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  • 7/29/2019 Unleash the Genius in Your Child



    In real life situation there are only two

    instances when a defeat is a victory. This typically is true, when your children are

    better than you, or when your student achieves a status greater than yours. Everyparent or a teacher always strives to make their wards shape themselves to become

    top class achievers. Sometime it so happens that the parent and teacher may have

    diversified views. Typically majority of the parents want their children to take upprofessional courses and they feel it would be a big drawback if the child has

    extraordinary talents or interests in some other areas like sports, music, painting,sculpture, poetry, etc. Many a time professors, teachers may also pressurize the

    student to be a top grade achiever in the interests of their institution. Such peer

    pressures may sometimes be able to be most stressful which may make or break astudent. It may be that a peer is able to look deeper and identify that the ward has a

    potential talent which may be controversial to parents views, but peer may stillencourage bringing out the best in the ward. Life is not all only in professionalcourses and many personalities have made a mark have become world famous. Can

    we really make our wards really achieve?YES .Parents. teachers .and other well-wishers can really make the child a genius when they understand the SELFFULFILLING PROPHECY and apply in day to day life. Many a time due tolack of such knowledge and following outdated grandpa methods of wielding the

    stick and tongue lashing results in a large number of failure oriented persons.PYGMALION PRINCIPLE also called THE

    SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY is a vital management strategy, which couldbe used in day-to-day life to bring up your wards, which suitably incorporated,would UNLEASH THE GENIUS IN YOUR CHILD.

    Pygmalion was the name of a highly skilled sculptor in Greek mythologywho carved out a beautiful statue of Venus. It was so charming that he was wishing

    everyday that it should come to life and should marry him. Mythology says this

    became a reality with the statue coming to life and the sculptor married Venus andlived happily ever after.

    This small episode made Sociologists and Psychologists ponder over and

    carry out investigations whether such a thing is possible. They formed a group andwent to a school and conducted an IQ Test. (which was totally fictitious, and

    enacting an evaluation) Later went to the class and identified that the class hasthree geniuses one each in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and after identifying

    went off. They had secret plans to monitor their progress.

    Students, who were identified, went home and told their parents that, afterevaluation by scientists he/she has been told that he/she would be a genius. This

  • 7/29/2019 Unleash the Genius in Your Child


    made parents give some extra attention, and they started supporting their ward

    positively in the particular field they were identified. The teachers in the schoolalso started giving special attention to nurture them in the identified field of

    specialty, and over a span of years each of the children identified blossomed to be

    a genius. Having come to know of this the group of scientists wondering how theeffects ofjust a statement made had a wonderful effect and wanted toinvestigate in other fields also.

    They went to the sports field and conducting some psychological and

    attitudinal tests (which were again fictitious and enacting an evaluation) addressed,identified some mediocre players as specialists with a killer instinct, and potential

    goal scorers. In a similar study with a good team, after similar evaluations

    pronounced that they are good players but they may not win match due to lack ofkiller instinct, and went away. Over a span of time secretly monitoring the progress

    of both teams found, that the first team went on winning with goal scored by theidentified players while the second team could not win any major match.

    The group of scientists was really surprised, as to

    howjust statements made, can create sucha massive impact and wanted to testit in a laboratory where some research scholars were evaluating response

    characteristics on rats. They visited two laboratories and after studying the

    investigation results (which was again an enacted drama) made statements that therats in first laboratory were very intelligent whereas in the second laboratory they

    were dumb rats and workers may not get good results, and went off. Theresearchers in the first laboratory started petting the rats and used to feed them well

    in time with good nutritional diet etc, and did get excellent results. In the second

    laboratory the researchers started handling the rats without proper care and evenwere ill-treating, resulting lack of proper care and got improper results.

