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  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    T H E 1 2 M A S T E R P R I N C I P L E S O F A V I T A L L I F E :T H E P O W E R O F P U R E E N E R G YT he 12MasterPrinciplesThe 8Giftsand the 4Poisonsrepresentthe key tocreatinganextraordinarybaseofhealth, vitality,and energy. Mostoftheseprinciples arethingsyou arealready doing. This programisabouthow to

    maximize your bodyandmindtoachieve optimum levelsofhealth, while theseprinciples willnottakeyou anyadditional time, they will allowyou to bemoreeffective and thereforeproduceagreater quality return.

    These 12 Principles areeasy,fast, and f u n

    THE 12 S T E P S O F P U R E E N E R G YT H E 8 G I F T S : G I V E Y O U R S E L F

    T H E G I F T S O F . . .I . T H E P O W E R O F V I T A L B R E A T H I N G& L Y M P H A S I Z I N G2 . T H E P O W E R O F L i v i N G W A T E R & L I V EF O O D S3 . T H E P O W E R O E E S S E N T I A L O I L S4 . T H E P O W E R O F A L K A L I N I T Y G o G R E E N5 . T H E P O W E R O F A E R O B I C E N E R G Y6 T H E P O W E R O F M XIMUM

    N O U R I S H M E N T7 . T H E P O W E R O F S T R U C T U R A LA L I G N M E N T & M A X I M U M S T R E N G T Hs.TH E P O W E R O F A D I R E C T E D M I N D& H E A R T

    T H E 4 P O I S O N S :D R A M A T I C A L L Y R E D U C E O RE L I M I N A T E Y O U R I N T A K E O F

    9 . T H E P O I S O N O F P R O C E S S E D F A T S1 0 . T H E P O I S O N O F A N I M A L F L E S H1 1 . T H E P O I S O N O F D A I R Y P R O D U C T S1 2 . T H E P O I S O N O F A C I D A D D I C T I O N S


  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    T H E 1 2 M A S T E R P R I N C I P L E S O F A V I T A L L I F E :T H E P O W E R O F P U R E E N E R G Y :T H E 8 G I F T S


    / 7. Structural Al ignment\ & Max imu m Stren gth/ / 6 M a x i m u m N u t r i t i o n5 . A ero b i c E n erg y Power

    4.A l k a l in i t y

    3 .E s s en t i a lOils

    2.LivingWa ter&Live Foods

    1. V i ta l , B rea th i n g L y m p h a s i z i n g

    U N I H A S H T H E P O W E R W I TH I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    N O T E SU N L E A S H TH E P O W E R W I TH I N

    U N L E A S H T H E C O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    GiftlT H E P O W E R O F V I T A L

    Undoubtedly, themost important component tohuman healthandvitalityisoxygen. Infact,humanlifewould not bepossiblewithout it: oxygenproduces ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and without ATP our bodies wouldimmediatelyshut down. When aperson breathes, thereis anexchangeofcarbondioxide and oxygen. The oxygen, which is taken in by the body from the atmospherearoundus, is picked up by the hemoglobin in the blood and distributed to all of thebody'strillionsofcells whereit isthenused to fuel th ecellsandrelease energy ( A T P ).I naddition,t hemakeupof thehuman body islargely composed of theelementoxygen, especially factoringinthat wateriscomposedof33%j3xygen.

    It's clear, then, that optimal oxygenationofyour cellsthrough proper nutrition, fluidintake, exercise, and stress management is absolutely necessary in order to maintainyour health andcreateavitallife.

    Improper breathing is a commoncause of ill health. If I had to limit m yadvice on healthier living tojust one tip, itwould besimply to learn how tobreathecorrectly. There is no single more powerful or more simpledaily

    practice tofurtheryourhealthand well being than breathwork.A N D R E W W E I L , M . D .

    I ' S L L A M H 1 H L P O W L K U ' I T H I X

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    L Y M P H A S I Z I N G :T H E B E N E F I T S O F R E B O U N D I N G^M Theverticaluse ofacceleration,deceleration,andgravity provide theidealconditions for cleansingcells.Hfl Reboundingis atrue cellular exercise.Itbuilds physical cellular strength by

    challengingthestructureofeach cell. This strengtheningof thecellshelpstoprotect against degenerativedisease.

    I Itleadstoimproved posture,increased vascularity, better muscle tone, enhancedtiming, sharper vision, greater coordination, better balance, more rhythm,andelevated energy levels.Byworking against theconstant gravitational pressure while bouncing,youresist th eearth's pull. Gravity becomesaforce for thegood ofyour entire body.Rebounding willlet youimprovetheworkingofyour heart musclebyimproving the tone and quality of the muscle itselfand by increasing thecoordinationof the fibersasthey wring bloodout of theheart during each beat.

    HI Itprovidesthestimulusfor afree-flowing lymphatic drainage system, whichhelpsridyour bodyoftoxins, cancer cells, wastes, trapped protein, bacteria,viruses,andother waste thecells cast off.

    V Whenyou arerebounding,you arefloodingthecells with oxygen. This enables* themtoconvert glucose intoATP andalso into glycogen. Thus, reboundingcan

    actuallyincrease your abilitytoconvert glucose into glycogen. Further,it maybepossible totrain your body (through consistent lymphasizing)tostore thisglycogenandhavei treleased whenyo uneed it for asudden burst ofenergy.

    S O M E T H I N G TO T H I N K A B O U T . . .Th eG-force (gravity)at the top of thebouncei seliminatedand thebody becomesweightlessfor afraction of asecond. A t the bottomof thebounce,theG -forcesuddenly doubles over whatisordinarygravityonearth,a ndinternalorgansarc putunder pressure. Their cellular stimulationisincreasedaccordingly sothat waste materials within cellsg etsqueezed out.T helymphaticscarry thewaste awaytob edisposed ofthroughth eurinarytracta nd otherexcretorymechanisms.

    U N L E A S H T H F P O W E R W I TH I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    G i f t 2TH E P O W E R O F

    Wateris anessential and majorcomponent of allliving matter.It is thelargestsingle component of thebodv:_OurJmiinsare 76% water, our lungs are90%water,ourbloodis 84%waterTandblood plasmais 98%water. Criticalprocesses such as digestion, circulation, and excretion cannot occur without it. Itcarriesnutrientsto all vital bodysubstances,plays acrucialrolein maintaining bodytemperature, and servesa sbuilding materialforgrowthandrepairof thebody. Q :W h a t is themostimportantelementto heal th?A :Oxygen. Withoutit, wewoulddiewithinminutes.Q :Howlongcanyour body survive without air?Howlongcan

    your bodysur vivewithoutfood? H owlongca n your bodysurvive withoutwater intake?A :Thesecondmost important element in ourhealthiswa ter.A n

    adult canlive severalweeksw ithout food, but no more thanabout 10daysw ithoutwa ter.Y our bodycan only lose about10% of its water and still survive.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife



