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v Unleash the Power of Open Networking Shrijeet Mukherjee – VP, Engineering 10/29/2014 Aurelie Fonteny – Product Marketing

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Unleash the power of open networking Network modernization is the next step in data center transformation. Now companies of all sizes can leverage open networking for affordable capacity and consistent automation across the entire data center. It’s easier than you think. Join Cumulus Networks on October 29th to learn about expanded architectural choices and validated solutions around virtualization, Big Data, and OpenStack. Open Networking offers: Freedom of choice at every layer – choice of hardware, choice of operating system, choice of applications Choice of hardware and software elements to best fit your applications Leverage same compute management infrastructure on network switches. Ability to leverage the same team for multiple workflows - Lower OpEx The resources of a rich ecosystem Modern data center tools for automated operations


  • 1. vUnleash the Power ofOpen NetworkingShrijeet Mukherjee VP, EngineeringAurelie Fonteny Product Marketing10/29/2014

2. 2 The Promise : A New Blueprint forscalable Data Centerscumulusnetworks.com 3. The Need for Empowered NetworkingOur infrastructure cant keep upwith user needs. New services taketoo long to deploy.cumulusnetworks.com 3 4. At the Drawing Board with the New Data Center BlueprintEnabling ApplicationsPEOPLE PROCESSTECHNOLOGYClient-Server CloudDont disrupt my business!cumulusnetworks.com 4 5. Learning from Web-Scale OperationsVendor independence &automation enable rapidinnovation, operationalcost savings, and scalable,affordable capacity.By 2017, Web-scale IT will be an architectural approachfound operating in 50 percent of global enterprisesGartner, March 5, 2014www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2675916 cumulusnetworks.com 5 6. Network CharacteristicsLoosely coupledVendor-independentMostly east-westOpen Implementation100s to millionsAutomation toolsTightly coupledSingle-vendorMostly north-southVendor Specific100s to 1000sNeeds PortingApps & networkNetworkingTrafficStorageEndpointsDeploymentTraditional Networking Open Networkingcumulusnetworks.com 6 7. Building Block for Scalable Infrastructure7HardwareBoot & ProvisionBIOS and PXEBare Metal ServerU-Boot and ONIEBare Metal SwitchNE TWOR K ING COMPUT EOSOperating SystemBIOS and PXEBare Metal ServerOperating SystemU-Boot and ONIEBare Metal SwitchAppsAppApp AppOperating SystemBIOS and PXEBare Metal ServerAppApp AppOperating SystemU-Boot and ONIEBare Metal Switchcumulusnetworks.com 8. Scale out the Building Block8 Scalable Network Simple Easy to provision Horizontally scalable Orchestrate andautomate Leverage Templates Provisionprogrammatically Manage lifecycle workflowSpineLeafL3 FabricSCALEFLEXIBILTYcumulusnetworks.com 9. All Apps then Run on the Common InfrastructureDesign Patterns Emerge for the Transition to the Cloud Virtualized Servers and Networks Workload mobility Reconfiguration of connectivity/QOS is key Distributed Storage/MapReduce East/west traffic Uneven traffic patterns: Incast VSAN, Ceph, others Supercompute East/west traffic Ultra-low latency, huge east/west traffic9More about choice thanabout APIs andarchitecturescumulusnetworks.com 10. 10 Open Networking - Choice and Best ofBreed Ecosystemcumulusnetworks.com 11. Cumulus Networks - Networking without constraintsapp app appOperating SystemHardware Accelerated Routing and SwitchingOpen Network Install Environment (ONIE)Cumulus Linux = True Linux OS Enables Consistent Automation Acrossthe Data Centercumulusnetworks.com 11app app appoperating systemSingle-Vendor blob Constrained innovation High margins for vendors Slow feature dev cyclesChoicehardwareNetworking Hardwareapp Hardware: Easily referenced and widelyavailable OS: Hardware Acceleration, widely documentedservices Networking applications: Standards based andopen implementations 12. Industry Standard HardwareAPP APP APPNETWORK OSHARDWAREhttp://cumulusnetworks.com/support/hcl/cumulusnetworks.com 12 13. Manage Switches Like Servers - Linux & Packages13Manage Packages, notjust binaries Option to selectpackages to install Packages updates forminor release throughapt-get Security updatesthrough apt-getmainupdatessecurity-updatesaddonstestingAPP APP APP 250 packages ~ 20 Cumulus Linux packages Examples: Ruby, Perl, Python, Bash, IPtables, LLDP Updates: packages revised Security: known concerns, CVEs User-identified utilities + libraries Puppet, Factor, Chef, collectd Early access utilities and libraries Bird (CL 1.5)Debian.org 40K+ packagesNETWORK OSHARDWAREcumulusnetworks.com 14. Cumulus Linux Operating System Innovate to make networks simplerto deploy ONIE Ifupdown2 PTMd Unnumbered interfaces VTEP14APP APP APPNETWORK OSHARDWAREThe OS as aplatform -EmpoweredNatively byLinux Toolsrouting bridging app appCumulus Linux OSNetworking Hardwarecumulusnetworks.com 15. Provisioning: From Days to Minutes15ManuallyInstallPhysicalThe Traditional WayOrdering / Delivery InstallManuallyConfigure ProductionDays / WeeksHours / Days(Manual)ONIEBootPhysicalOrdering / Delivery InstallAgentInstall ProductionThe Automated WayCLInstallDays / Weeks Minutes(Automated)PullConfigcumulusnetworks.com 16. Cumulus Linux as a platform - Empowered NetworkingRouting NetworkNSXAPP APP APPAutomation Orchestration NetworkVirtualization Monitoring Security Storage Big DataCumulus LinuxIndustry Standard HardwareNETWORK OSHARDWAREcumulusnetworks.com 16 17. 