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Hybrid Cloud Synergics | Stijn Eyckmans | Sales & Marketing Manager Tom Van Gramberen | Solutions Architect Unleash the power of the Hybrid C

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Hybrid Cloud

Synergics|Stijn Eyckmans|Sales & Marketing Manager Tom Van Gramberen|Solutions ArchitectUnleash the power of the Hybrid Cloud

Although the impact of digitization is not new, the digital economy is entering a new age that presents unprecedented challenges for all companies.Digital tools are invading the business environment, provoking significant changes in the way we work, communicate, and sell. This has given rise to new opportunities and challenges, and has triggered the Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation

Key findingsSocial, Mobile, real-time, and other disruptive technologies are aligning to necessitate bigger changes than initially anticipated.Digital transformation is quickly becoming a priority for many leading organizations.While gaining momentum, digital transformation as a formal process is still in its infancy.

Digital transformation is driven partly by technology and also by the evolution of customer behavior.A list of best practices will serve as a checklist to help business take the next steps to beginning digital transformation.






6Mapping and understanding the customer experience is becoming critical in guiding transformation efforts.

The sky is the limit

Todays most successful businesses use technology to build closer relationships with their customers. In this connected world, speed is valued above all. But the speed of business and the speed of IT are at odds.

ConclusionIn 2013 the typical IT organization spent 72% of its budget on continuing operations and just 28% on innovation. Deloitte 2014

IT Challenges

Traditionally, IT operations were built to provide for - what was considered a steady state operation. ITs mind-set was that demand is deterministic, varying within a narrow range, and users had to fit their IT needs within this system.Current economic uncertainties are also bringing disruptive changes to businesses and how IT supports these are changing. IT is under pressure to reduce costs, develop standardized processes, and respond quickly and flexibly all whilst increasing service levels.

Social ChannelsBig DataCloudSocial channels are transforming core business processes. Delivering exceptional end-to-end customer experiences. Cloud computing is driving business agility. Enabling scalability, flexibility, and customer centric solutions.Big data is helping companies to innovate creating new business models, products and services.Mobile is enabling new business scenarios. Getting to market faster more effectively.Solutions


Cloud is driving business agility

Business agility has become the primary advantage being delivered by cloud, says a new survey. It delivers the ability to enter new markets, reduce complexity, increase employee productivity, and reduce costs 2014 Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.



mln4.5Cloud market150 Billion in 2018

30% Public Only58% Hybrid5% PrivateOnlyThe public cloud computing market is still in the early stages of adoption, 56,6 billion in 2014, with rapid growth forecasted in the upcoming years.

IDC predicts the cloud market to grow at a compound annual rate of 22.8% each year, which is six times faster than the growth in the overall IT market. Cloud adaptation report - Rightscale 2015

Hybrid Cloud unifies the best of private and public clouds into one solution.

But there are challenges

The hybrid cloud model consists of at least one public cloud and one private cloud - but deploying one isn't as easy as 1+1. Understanding how to get started on your hybrid cloud will be the key to success - from choosing a provider to planning and executing a migration.

Hybrid CloudTogether with Microsoft

As one of the first Microsoft Cloud OS partners in Belgium, we can provide agility and productivity for application owners, flexibility and control for IT and assurance that corporate assets are protected. Enable Microsoft Azure-consistent experiences and services in your datacenter with WAP.

The Cloud OS Network is a worldwide group of select service providers that partner closely with Microsoft to offer customers hybrid cloud and Azure-enabled solutions.

Adding to the success

Hyperconverged Infrastructure


Azure, North Europe(Dublin, Ireland)Azure, West Europe(Amsterdam, Netherlands)Synergics(Zwijnaarde, Belgium)Synergics(Brussels, Belgium)

Hybrid Cloud

Azure ExpressRouteCross - data centerAzure

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For YOURcustomers

WAP in a Box

A cloud that differentiates AttentiaVia het gebruik van Windows Azure hebben we de doorlooptijd van de ontwikkeling van nieuwe tools verkort. Om de tool in productie te nemen, kunnen we vlot migreren naar onze private cloud op basis van Windows Azure Pack.

Customer Case

We can lead the way!

Synergics is a cloud change agent specialized in developing strategic partnership with growth companies. We help companies improve their competitive position by aligning IT and business on a strategic (innovate), tactical (transform) and operational level (manage).

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