    B A C K G R O U N D :D r. Batm angh elidj wa s a political prisoner in Iran, during whichtime he w as placed in solitary confinement.H e_dcided:nottoe a t a n yf o o dchmngJ^aHirriebecausehebelieved thai_adthoutmovement or exercise,jhe_ food would be^mgjpjdc^iviflynhjsb p 3 y _ . _ S o, forseven days,hew ent almost withoutfood and drankonly wa ter. M iraculously,hr i g . Oncehe was out ofsolitary confinement,he w astakento themain blockof theprison where there wereabout250-300other prisoners. La teonenight, some people broug htafellow prisoner to himwho wa s doubled over in pain. The gua rds w ouldn't take the prisoner for medicationso he came to D r. Batma nghelidj as a last resort. Because hedidn'tha ve any medicationto give,hegavehim twoglasses ofwater,a ndwithin three minutes, the manstarted tobrightenand hispaindiminished.Thus,Dr.Batmanghelidjprescribedhimtwoglassesjrfwatgr^every thre^JiQjA rjjQx^Te^um tijm^fJojjrjnonrl thatthey werein thesameblock.This ioc STiirribecausethejnanjTad.rjepticulcer-diseaseandyetwater^wascur ingA tthis point, D r. Ba tman ghelidj became curious a bout w ater as m edication so he devotedthe remaining time in prison to research the impact of wa ter. D uring the two years andseven months of his incarceration, he treated over 3,000 similar,cases.Eventually, Dr.Ba trnangehlidjcametoA mericawherehisinitialresearchwaspublishedin theJournalofClinicalGa stroentrology.L ater ,theU niversityofPennsylvania hiredhim tofurther his research. H is prima ry conclusion is that medicine has labeled states ofdehydration in manydifferent ways and that water canj^kyjmjrngpjtan^maintaining,healthjgut curing^disease-D r. Batmanghelidj passed aw ay in N ovember2004.A lthough his work continues to touchmanylives, he is sorely missed a s a medica l researcher, pioneer, and b eloved husba ndand father.Thenext pages containasynopsis ofsomeof hiswork.F ormore information,refer

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I TH I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    H ow do you get dehydrated?Through activitiesofdailyliving,theaverage day's lossof fluid is 2.5liters, which isgenerally replaced by thefluid wedrink andthefood weeat.Butexercise, sweating,diarrhea, temperature,oraltitudecansignificantly increasetheamountoffluid required.Themost common causeofincreased fluidloss isexerciseandsweating.Theeffectsofeven mild dehydrating are decreased coordination, fatigue,andimpairmentofjudgment.Thesourcesoffluidlossarerespiration, perspiration, urination,anddefecation.Therateoflossfromeachofthese vary accordingtoactivity levels,a irtemperature, humidity, and altitude.

    H ow do you know ifyou're dehydrated? A dry mouth is the last outward signofdehydration.Also,thirst perception deteriorates with age.

    If you are thirsty it means your cells arealreadydehydrated.

    Aseverely dehydrated body produces orangeordarkcolorurine.A somewhatdehydrated body produces yellow urine.Acarefullyhydratedbody produces colorless urine." Some sideeffectsof dehydration includestress,headaches, back pain, allergies, weight gain, asthma,highblood pressure,andAlzheimer'sdisease.

    C AF F EI N E & ALCOHOL:T H E SLOW K I L L E R SAlcohol haltstheprocess of reverseosmosis,which allowswaterto entert hecells. Caffeinestimulatesthekidneys to secretemorewater out of thebodythanthere iswaterinthebeveragein thefirstplace. Caffeine also inhibitstheenzymesthaisupportmemoryfunction.Americacurrentlyconsumes 64gallonsofsodaper capita,Last year,the averageAmerican consumedover 600canso fsoda.


    Howmuch waterdo youneed todrink?" E a chday you should drink halfof your body weight in ounces. In other words,if youweigh2 00pounds, youshould bedrinking1 00ouncesofwater aday."Ideally,youshouldnpvpr_gn_rnnrp than 1.5-0x20minutes_witiTQutsipping water." Yous ho u l d s f a r tdrinking waterin themorning, beforeyouevenget out ofbed.Thisjs_yyjigrryou. arejnost/tgxic^ a^nd^dejtyclratecl*Youshould alwaysdrink/waterpriortoeatingtosupportthedigestiveprocess.

    D R I N K 1 /2 Y O U R B O D Y W E I G H T IN O U N C E S D A I L YIfyouweigh200pounds,youshould drink100ounces

    ( 6 . 2 5 pints / 3.13quarts / 2.96 liters / 2960m L )1 ounce=.0625pints / .0313 quarts / .0296liters / .00296mL

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    T A K E O U R T E S THowMuch WaterandLive Foodare YouConsuming?

    Writedown everythingthathas pas;- egffi .j fy rotA^. c*u*rd

    yourlipsin thelast24hours:k cfy, ktir.

    W e Jr 2/. SO / / >

    O N E M A N ' S D I E T :36 H O U R SO F F I N E D I N I N G1 Milky Way1 Ground Beef Pizza1 McDonald's Big Mac1 Roast Duck3 Bowls Cold Cerealwith Low-FatMilk3 Pears3 Cantaloupes1 Plate of Pasta1 Bag of "Theater-Style" Popcorn2 Twinkies10Sodas1 Ham Sandwich

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    W A T E R C O N T E N TO F C O M M O N F O O D S

    NutsSoda CrackersHDry CerealH

    W hite SugarO ils

    KV Whataresome foodsthatyouenjoythathaveahighwater content?

    1 94%91%88%85%80%76%74%68%50%40%36%32%16%5%4%4%



  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    GiftsTH E P O W E RO FT hisstepis about the power offat.We live in a society where we are constantlybombarded with messages from themediaandwithproducts attemptingtoeliminateall fatfrom ourdiets. Thereareno-fatcookies, cakes, breads,crackers,pastas, saladdressings,chips, cerealbars,and thelistgoeson and on.Whatfewpeoplerealize,however,isthat completely eliminatingfatfrom yourdietis theworstthingyou can do Thetruthisthatfatsareveryimportantto ourdietsandoverallhealth;the secret is to know whichfatsare healthy and whichfatswillkill^Essential fattyacidsarehealthyorhealing fatseverycellinyour body requires themtofunction,particularly your brain, whichismadeup of 60%fat. 2 : 4Thesegood fa ts consistof theessentialf a t ty acids:OrnegajandOmega6.Yourbodymust consume thesefatstosurvive. Without themthelipidmembrane around yourcellsstartstobreakdown.

    1 2 R E A S O N S W H Y E S S E N T I A L F A T T Y A C I D S A R E I M P O R T A N T T O H E A L T H Y L I V I N GEssentialfattyacidsarenecessaryformanyvitalfunctions incells,tissues,andorgans.They^creaseoxidationandjnetabo l i e ,rate.E nergylevelsrisewithhigher staminaa nd decreasedraovery'trmJQS kin C are: Besides creating smooth, velvetyskin,ithelps imp rove acne, psoriasis,andeczema.9 D igestion:E ssentialfatty acids helptoprevent leakyintestines tha tca n leadtoallergies,9 In thecardiovascularsystem fatty acidsarcrequiredto

    triglycerides,makeplateletslesssticky,andlowerjjlgodpressF atty acidselevatemood,lift depression,andimprove ourjtab il ity tndealwith stress. H ighstresslevels promote high blood pressure, water retention,inflammation, andblood clotformation.9 Fattyacids stabilizetheheartbeat, preventingheartbeat abnormalities (arrhythmia) thatcanlead to cardiac arrest.|JO verweight peopleandanimalsbenefit from fattya cids becausetheirkidneysexpelexcess water.V In theimmunesystem,essentialfatty acidsprotectDNAfromdamage.A lthoughit is nota cureforca ncer, essential fatty acidsbenefit people anda nimals withcancer .Fa ts provide_nutritional supportforcardiovascularandimm une systems. Sufferers of osteoarthritisa nd rheum atoid ar thr it is repor t decreased inf lammat ion .