    Thus scientists came up with a SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY, that ifyou wish for something, nurture with positivity, it becomes a reality But whathappens in everyday life is that it is full of negativemessages creating a set offailure oriented wards. Teachers, Parents, Friends, Grandparents Well-wishers, all

    are to be blamed as they knowingly or unknowingly use lots of negative statementswhile criticizing or admonishing or even when the wards are in sleeping state

    making comparisons which are creating a negative feeling in the wards.

    An examination of the first few stages of Ericksons eight stage of personality

    build-up indicate

  • 7/29/2019 Unleash the Genius in Your Child


    < I year-----------------Love & Trust

    2 to 3 years------------------Independence & Autonomy4 to 5 years----------------- Discovering, Experimentation& Goal Achieving

    6 to 12 years----------------New Skills, Sociability, Industriousness

    12 to 18 years---------------Biological changes, Identity conflict, Pulling roots

    In the present day scenario with parents

    busy in their professions, there is a lack of quality time being spent with children,and it is indirectly affecting love of parents, affecting the levels of trust, as young

    kids are left to care of grandparents or others. This leads to build up of aggressiontendencies subconsciously, which affect their personality in later life. During this

    stage of life the child absorbs messages visually and by emotional feelings rather

    than by voice mode or by actions mode. The learning is mostly by imitation andwhen not properly taken care of by parents, will be learning others behavioural

    mannerisms.The auditory senses are active whether the child is awake or asleep,and during sleepy conditions messages heard gets directly recorded in thesubconscious memory, which later causes behavioural and attitudinal impacts in

    conscious wakeful conditions.

    During the second stage of 2 to 3 years the child will

    be accumulating enormous vocabulary, creativity, discovery, independence, and

    autonomy through playing, mixing with other kids and many a time throughmishandling and sometimes even by breaking of toys etc. They may not attach

    much importance to cleanliness of dress, makeup, hairdos, timely eating etc .Thisbecomes a matter of great concern to parents and an excessive amount of negative

    messages are uttered in the name of disciplining them. It is common to hear

    parents chiding the child comparing to other kids, neighbouring kids, siblings etc.Usual statements like this child is dirty while that child is so neat, this child breaks

    toys while that child keeps it in good shape, this child is excessively naughty and

    does not listen while that child is so very nice and well disciplined, this childcreates a ruckus for eating while that child is very cooperative and so on. Further if

    the child is a female the parents make many atrocious statements like let her do

    something, after all she will get married and go away. Sometimes comparing to

    other siblings statements are often made that he/she is not so intelligent like otherkid to study professional course etc. Such statements often made even when child

    is asleep gets recorded directly into subconscious memory and during waking statemakes the child react accordingly.

    It is a rare thing to hear positive statements like this child is lucky,

    very creative, very neat and disciplined, handles items very well, veryhardworking ,active smart, has superb memory , very creative and excellent in

  • 7/29/2019 Unleash the Genius in Your Child


    music, excellent in communication skills etc If one were to observe such kids who

    have been exposed to such positive statements whether during waking state or evenin sleeping conditions, and observe their progress, one would definitely find such

    kids progressing very well on statements made and will be on a highway of

    success.Have you ever heard from any politician or

    cinema artistes that their child is dull headed, or not very bright, or not have talent

    in fine arts etc? These persons are always making positive statements that theirchild will be a great leader, a top class artist, will be a minister etc. Children of

    these parents may not have good education or even be bright in their school days,but they eventually achieve the required levels making mark in the fields they have

    been praised and nurtured to become. This is because the positive statements,

    which they go on constantly, hearing which gets deep rooted into theirsubconscious mind which makes their conscious brain act accordingly achieve and

    shape to become performers. This psychological fact is sometimes unknowinglyemployed may be in an unwise or wise manner, eg, with radio playing music whilethe ward may be studying or sleeping. It would be surprising that the ward can

    recall many of the tunes at a much later date or even in anthyakshari competitions.

