unleash the power of linkedin

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2/24/22 @DedeMulligan www.mulliganmanagementgroup.com Unleash the Power of

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Unleash the Power of LinkedIn

Monday, August 22, [email protected] www.mulliganmanagementgroup.com

Unleash the Power of

Who Am I? Owner of a Digital Marketing Agency

Rotarian, Hudson Job Search Advisor & Mother of Two Sons


Using LinkedIn Strategically

Keeping LinkedIn Relevant

Answer Your Burning Questions

3 MillionA 2014 Jobvite survey of 2,135 adults found that94 percentof recruiters use LinkedIn to source and vet candidates, while only36 percentof job seekers are active on the site. - 48% 616$30 a month first month is free3

How Are You Using This Channel Strategically? To Grow Your Network?

To Gain More Appointments?

To Be Remembered?

Monday, August 22, 2016If 70% of Potential Employers Reject a Candidate for What They Find Online AND95% of Recruiters Use LinkedIn to Find Candidates.

How Can Your Profile Stand Out?

How Can Potential Employers Find YOU?

Keeping LinkedIn RelevantFocus First on These Five Things FIRST.

Share Valuable Content!

Where Do You Get it?

Content Creation Best PracticesFollow the 30/70 Rule

Post on Sundays and/or after 9 PM

Include a Photo or Video

Make Your Posts Longer Tell a Story

Share and Comment on Other Posts

Post in Groups

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