    U JJ Essential fatty acidsa re involved intransporiingjninerals thrpugh_the_bpdyQThebrain doesn otJunctionw ithout essential fa t ty acids..H Researchindicatesthatanunbornchilddrawsfrom its mother's bodysubstantialam oun tsofth e essential fatsrequiredtobuild it sbrain.

    U N L E A S H TH E P O W E R W I TH I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    T I M E F O R A N O I L C H A N G EThebest sourcesofessential oils

    |TwinlabKrillOilThis marine product provides Omega3benefitsand thebiologically active compoundsE P A a nd DHA. I tprovides n a t u r a lj^ntio*i^an{s.(VitaminsA , E ^Astaxanthin-acarotenoidand flayonoids). Kr i l loil is in aphospholipids form,which allowsit to beabsorbed easilyintothebody. Krillissimilartoshrimp,they are asustainablespecies,andbecausetheyareloweron the foodchain, theyarerelativelyfreeof theindustrialtoxins that plaguemost fishand therefore require minimal process and are not overheated during processing.Studiesshow benefits from taking300-mgper day.Twinlab'sK r il lOil (Kri l l Essentials)isavailableatmostheal th foodand/orvitaminstores. EachK r il loilcapsule contains72mgofomega-3 fats.|Udo'sChoiceOilBlend

    Udo'sChoice UltimateOilBlendis aspecial blend ofcarefully chosen, natural,unrefinedoils.Itcontainsoilsfromfresh,certified organicflax,sesame,and sunflowerseeds,as well asoilsf rom wheat germ, rice germ, and oat germ. The oil blend is also richinlecithin (which providesthebuilding materialsforhealthy cellmembranes), mediumchaintriglycerides(MCTsareeasytodigestandassimilateand areusedas asourceof energy}, andVitamin E toimproveshelf-lifeand to act as afreeradical scavengerin thebody.Natural, unrefinedUdo'sChoice contains anidealbalance of the essential fattyacids( E F A s )omega3 (alpha-linolenic) andomega6(linoleic).TheseEFAsareessential tolifeitselfasthey cannotbecreatedby thebodyandmustbeobtained through diet.Studiesshow tha tmost contemporary westerndietsarelackinginomega3.However,toomuchofeither omega3 oromega6willcause adeficiencyof theother. Udo's ChoiceOilBlendwascreated toprovideasingleoilthat provides both E F A sin theright amounts: the 2:1ratioof3s to 6s.Thebestway totake Udo'sOil isdirectly fromashot glass,or byputtingonyour salad,or on top ofother foodsaf tertheyareprepared. Never heatUdo'sOilandalways keepitrefrigerated.UdosChoice UltimateOilBlendisavailableatmost health foodstoresin the refr igeratedsection, www.udoerasmus.com.

    S U G G E S T E D AMOUNT: T A K E 1 T A B L E S P O O N PER 50 P O U N D S OF B O D Y W E I G H T E A C H D A Y .F O R E X A M P L E , I F Y O U W E I G H 1 5 0 P O U N D S Y O U S H O U L D T A K E 3 T A B L E S P O O N S P E R D A Y .

    U N L E A S H TH E P O W E RW I TH I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    G i f t 4T H E P O W E R O F:Go G R E E NT his program is about energy: the vitalforcewithin each of us that allows us tomaximizeourcapacityashuman beings.At thesame time,whenwe get out ofbalance,and our energy is depleted, we experience all kinds of problems such

    asstress,fatigue,depression, anddisease.Balancedbodychemistry an d maintainingaproperratio betweenacid andalkalinefoo ds inyour dietareo fvitalimportanceto maintaining your health.Infact,too much acidity in thebody'stissues is the causeofmany types ofhealth changes ranging fromlethargyand fat igue, toobesity, andultimatelyto much bigger health challenges anddisease.One of the highest priorit ies ofyour body is tomake sure thatth e alkal ini tythroughout your body remainsa t alevel supportingc e l l u l a rlife . A t afundamentallevel, the regulatory mechanisms such as breathing, circulation, digestion, andhormonal production balance the pH level in the body by removing acid residues frombody tissues.If the pHdeviatestoo far to theacidicor thealkalineside,cells becomepoisonedbytheirown toxicwasteanddie.

    TH E P H SCALE:Thisis ameasureof how acidico ralkalineasubstanceis. TheinitialspH standfo r"PotentialofHydrogen." Acids havepH values under 7, andalkalis havepH valuesover 7. If asubstancehas a pH va lueof 7, it isneutral-neitheracidico ralkaline.

    D i f f e r e n ttissues of thebody needtomaintaindifferen t levelsof pH tosustainlife .Thebloodandmost tissues shouldbeslightly alkaline, whereasurine,saliva,and thedigestive tract shouldbeslightly acidic.Infact,thebloodcanonly support very minorfluctuationsin its pH level and still sustain life. Most important, however, is thebody'salkaline reserve:anexcessofalkali (comprisedofelements suchassodiumbicarbonate)that is stored until it's needed to neutralize excess acid in thebody.Ifthebody becomes too acidic, ordepletesitsa lka l inereserves, then the cells begin toweakenandbreak down,andbody functionsbecome compromised.

    U N L E A S H T H E P o w tR W i TH i N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    C O N S E Q U E N C E S O F A NI M B A L A N C E D / O V E R L Y A C I D I C P H :If you areoverweight,youmost likelydo nothavea'fat'problem,youhaveanac idproblem Too much acidinthebody, acidosis, has two consequences: First,

    itwilllikelycausethebodytoproducemoreinsulin,and thus,tostoremore f a tSecond, it will causethe cells to breakdowndue tothepressureto continuallyproduceinsulin.Too much^aciddecreasesth^ gx ygen^a ffinity ojJTgrng^loJzirjJrrtheJblood.When

    oxygensuppliesare^diminishecTto thecetlsTitcompromises a llbody functions.

    Consequencesofthisincludeprematureaging,eyesignt~an31nernbry problems,wrinkles,agespots,poor hormone regulation, etc.

    I When blood plasma becomes more acidic,i t acts as achemicalirritant th at slowlyattacks a ndeats awayat thesmooth muscle tissues of theinner wallsofarteriesandveins,weakeningthestructural compositionandcreating irregularbloodpressure.

    Itbecomes morediff icu l t tocontrolhighblood pressured u e to th eincreasedworkloadon theheart .I Acidosisdisruptsgeneral lipidandfattyacidmetabolism,leadington e u r ol og ic a lproblemsandhormone imbalanceswithintheendocrine system,

    leadingtoincreased potentialforurinary problemsandinfections.