    However this could be very effectively used in Learn Through Sleep strategy,wherein if a recorded notes, lecture, or a set of positive self developmental

    statements, were played in a endless tape mode while a person is asleep, without

    any conscious effort the person would be able to learn. Further many behavioraldeficiencies or even bad habits can be controlled/overcome by this method. Parents

    and well-wishers could very well use this strategy for betterment of wards.During the third stage of development of personality

    wherein at their formative years as well as the initial schooling career the child is

    getting exposed to new environment. The child begins to form new friends andbeing in school has to do lot more of studies, homework, extend assistance to

    mummy or daddy or even in some household activities. Here again the parents,

    grandparents, friends and perhaps teachers are in the habit of praising or passingnegative remarks on and off which get embedded in young minds subconscious

    and eventually bring it to reality. While these elders do not realize the damage they

    are doing day in and day out with negative messages even sometimes when their

    wards are sleeping become fatalistic in their outlook and blame the birth star orbirth date or day of birth like born on Saturday, Tuesday, Amavasya etc and

    blame the ward as well as their destiny.During the fourth stage of personality buildup the rate

    of assimilation and information gathering by wards is so enormous that the wards

    tend to ignore positive statements, due to ego and self esteem tending to take thenegative statements more seriously, creating a dent in their emotive and cognitive

  • 7/29/2019 Unleash the Genius in Your Child


    capabilities. These start creating serious deficiencies, which are again and again,

    recalled and played in their memory causing an avalanche or snowballing effect intheir performance ultimately even to the extent of becoming school dropouts. In

    these formative years which should act as pillars in an individuals personality

    makeup the parents, teachers, friends, and the near and dear, kith and kin, need tobuild in positivity and self esteem and self confidence in their wards. Further they

    should encourage the ward to enhance the industriousness and hardworking

    potentials with goal setting to be on a highway of successful personalities. Thewards being more physically and mentally active should be encouraged. Even

    when they are asleep, parents should very well be cautious not to decry, denigrate,or make negative remarks as to the wards future due to present or previous

    performances. Parents should be more proactive and be enthusiastically positive

    about their ward becoming an achiever, shaping to become individuals withexcellent characteristics. These subconscious thought implantations will be making

    them alert and awake to grab opportunities and progress to higher levels.In this stage of stage of personality buildup the

    children would be undergoing major biological changes in their metabolism (a

    girl becoming a lady, a boy becoming a man--) and in addition to pressures of

    parents, well-wishers, teachers, and other near and dear ones, the individual wouldbe going through his/her own stresses due to the biological changes. Also as at this

    stage they would be reaching in their careers a zone of severe competition. These

    coupled at this age they are likely to develop strong emotional bondage withperson of opposite sex and also pickup new habits. Further due to lack of sex

    education, unnecessary curiosity with social stigma, not permitting free and frankdiscussions, may lead to seek new avenues, which may sometimes lead to

    disastrous consequences.

    This is also the stage when the wards may have to leave the parental home inpursuit of their educational pursuits or in special cases work place, to augment

    some extra income to family, etc.In any of the above options or even otherwise, it

    is almost a certainty that eventually the individual may have to leave parental home(except in very few cases of joint family etc) and these thoughts will be causing

    additional stresses in addition to anxieties of studies, job, career, marriage etc.The

    parents around this timeframe are also very busy in their own career buildup and

    consolidation of their status and property etc for their future to be secure. Thusboth parents and the wards due to stresses, anxieties, progress, and unknown fears

    may indulge in bouts of unnecessary negative comments and blames. Care isneeded to handle wards under such circumstances and it is at this juncture parents

    and teachers should act with utmost positivity and should be able to have free and

    frank communications in their as well as family traditions, bondages and theirfuture growth, goals, life etc.

  • 7/29/2019 Unleash the Genius in Your Child


    Beyond the fourth stage the individual would have had

    sufficient or insufficient inputs and would have reached a stage with necessarymental capability to proceed on their own and with the media, press, book, internet

    resources and friends. The route that they would pursue further depends on these

    four stages of personality buildup and by this time they would also have attitudinalmakeup to go further in lifes milestones. Thus the inputs, knowingly, or