17 Cumulus Linux 2.5 Making it simple toadopt open networkingcumulusnetworks.com 18. Customer Adoption of Cumulus LinuxTop 5ConferencingProviderRegional policedepartmentPreventivehealthcareMajorUniversitiesTop 10National Labcumulusnetworks.com 18Over 1Million Ports in Production!Large webservices providerWeb Scale Education &Service Providers Research Cloud & Hosting High Tech EnterprisesContent deliveryprovider 19. Easing Cloud Adoption with Cumulus Linux 2.51 2 3 4Risk Free TrialRemote WorkbenchGlobal Reach &Easy ProcurementVALIDATEDDESIGNDesign: Stepby Stepguide524/7 Suppor tTraining &ConsultingServicescumulusnetworks.com 19 20. Simplifying the Transition with Validated Solution Designs Validated Designs: Starting point for customer deployment Designs tested from IPMI to redundant datapath Providing step by step configuration, configurationfiles/templates Target Audience: Data center architect or administrator who isfamiliar with Linux Results: Accelerates Adoption Simplifies Migration and Integration points into theoverall architecture Lowers Risk associated with new deploymentcumulusnetworks.com 2010001 11 00000 0 01 1 11 11 10100111VMware vSphere and Cumulus NetworksValidated Solution GuideDeploying VMware vSphere with Cumulus Linux SwitchesBig Data Hadoop and Cumulus NetworksValidated Solution GuideDeploying Apache Hadoop with Cumulus Linux SwitchesAvailable with Cumulus Linux 2.5 21. Simplifying transition with CL 2.5: Choice of Network ArchitecturesEnabling Choice: Layer 2 and Layer 3 with Cumulus Linux 2.5Cumulus Linux 1.5 and 2.0: Layer 3 architecturesIP FabricSpineLeaf Simple IP Clos Fabric High Capacity, scalablenetworkingL3 FabricL3L2L2 NetworkAggregationAccess L2 active/active with MLAG Drop in existing architectureSpineLeafVNI Blue & RedIP Fabric with Network Overlays Flexible, virtual networking Network overlay integrationcumulusnetworks.com 21 22. Cumulus Linux for Virtualized Server Environments Validated Solution for VMwarevSphere Enable SDDC across compute,storage and network Choice of industry standard hardware Rich Ecosystem with automationtools and services Brown field & green field Traditional L2 with MLAG Simple Migration to L3 Clos Integration with VMware NSXvSphere (Hypervisor) Linux Network OSCompute Storage Networkingcumulusnetworks.com 22Virtualize d ServerVALIDATEDDESIGNApplications and EcosystemIndustry StandardServerPhysicalStoragePhysical NICand NetworkIndustry StandardNetwork SwitchvCPU vRAM Virtual DatastoreDiskvNic vSwitchvDSHardware AcceleratedIPv4/IPv6 NetworkRouting and SwitchingVirtual SAN NSX 23. Cumulus Linux for OpenStack Cloud Orchestration Open Source based solution on baremetal hardware Resource automation OpenStack: virtual resources Linux tools: physical resources OpenStack Solutions OpenStack distribution partners Network overlay partners Custom OpenStack solution Validated Solution Based on OpenStack IceHousecumulusnetworks.com 23Cloud OrchestrationVALIDATEDDESIGNYour ApplicationsOPENSTACKCLOUD OPERATING SYSTEMAPIsOpenStack Shared ServicesIndustry StandardNetwork SwitchIndustry Strandard Server Physical StorageHardware AccelereatedIPv4/IPv6 NetworkRouting and SwitchingOpenStack DashboardCompute Networking Storage 24. Cumulus Linux for Big Data Environments Validated Solution for Hadoop Affordable capacity based onbare metal hardware Scalable IP Clos Fabrics Rapid Deployment: Automation,Operational consistency Easy Customization Linux & PTM for localityoptimizationcumulusnetworks.com 24SpineLeafL3 FabricBig DataMapReduceVALIDATEDDESIGN 25. Unleash the Power of Open Networking in Your Data Center Open Networking with Cumulus Linux enables Empower selection of best of breed ecosystem CAPEX savings upfront, significant ongoing OPEXsavings Cumulus Networks partners with you on yourjourney to the Modern Data Center Validated Solutions Starter Toolkit for automationcumulusnetworks.com 25 26. Get Started! Risk Free Trial with the Cumulus Workbench www.cumulusnetworks.com/cumulus-workbench Learn More General information: www.cumulusnetworks.com Regular webinars: www.cumulusnetworks.com/webinars Validated solution guides Coming with Cumulus Linux 2.5! Support and technical documentation: https://support.cumulusnetworks.com Consulting & training: www.cumulusnetworks.com/support/consulting-and-training Stay in Touch @cumulusnetworks Questions [email protected] 26 27. Questionscumulusnetworks.com 27 28. Thank You! 2014 Cumulus Networks. Cumulus Networks, the Cumulus Networks Logo, and Cumulus Linux are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cumulus Networks, Inc. or its affiliatesin the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. The registered trademark Linux is used pursuant to a sublicense from LMI, theexclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a world-wide basis.28Bringing the Linux Revolution to Networkingcumulusnetworks.com 29. Open Networking Prices Are CompellingCisco Arista Open NetworkingCisco and Arista List with 60% discount for Hardware/Software, 15% discount for SupportBare Metal - List Price from Web (bm-switch.com, sfpcables.com)cumulusnetworks.com 2948x10G Switch40G Optics (SR-4)TwinAx cableSupport (24x7)$16,000$1,198$84$2,097$11,998$798$51$2,285$5,100$200$30$999