    1 Acidincreasesth e likelihoodof c e l l u l a rmutations. Properelectrolytea ct iv i ty isimpairedby a noverly acidic body environment. Th ebodyh a sdecreased accesstoenergy reserves due to inhibitionof efficientcellularand body metabolism. A nacidicpHallows th ebindingofcholesteroltoheavy metalsa ndotherc e l l u l a rdebris,increasingth erate a twhichpla qu ebuilds u pin th evascular network.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    M A K E I T F U NA N D S I M P L E

    B Uselemonand atinybit ofgood salt(HimalayanorCelticseasalt)forsaladdressing. Ormake yourownsaladdressingwithrecipesyou find inyourIocshealthfood store (flax seedoil, lemon juice,BraggAminoAcids, pepper andPu tlemonin thewateryoudrinkthroughouttheday.

    nalayan or Ci.gwithrecipesyou findinyourlocal3n juiagarl ic makeagreat combination ).Substitutesprouted wheat breadsandpizza crustsfo rwhiteorwheat.

    Sat i s fyyour needsfortexture :baked tortillachipswith freshguacamole,crunchyvegetables with freshhummus (chickpea spread), sprouted wheat pita breadortortillas with avocado, sun-dried tomato and a little bit of soy cheese and spices.Almond butteronsprouted wheat toast, creamyorcrunchy broccolisoup,etc.Sundriedtomatoesadd a lot offlavoraswell.K e e pafresh saladin the refrigeratorsoyoualways haveonereadytoeat.

    Usespices:BraggAminoAcids,SpiceHunter spices(or anynaturalspicesfoundathealth foodstores),freshherbs, Celticseasalt,etc. Drinkone-to-four ouncesofwheatgrassperday. Start low andincreasetheamountover t im e . You canfmd'this atany majorhealth foodstoreorjuicebar. A freshsmoothieorglassofvegetable ju i c ecansatisfy asweetcraving, especiallyonawarm day.

    Experiment andhavef u n There are a lo t of greatrecipe books you canfind atyour localhealthfood store Or just experiment withdifferent flavors andtexturesonyour own

    U N L E A S H T H H P O W E R W I TH I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    W H A T M A K E SW H E A T G R A S S so V A L U A B L E ?

    Inaddition tochlorophyll, wheatgrass providesthefollowing nutrientsto thebody:nVitamins: Wheatgrass containsahigh amount of:VitaminA(aidsinbone growth, eyesightand reproduction),VitaminB(aids brainandbody development,theadrenal glandsand

    thenervousanddigestive systems) VitaminC(aidsthedevelopment ofhealthy skin, teeth, gums, eyes,muscles, andjoints)

    Vitamin E (helps the heart and reproductive systems in aform that ismuch more easily absorbedby thebody than synthetic vitamins.)

    n Minerals: Ofthemore than102minerals availablein thesoil,92ofthemare absorbed by wheatgrass, including:

    Calcium (builds strong bonesandteeth, regulatestheheart,andhelpsbalanceblood pH)

    Iron (aidsredblood cell formationand thetransportofoxygentothecells)Sodium (helps digestion, elimination and theregulationofbody fluids

    Potassium (balancesthebody, tones muscles,firmsskin)Magnesium (helps musclefunctionandelimination)

    n AminoAcids: Wheatgrasscontainsj.7^minoacids,includingall 8oftheessentialaminoacids (which comprise proteinsin thebody). Thesearethe 8amino acids thatthebody cannot manufacturebyitselfitmustsynthesize these from the foodswe eat.

    n Enzymes: Wheatgrass containsa lot ofenzymesandalso stimulatesthebody to produce its own natural enzymes.n Wheatgrass.stimulatesperistalsisandsupports thyroid functioning.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    GiftsT H E P O W E R O F/ k r o ^ E N E R G Y

    W H A T 'S T H E D I F F E R E N C EB E T W E E N F I T N E S S v s . H E A L T H ? f t ' T i m s is thephysical abilitytoperformathletic activity.

    is thestateinwhichall thesystemsof thebodynervous,muscular, skeletal,circulatory,digestive,lymphatic, hormonal, etc.areworking optimally.

    Yourgoal is tobecom e notjust fit ,bu t heal thy.

    S O M E T H I N G TO TH IN K A BO U T...To achieve the optimum balance of health and fitness,train your metabolism. R esearchhas shown that if youexerciseconsistentlyoverjjj-jnpnthperiod,you"willTorrn_this~positivea ddiction for a lifetime^

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W i T H t N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    TA E R O B I C vs.

    A N A E R O B I C E X E R C I S E5-3 |nu*s ix weeK/l yhe term"aerobic"means, li terally, "with oxygen"and refers to moderateexercise sustained over a period of time. Y our aerobic system gives you yourendurance,and itencompasses theheart, lungs, blood vessels,andaerobicmuscles.If youconditionyourmetabolismtooperateaerobically,andsupplyitwithproper dietand exercise,youbu rnfat asyour pr imary fuel."Anaerobic,"on theotherhand, means "without oxygen,"and referstoexercises tha tproduce short bursts ofpower. A naerobic exercise burns glycogenas itsp r imaryfuel,whilecausingth ebodytostore fa t.The body's chemical response to aw orkout,not theworkoutitself, determines whetheror not it isaerobicorana erobic.Thelevelofintensityone'sheartrateisa majorfactor indetermining whether theparticula r exerciseisaerobicoranaerobic.A tlowerheart rates, walking, skiing, biking, swimming, a nd dan cing are good examples ofaerobic exercise. The previous exam ples at a high hea rt ra te or an activity such asweight lifting areexamplesofanaerobic exercises asthey req uire intense stop andstartexertion.


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    M A X IM U M H E A R TR A T EApplythefollowingmethod todetermine your heart'smaximumcapacitywhen training. Stay well below this heart rate, otherwise, you're workinganaerobicallyand just burning sugar.

    220 - Y O U RA GE =M A X I M U M H E A R TRA TE

    You are35-years-old.Subtract3 5from 220 todetermine yourmaximumheart rate;185.

    22035 yearsoldY O U R A G EM A X I M U M H E A R T R A T E

    | A E R O B I C TR A I N I N G H E A R T R A T EApplythefollowing method todetermine your aerobic training heart rateforburning fat. Your aerobic rateisapproximately70% ofmaximum capacityandisbetween 60%-85%depending on your fitness level. You'll know when you'reaerobicif you arecomfortablewhile exercising.Ashort-cut method todetermineyourrateis:

    180 - Y O U RA GE= AEROBIC TRAINING RATEE X A M P L EYou are35-years-old. Subtract35from 180todetermine yourmaximum heart rate: 145.


    A E R O B I C W A R M -U P /CO O L -D O W N H E A R TR A T EToestablish your ideal aerobic warm-up/cool-down heart rate,use thefollowingformula:

    M A X I M U M H E A R T R A T E x 60% = W A R M -U P / CO O L -D O W NH EAR T RATE

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

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    O P T I M A L H E A R T R A T E SA E R O B I CA G E R A N G E

    20 150-16021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657585960

    49-15948-15847-15746-15645-15544-15443-15342-15241-15140-15039-14938-14837-147OC llf00 ItO35-14534-14433 -14332-14231-14130-14029-13928-13827-13726-13625-13524-13423-13322-13221-13120-1309 - 1 2 9

    8-1287 - 1 2 76-1265-1254-1243-1232-1221-1210-120

    WA R M - UPC O O L -D O W N RANGE110-109-108-107-106-105-104-103102-101-100-



    0908070605040302010089- 99

    88-9887- 9786- 9685- 9584- 9483- 9382- 9281- 9180- 9079- 8978- 8877- 8776- 8675- 8574- 8473- 8372- 8271- 8170- 80

    Tocalculate your ideal warm-up andcool-down heart rate, multiplyyourmaximumheartratex 60.This equalsyouraerobic warm-upandcool-downheart rate.

