master Admin function. Any organization can have many Unleash Knowledge Centers Unleash Knowledge Center The Center Admin is the only individual who can: 1. Add New Unleash Members 2. Invite Existing Unleash Members to Join Your Center 3. Create Groups 4. Create Networks Center 9. 1. Each new Center is registered through the Unleash purchase page. 2. The purchasing organization does not need to be the same as the Center organization. Purchase Page One time $25,000 license fee The Pricing Model is clean and simple --- It allows for organic growth of your Unleash system.Center Each Center is $25,000 per year. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 9 10. 10CopyrightUnleashInc2014 Once you have purchased your Center, you set it up in Center Admin. The data base tracks all key Center data and history. Members Internal Members External Center Members External Centers/Networks Groups Group Leader Group Facilitator Networks Network Relationships Contact Info Center Project Manager Request to Join our Center Organization Name of Organization Type of Organization Organization Background Leadership Center Leader Center Project Manager Executive Sponsor Strategic Overview Vision, Mission Description/What We Do Priorities and Goals Knowledge Center :: Key Data Design Center 11. 11CopyrightUnleashInc2014 The Center Project Manager creates Groups and assigns Group Facilitators who set up and manage each Group. Members Internal Members External Center Members Entire External Centers/Groups Contact Info Location(s) Group Facilitator Organization Name of Organization Type of Organization Organization Background Group Group Leader Group Facilitator Center Sponsor Strategic Overview Vision, Mission Description/What We Do Priorities and Goals Group :: Key Data Design Group 12. 12CopyrightUnleashInc2014 Creating Groups allows you to set up your team structure: The Group Facilitator can: Add Center Members Set up Mentor Pairs Create Group Coaction Plans Create Broadcast Messages Create Assignments Create Greatplace Scorecards View Group Reports For example, a small Center might have three main groups. Center Group 2 Group 3Group 1 13. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 13 The Group Manager function lets you administer and manage the system with ease. Group Reports provide both Center Project Managers and Group Facilitators with the ability to monitor progress over time and maintain a safe and secure system. 14. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 14 Creating a Network is easy, safe, and secure: 1. Create a Center and mark it as the Master Network Center Center 2. Add Centers (create new or add existing) Center Center 3. Connect to other Networks (optional) 15. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 15 Unleash is the solution weve been waiting for. It has the power to develop talent for our future. Leadership Strategic & Critical Thinking Skills Shared Vision and Mission Real Time Coaction Plans Engage, Align, Unleash Results Professionalism People & Knowledge Connections Communicate and Coact Skills Embrace Diverse Perspectives Knowledge Sharing/Collaboration Personal Growth Personal Vision & Lifelong Learning Personal Discovery and Planning Greatplace Behaviors/Journey Lasting Mentor Relationships 16. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 16 Guided Thinking Tools are profound learning exercises - they open up communication and foster true collaboration. Tool Description Greatplace Scorecard Feedback on the 10 Behaviors of the Greatplace Model Unique Contributions Discovering and describing experiences, motivations, & skills Coaction Plans Building and executing strategic priorities, goals, and action plans Shared Vision & Mission Engaging all stakeholders in a collaborative process of equals Talk with Style Partner exercise to understand and improve diverse relationships Knowledge Exchange Concise knowledge sharing of information and topics of interest Quick Recap Student teacher feedback on what I understand & questions I have Highlights of My Day Quick, fun input of key highlights that communicates and motivates 17. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 17 The Greatplace Model creates a shared vision and a roadmap to success. 18. 18CopyrightUnleashInc2014 The Greatplace Scorecard is a feedback tool that fosters diversity and a culture that creates a great place for all. Personal Scorecard creates conscious awareness and the ability to consistently demonstrate these behaviors It promotes both individual and organizational learning Team Scorecard Group, Center, Network enables individuals to articulate how they feel the team is doing at creating a culture that demonstrates these behaviors 19. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 19 Lets take an example of a Personal Scorecard. It guides individuals to think about each of the behaviors based on their current situation. There are three questions for each of the 10 Greatplace Behaviors: 1. How important is this to you? 2. How are you currently doing? 3. Why do you feel the way you do? 20. 20 At the conclusion they read, reflect, and plan. 20CopyrightUnleash Inc. Individuals provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback. 21. Individuals can keep their input Private or Share it with their Mentoring Contacts and/or Groups. 21CopyrightUnleashInc2014 Once a Scorecard is shared with a Group it is available for Group, Center, and/or Network reporting. The reporting capability provides a filter with slice and dice capabilities to get at the subtle nuances that matter. 22. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 22 Unique Contributions guides individuals to enter five memorable Experiences with their Motivations and Skills. 23. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 23 This process builds confidence and personal awareness. They link each experience to one of the 10 Greatplace Behaviors. 24. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 24 They are able to share their Unique Contribution with their Mentor. 25. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 25 Nikhil is my Mentor, I am writing him a note about my experience. 26. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 26 All communication is neatly organized in the Live Stream. This is where all notes, shared tools, broadcast messages and assignments come together across your entire Unleash Global Network Community. 27. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 27 Unleash tools open up Student Teacher Communication and turns the teacher into a Facilitator or Guide, deeply connected to each students unique learning needs. 28. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 28 Coaction Plans foster strategic thinking and collaboration. They work for both individual and organization planning. Individuals define their Priorities and their Goals. 29. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 29 They think about all the specific plans and actions they will need to take to achieve their Goals. 30. 30CopyrightUnleashInc2014 Unleash presents high level strategic information. 31. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 31 And it lets you drill down to the details that matter. 32. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 32 From Top Down Leadership We create silos of people like us Us versus Them We dwell on differences and stereotypes Motivational Talks We talk about the problemand talk, and talk Waiting for Others We keep hoping change is on its way Disparate Organizations We work hard but dont get very far Unleash Builds One Aligned Team Focused on Results. To Global Networks Getting it Done We dynamically create networks of talent Leverage Unique Contributions We focus on skills, mindsets, talent and results Action Learning Online, In Real Time We begin immediately to understand and take action Unleashing Yourself We take personal accountability to ensure we reach our potential One Aligned Team Focused on Results We come together with mutual respect and create positive change 33. CopyrightUnleashInc2014 33 And it delivers the intangibleslike Strategy, Talent and Innovation. In businesses across the board, information technology has had an obvious impact. But until now that impact has only been on concrete elements --- not intangibles like strategy and innovation. Peter Drucker, Managing in the Next Society, 2002