    - 35145

    1 45- 10135

    1450_145'45f 5_1 50

    years oldoptimum heart rate for aerobictraining, after 15minutes ofwarm-up (see Step No. 1 of thissectionfor moredetail).

    Subtract 10 more points if you arerecovering from amajor illnessorare on medication.

    Subtract 5 points if you havenotexercised before,you haveaninjury, you aregearing down inyourtraining,or youoftengetcolds,orthe flu,orhave allergies.

    Ifyou havebeenexercising for up totwo years without any real problems,an d havenot hadcoldsor flu morethan once or twice per year, keepyour scorethe same.

    Add 5 points if you have beenexercising for more than twoyears without problems andmaking progressin competitionwithoutinjury.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E RW I TH I N

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    Gift6T H E P O W E R O FT hough we are conscious of what goes into our mouths, we sometimesdon'tconsiderthemeaningorpurposebehind that action.Tounderstand maximum nourishment,wemustfirstdigestwhy wehopetoachieveit whymustwestriveforoptimalnutrition? Whatwillhappenif wedon'tconsumetheright foods, take in thepropernutrients? Tounderstand what'sat thebaseofnutrition,wemustfirstanswera fewfundamental questions.W H Y D o W E E A T ? * * - m e||ToE N E R G I Z E

    F oods can be av alua ble assetin how weprocessou r emotionsandharness thepowerofenergyfor ourphysical state. Consuming healthy nutrients canboosthow youfeelon the inside, manifestingabright,positivemoodon theoutside.I naddition, good foodscanhelp your bodyperforma t itsbest, providingtheenergyyouneed forwork, taking careofyourfamily,goingto thegym, etc.O n theotherhandchoosing thewrong foodscan sap yourenergy, leavingyou sluggishmental lya ndphysically.B To GROW & D E V E L O PW ha twe consume mu st help us regulate and maintain our bo dily functions. W e meticulously planou rdietary needs fo rdifferent stagesofgrowthtoensuretheproper developmentof thebody.

    B To P U R I F Y & C L E A N S EW ewa nt to begin each day with a new slate, feeling refreshed and re juve nated . O ur organs need tobecleansed inorder toworkefficiently andw ithou t detriment.W emust also takeincleansing food stotakecareof ourexteriorandmaintainourbody'ssurface.B To P R E V E N T &F I G H T D I S E A S EAswe mentionedearlier,inordertofightdisease,we mustsupplya healthyterrainforthebody.Foodhelpsuscreateapowerful base that keepsthe internal environment strong.Inaddition,we usefoodtocomfort an d curearangeo fillnesses, fromsmall achesand painstolife-threateningdiseases.9To N U R T U R E O U R O U TE R B E A U T Y

    I T o S O C I A L I Z E & E N J O YEating al lowsus tonurtu re ourselves ashumanbeings,bringingus together inv arying socialsituations. Food teachesus how toshare,celebrate,and love;we use it forcomfort,and to showcompassion.H oweverwemustalsobeawareoi itsnegative connotations, and understandhow toavoidthesepitfalls sothat eatingcan be apleasurable, and not painful, experience.

    (]U3\u\f$unou wmujxvui usfASuy)

    U N L E A S H TH E P O W E RW I TH I N

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    W H A T A R E W E P U T T I N GI N T O O U R B O D I E S ?

    S E V E N C O M P O N E N T S O F F O O D^^f- -Q00D


    Qj Minerals0 WaterQFiber




    Fatsare aconcentratedsource ofenergy;aid in theabsorption offat-solublevitamins; insulatethebody;andcushion organs.

    Fattyacids,grycerol,cholesterolFatfrom foodssupply crucialfattyacids,which the Bodycan'tmake.

    ^ Mostcarbohydrates,the primaryfuelfor our bodies,ge tbroken

    QjucoseThekeyenergy sourcecarbohydrates becom eglycogen,whichis storedinth eliverand muscles.

    WP roteins providethebuildingblocksof theceils,alsoknown as ...

    Aminoacids(20 total,10 essential)Helptomaintaincellsof muscles,tendons, and ligaments.T heliver conv erts amino acids intoa form ofcarbohydrate whenglycogen storage nearsexhaustion

    WATER VIT MINS MINER LSA realsoneededtomaintainbodilyfunctions.

    O ur daily goalis toconsume the foods thatwillhelp serve these functions totheir fullest. But ourobjectiveisn't tosimply feed yo uw ith this knowledge wewant tonourish and empower yourbodyandmindw ith informationthatwiiltakeyou to anoptimallevelofwell-being.


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    S E V E N R U L E S F O R H E A L T H Y E A T I N G|D R IN K W A T E R aereee A N D^ Y O U R

    M E A L S , N O T D U R I N G .Drinking inadvanceofeating will fillyou up, and stopyoufrom pvereating. Inaddition, refrainingfrom drimarigwaterwillgive~youlhechanceto breathecorrectly,aidingindigestion.Have waterSQ-minules^^efore-youeat andseparateyour mealsfrom any liquidintakeby atleast JO?deally(30minutes.

    P R O P E R L Y Y O U R F O O D S .In order to ensure the best digestion of nutrients, wemustknowhow toeffectively combineourfoods. Choosingto notintelligentlycombine your foods willput astrainonyourdigestive system. Consequencesinclude:

    Stunteddigestion.Food is stopped frombeingconverted intonutrients, thus sacrificing the benefitsof theaminoacids, vitamins,andminerals ofwhatweconsume.

    H a r m fu ltoxins.Thesepoisonstax thecellsand tissues of O U T bodiesand ourorgansof elimination.

    "Food allergies."Peopleoftenmisdiagnose discomfort aftermeals asfoodallergies,whenwhattheyare t rulyexperiencing is the resultofpoorcombining.

    M o re seriousillnesses,impropercombiningfor aprolongedperiod oftimecouldweardownthe body and leadtograver issues.

    However if we dosuccessfullycombine,thedigestive organs willcontinuetoworkasthey were intended,and ourfoodcan beeasilybroken down.Furthermore,we expendlessenergyindigestingourfoods,which enablesus toabsorb more nutrientsforenergy.

    S O M E T H I N GT O T H I N KA B O U TAccording to theAmerican DieteticAssociation,these areidealserving sizes:1.One cup ofpasta

    is the size of atennisball.

    2. On e-half cupof vegetablesis the size of alight bulb.

    3. A smallis the size ofa computermouse.

    C H E W O NT H I S . . .Proper digestion iscorrupted bythe use ofcondiments,vinegar, alcohol,tobacco, softdrinks, tea, coffee,and iced drinks.

    P R I N C I P L E S O F FO O D C O M BIN I N GE at adiet tha tis 70%alkaline, water-rich,and eatwith onlycontent such as m eat, baked potato, or fish)1 .P roteinand carbohydrate foods should neverbe combined.2 . A leafy, greensalad, can be ea tenwith an yprotein,carbohydrate, or fat.3. Eat fruits onlyby themselves.4. Fatsinhibit the digestionofprotein. If youm ust havefa twith aprotein,eatset the inhibitingeffecton digestion.5. N e ve rdr ink liquids withorimmediatelyfollowing ameal.

    centrated food (i.e. doesn't ha

    ixedvegetable salad tooff-

    Made EasV'HerbertShe tm'( 3 U i q i U O O 'J3


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    S E V E N R U L E S F O R H E A L T H Y E A T I N GE A TI N A

    all Hi^ta-S T A T E .

    c including the television andInternet.

    Maintainatranquil state. Meals shouldbe acalm timetoenjoyandappreciatethe foodandcompany before you.Have everyone seatedandcomfortable; make surethetableis set with the proper plates and utensils.Chew your food C1"w1y.i t a k i n gin sm^H bit^s

    OFFOODS.A TCOMFORTABLEA mer icanshave a distorted sense of portion sizes. Thetypical serving size in a restaurant is not an appropriateamount half theportion will usuallydo. O r if youcooktoo much for dinner, save the rest for lunch the next day.

    EAT LESS ...S o Y o u C A NE A T M O R Afterestablishingahealthy diet, yo umay alsochoose tobeginreducing yourcaloricintake. Dr . RoyW alford, aproponentof caloricrestrictionand participant in theBiosphere 2 project,recommended limitingyour daily allowance inorder toprolong life.According toWalford,alow-fat an dlow-caloriedietrich innutrientscan ad dyearsto yourlife, and also increaseyourresistancetodisease in theprocess.FOO S Formore information,pickupWalford'sConsistently ingest food that is free ofmodern pesticides, Th e1 2 0 - Y e a r D i e t.antibioticsor growth hormones.Products.Labeled

    ''organic"have been approved by the USDA, which ensures thatf a rmsaremeeting governmentstandards(including promoting renewableresources).Though it may have been difficultin the past to buy organicproducts,they arenowubiquitous. Even your local grocery store likelyhas adepartment (maybeeven a whole aisle) on all-naturalfoods.Ideal lyyou have a Whole Foods, Henry's, Wild Oats, Trader Joe's, or othersmaller organic chain near you.A l l o fthese storesoffer fresh andorganic options.Another alternativeisfarmer'smarkets.TheUSDAoffersagreatresourceon itsW eb site tofind local markets: www.ams.usda.gov/farmersmarkets/map.htm.TIMING ISEVERYTHING: E A T S M A L LAMOUNTS E V E R YS HOURS.A D D T O Y O U R D I E T A S N E E D E D .


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    F O O D C O M B I N I N G C H A R TThis commonsense chartwillshowyou howfresh, vitalfoo ds properlycombined willpromoteoptimumdigestion,energy,andstrengthen your body .P R O T E I N S(Concentrated foods)Coconut

    -Fibh N u ts ( r a w )

    Nutbutters-SeedsS oy beans

    M I L D S TA R C H YV E G E T A B L E SA rtichokes Cauli f lowiBeets CornCarrots Peas

    S T A R C H YC A R B O H Y D R A T E S(Concentratedfoods)A corn squashBanana squash

    F a t sinhibit t h < Edigestionofprotein.I f you musthavea fat with aprotein, eat a mixedvegetablesalad.I twilloffset theinhibiting effecton digestion.

    FATS A N D O I L SA vocado OliveCorn SesameN ut Soy

    F R U I T SS W E E T M E L O N S U B -A C ID A C I DBananas Canteiope Blackberry A ppleD ates H oneyDew L emon CherriesD ried fruit W atermelon Orange Peach

    1.S hould alwaysb eeaten alone.2 .M elons should be eaten a lone (or canbemixedwithacidor sub-acid fruits).3. S weetfruit should beeaten afterother fruit.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

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    T H E I D E A L F O O D P Y R A M I DT heinformation featuredin thetraditionalU S D A foodpyramidthe model widelydisseminated in thelastfew decadesisarchaicandunwise. Anchoredbycarbohydrates(witharecommendationof six to 11servings),thepyramid also advisedtwo tothreeservingseachofmeatanddairyinessence,it is a diagram on how toclogyour system.Eventherecent revised version, which features several improvements, failstoaddressthe faultsof ananimal-baseddiet.Ouridealfoodpyramid emphasizesaplant-based diet,par t icular lywater-richfoodssuchasfruitsandvegetables. These cleansing foods should constitutethema jorityofyour diet.

    vegetablesasparagus,broccoli,carrots,spinach,green bellpepper,celery,cucumber , lettuce,

    pinach, sprouts, wheatgrass, &freshherbs

    Dai ly practiceof phys ical a ndemotionalex pansionCreatethebaseU N L E A S H TH E P O W E R W I T H I N

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    T H E V A L U E O F S U P P L E M E N T S :3 L E V E L S T O M A X I M I Z E Y O U R L I F ET houghwe would like to secure the right quantity and quality ofnutrientsfrom thefoodsweeat, sometimes weneedother resources tobalanceout thebody's needs.As aresult,weutilize supplements tocompensatefor ourdiet'sdeficiencies.These nutrients serve us in many of the same ways food does they helpusgrow, keepourbodiesandminds alert,aid inbuildingupresistanceto infections,andmuch more.

    In theJournal o f theA m ericanMedical Association they explain, 'recentevidencehasshown thatsuboptimal levels o fvitamins,even wellabove those causingdef iciency syndromes,areassociatedwith

    increasedrisk o fchronic diseases includingcardiovasculardisease,cancerandosteoporosis.' In aclinical commentary,theynotethat 'a largeproportion ofthe^genera^populatiori^hasless-than-optimaTintakes oJ^jtmr^ejLa^itumins^e^osing

    tnemJojscfeas4-dtseasJ^rtsk. In addition,they counselthat,'it~~appears prudentfor alladults totakevitamin supplements.' Source:Journal of theA m ericanMedical Associat ion RecentArticles inJune 2 0 0 2


    There are 7 fundamental supplements that you need to incorporate into yourregimen in order to create the base on a consistent and daily basis.

    QC H A L L E N G E &GR O W : C L E A N S E &D E TO X IF Y Y O U RBOD YThe second type of supplements that we will look at are the type to use whenyou are cleansing your system in order to keep your body vital and alive byeliminatingthe toxins that build up fromour environment and our lifestyle.

    Q C E L E B R A T E & R E W A R D : S I T U A T I O N S P E C I F I C L I F E E X P E R I E N C E SThethird typeofsupplements aresituation specificbasedonyour stageoflifeand/orgoals.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

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    C R E A T E T H E B A S E : S T O P T H EP O I S O N I N G & G I V E Y O U R B O D YW H A T I T N E E D SI norder tocreatethebaseand gethealthyyoumust stopthepoisoningandterminate the poor habits you have adopted that are not supporting a vibrant andenergetic life. Remember that eventhoughyou may not feel illhealthis not theabsenceofdiseaseit isabsolutelybeingatyourfunctional peak. Additionally, inordertoensure thatyou are inbalanceandcreateastrongfoundation, youmust giveyour bodythefundamentalsitneedsin theformofsupplements.

    7VITA LN U TR I E N TSTO S U P P L E M E N TY O U RD IE TI nordertocreateextraordinaryhealth,hereareSeven Fundamental Ritualsyoushould consider implementing into your daily regimen:

    QG R E E N SAnalkalizing resourcefor thebody,theconcentrated combinationofgreenvegetables cleansesandrevivesthebody.

    Q D I G E S T I V E E N Z Y M E SIfwecan'tassimilatethenutrients,we can get novaluefromourfood.Digestiveenzymesenableus tobreakdownfoodmoreefficiently. Inaddition, enzymescanalsoalleviate symptoms associated with heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome,andother digestive ailments.

    Q O I L SBalanceoutyour diet with essential fattyaids. Products suchasUdo's Per fectBlendOil orKrill Oil.Werecommend Udo's Perfect BlendOil andTwin Lab'sKrillEssentialsboth provide natural fattyacids, which revitalizeand energize.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

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    C R E A T E T H E B A S E : S T O P T H EP O I S O N I N G & G I V E Y O U R B O D YW H A T I T N E E D S] A C I D O P H I L U S

    Thoughourcultureha sembraced aplethorao fanti-bacterial products, w eoftendon't realize thebenefitandneedfor the"good"bacteria theseproductseliminate.Acidophilus replaces this valuable bacteria, helpingusstriketh erightbalancebetween helpful and hurtfulgermsin ourbodies.A N T I - O X I D A N T SW elooktovitamins suchas C and E tobolsterourdefense againstfreeradicals,whichcause cell damage. These supplements mayalsoaid in thepreventionofcancer, heartdisease,andother chronicillnesses.I MULTIVITAMINS"ONE-A-DAY"

    Cookingandprocessing oftenkillsthenutrientsin our food,prompting us tosupplementourregimen. Multivitaminsoffer vitalvitaminsandmineralsweneedbutcan't getfrom our food supply.I C O N D I T I O N - S P E C I F I C S U P P L E M E N T S

    Y ou mayneed additionalnutraceuticalsi fyou're weight training,orpregnant,fo rexample. O r i fyou're suffering fromarthritis, back pain,orother ailments,thereare myriad supplementsyou cantaketoease symptoms.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

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    C R E A T E T H E B A S E : S T O P T H EP O I S O N I N G & G I V E Y O U R B O D YW H A T I T N E E D S

    D I G E S T I V E E N Z Y M E SWhatAreThey?

    D igest iveenzymesar tintonutrients. ia lprotei olecules t h a thelpusbreak down foodparticles

    WhatDoTheyDo?The enzymes enableus todigest foodmoreefficiently, facilitating asmoother journey through theintestinalwall to thebloodstream. They also help createthewasteproducturea,and detoxify ourblood andtissuesb yenabling th eimmune system tofight foreign substances .

    Why AreTheySoImportant?M os tof us areshort onthese crucial enzymes. W edestroy theenzymesin our food bymicrowaving,steaminga ndbakingourmeals,and ourtraditional dietofcaffeine,white sugarandprocessed foodsonly drainourenzyme sources.W hen ourenzymes reservesa relow, th ebody then turnsto thei m m u n esystemforsupport,debilitatingoiir abilitytodefendagainst illness. Otherpainsa ndailmentsca nalso stem from adeficiency.Fooda llergic-., j o i n t pain,gouta ndextremefatigue arejust someof thesymptoms thatcan becausedby alackofsufficientenzymes.Therewardsfor asufficient amount ofenzymesa replentiful.They can: Boost your immunesystem; speed up thedigestive process, saving usenergy fo rother needs; helpu sabsorbv i taminsand minerals; and relieve ailments such as indigestion,d i a r rhe a ,bowel syndrome, lactoseintolerance,malab sorption,constipation, andsinusitis.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

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    C H A L L E N G E & G R O W :C L E A N S E & D E T O X I F Y Y O U R B O D YWith a strong base in place, you have the resources to deal with challenges andutilize them to grow and become stronger. The solution to ensure lastingand vibrant health and energy is to take the time periodically to cleanseand detoxifyyour body. Besides creating a base to stop the poisoning, you must alsocleansethepoisons thatyouhave alreadyingested.

    Anoverly acidic dietandlifestyle allows micro-organisms (yeasts, molds, funguses,e t c . ) within your bloodstreamtoproliferate,all ofwhich produce theirownwaste(mycotoxins),addingto the toxicityofyour system. Therefore ,it isidealto completeJ L dietarycleanseatleastonceortwiceperyearto remove thepollutioninyourbody. Thereareseveral programs that exist, suchas our L i feMastery event, whichisaweek designed to take care of you and to revitalize and rejuvenate your mind, body,and emotions. At the end of the week you will notonlyfeelbetter and look better, butyouwill have createdtremendousmomentum toward transformingfiveof themostimportant areasofyourlife:your physical body, your emotions, your relationships,your finances, and your spirituality.

    Inaddition,you cancleanseif the formofusing supplements toachieveacleansystem. There are many products that can help you achieve this, including theTwinLab, Shaklee,and theInnerBalancelineofsupplements. InnerBalanceisthe same nutritional system that Tony utilizes, whichwillcreateextraordinaryenergyandvitalityinyour life. Thespecificcleansing productsin theline includethe Living LightPack"and the L i f eBalancePack'".(visitTonyRobbins.comtoorder)

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

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    C H A L L E N G E & G R O W :C L E A N S E A N D D E T O X I F Y Y O U R B O D YlLivingLigh t PackA fast ,simple, a ndnaturalway toachieve a n dm a i n ta i nyour ideal weight

    Reviveyour bodyandlose weight naturallyand permanently withthesynergisticblend ofbioenergetic nutrients andessential compounds foundin theLiving Light Pack.Therevolutionary health products uniquely combinedinthispack willhelpyouneutralize excess acidsinyourbloodtoreturn yourbodyto itsgenetically predisposed weightso you canenjoytheleanandhealthy bodyyoudesireand deserveTheLiving Light Pack includes: Inner Fuel,Glucomannan,Re-Energize,Chromium &Vanadium

    Q Life Balance PackCleanse a ndrevita l izeyour system fo rvibrant healthRevi ta l izeyour bodyandrestore your natural stateofpeak health withtheessential bioactive nutrients andbio-energetic compounds foundin the Li feBalancePack. Designed tohelp your body maintain optimal functionduringacleanse, the LifeBalance Pack contains revolutionaryproductsthat will detoxifyyour cells.TheLifeBalance Pack contains: Senna Tea, Inner Clear, Natural Defense,Cranberry Clearand Probiotics.

    U N L E A S H T H E T O W E R W I T H I N

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    C E L E B R A T E & R E W A R DS I T U A T I O N S P E C I F I C L I F E E X P E R I E N C E S

    J ninally,youneedtocelebrate, reward yourself,and setyourselfup towin. PartI-Hof thejourneytoreaching your optimum healthis tocelebratehowgreatyou_1_ feelby setting new goals that celebrate your vitality. Have you always wantedto climb a mountain, run a marathon, compete in a triathlon, mastersnowboarding,orbreak one ofyourownpersonal records? Whenyoureach this peak levelof efficiency,

    it is time to celebrate and depending on yourspecificsituation, focus,and desiredresult,you maybenefit fromadditional nutraceuticals. Forexample,ifyou'reweighttraining, pregnant, experience heart challenges, suffer fromarthritis, back pain,orotherailments, there are myriad supplements you can take to support and improveyour system.Manyproductsareavailablefromdifferentbrands suchasAnthony Robbins Inner

    Balance, Shaklee, and Twin Lab ( f o r example Twin Lab has several product lines,including EnergyandDiet, Sports Nutrition,andVitamins, Minerals, Herbs,andSupplements). All ofthesebrandsarethoroughly researched with clinical results andfit thecriteriaof anatural sourceand arehighly absorbable.Onceyouhave decided whichoftheabove workforyou,werecommend visitingahealth-foodor all-natural store. Research thesupplementsyou are interested in and keepinmindthatyouwantanaturalsourcefrom realfoods ,assyntheticsupplementsare

    toughertobreak downandassimilate intothebody. Also, select products that havenofillers orbinders,whichwillalso deterthedigestive process.Remember, supplements should complement thefruits,vegetables, and wholegrainsinyour diet,and notsupplant them.Anti-oxidants,multivitamins,andmore should fortify the solid regimen you already haveinplace,facilitatingyourmaximum nourishment.F or inform ation on L i f e M astery ororderingAnthonyRobbins Inner Balance go towww.tonyrobbins. c o m .

    U N L E A S H TH t P O W E P . W I T H I N

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    N O T E SU N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

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    M E A L B Y M E A L : B R E A K F A S TIN THEMORNING, B R E A KYOUR FAST.Startyourday offrightwithgreenvegetablesand/orjuicesofalkalizingfoods.Whenyou wake up, you want tocleanse,notclog.For example, try vegetablebrothorlow-sugar frui tjuices.

    MondaySteamed broc-coliwith oliveoi land lemonjuice

    TuesdayO pen-facedavocado sand-wich on toast-ed sproutedbread withavocado,tomato,andseasoning(e.g.,M r s.Dash)

    WednesdayRoasted veg-etablebrothsoup (dicedzucchinia ndyellow squash)and greensalad withcrunchychowmein noodlesan dgreen peas

    ThursdayTomato,cucumber.and avocadosaladwi tholiveoil andlemon juice

    FridayStir-frybroc-coli withsesameoil,Bragg L iquidA minos,Chinese5-spice pow-der, sesameseeds

    Saturday SundayStir-fry veg- S teamedbroc-etablesand coliwith olivehash browns oil andlemonwith green juicepeppers andonions

    Misosoupand spinachand freshgreenswithlemonandl imejuicean dUdo's ChoiceP erfected O ilBlend

    (blendofcarrotjuice,celery juice,parsley juice,andwh e a tgrassjuice)

    asmari rice M ix of freshvithsliced melonsand/orvocado and grapefruitomatowith (after 30daysemon juice ofhealthful

    livinga ndcleansingandonlyon anemptystom-a c h )

    Basmawith La n d L I


    erseasonedwitho,ind re

    liveoilil sa i l

    and pepper

    Vegetablejuice{a blendof celery,cucumber,parsley,andspinach)and tomato,cucumber,and avocadosaladwitholiveoil andlemon juice

    M iso soupand cucum-ber, tomato,and avocadosalad

    T R Y T H I S . . .Insteadofexpensive creamsand treatments, consider nutritionas aremedy tokeep w rinkles atbay . Studies haveshown that eating wholegrains,fruits,legumes,vegetables,and omega-3fatty acidscanhelp keepskin healthy andyouthful. Searchoutfoods richi nlycopene,anantioxidantfound inmanyred fruits and vegetables (good sourcesinclude watermelonandpink gra pefruit);beta-carotene,aformofvitaminA (foundinred,orange,andyellow foodssuch as apricots, mango, andsweetpotatoes);and vitamin B(found in yogurt, chickpeas, mushrooms, and lentils).

    U N L E A S H T H E T O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    M E A L B Y M E A L : L U N C HIF YOU 'RE G O I N G TO EATF O O D STH A T CLO GYO USU CH A SM E A TA N D SUGAR,TH IS IS TH E TIME TO D O IT.Thenyou'llgiveyourbodyachancetodigestandcleanseitself for theremainderofth eday.

    MondayVegetablewrap(sproutedtortilla withpeppers,rawvegetables.sun-driedtomatoes.almonds, etc.)

    Grilledzuc-chini, peppers,caul i f lower ,and broccoliovermillet

    TuesdayT u n aburgeron a sproutedwheatbunwithfreshtomatoandlettuceandmixedgreenssalad

    K , v - . i . i ' i ]v' :-plantsand-wichonwholewheat focacciabreadwithroastedpep-pers and pestoand tomato-spinach soup

    WednesdayWarmspinachsalad withfalafel

    Chopped salad(finelychoppedromainelet-tuce,tomato,cucumber,pinenuts,sun-driedtoma-toes, choppedherbs, oliveoil,and basil)

    ThursdayRoastedveg-etablewrap\ \ . l h I n i r n i n u -andtabbouleh

    Nicoisesalad(tuna,red-skinned pota-toes, greenbeans,olives,romainelet-tuce withlemon dress-ing)

    FridayLentilsoupwith fieldgreenssaladandno-yeastcrackers

    Softtortillafish tacos(halibut,veg-etables, gua-camole,andtomatosalsa)

    SaturdayVegetableburgeronsproutedwheatbunwi thavocado.lettuce, toma-to,and sweetpotato chips

    Ginger/carrotsoupwithzucchinisalad(zucchini.red leafandromaine let-tuce,radishes,andonionswith flaxseedoil, real salt,andgarlic

    SundayVegetarianchili andyel-lowsquash

    Saladwrapin apita withvegetablesand hummus

    C H I L D ' S P L A YSome yummyand funideasfor abrown-bag lunchor aftei

    Mini tortillarollups with hummusandveggies.Pre-made salad bagsofspinach,carrots,cucumbersanCut-up celerywith a iall< > r ofalmond butter fordipping.


  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    M E A L B Y M E A L : D I N N E REA T SEVERALHOURS BEF OR E Y O U RETIRESleep shouldbe arestful state;youdon't want your body working overtime overnighttodigestyour food (resultingin afitful night ofsleep fo ryou).I naddition,don't ea tcooked foodslateatnightinsteadmakeyoursnacksomethingfreshandlive(andeasierto digest).

    MondayGrilledhalibutin pesto saucewithaspara-gus and toma-to,cucumber,and avocadosalad

    Curried tofuand veg-etables(pep-pers, carrots,broccoli, cauli-flower, onion,garlic,etc.)with wild rice

    TuesdayGrilledsalm-on ,asparagus.spinachsalad,and lemontohicheese-cake

    Creamofbroccolisoup(with so ymilk)androasted veg-etable wrap

    WednesdayVegetablestir-fry sea-sonedwithBraggLiquidA minos ,wildrice,and misosoup

    Vegetable f a f i -ta swith gua-camole an dsalsa,gazpa-ch osoup andmixedgreenssalad withcloversprouts.pinenuts.herbs, roastedpeppers, andolive oil

    ThursdayM inestronesoup andspa-ghettisquashwith atomato-basil sauce

    Bakedsalmonwith olive oil,rosemary,saltandpepper,sauteedspin-ac hwith gar-salad witholiveoil andlemonjuice

    FridaySplitpeasoupand softtorti-lla fish tacoswith lettuce,tomato,guaca-moleandsalsa(optional: soysour cream)

    W o n to nsoup(noegg,nomushrooms),Szechwanshrimpandsnap peasbean sauce(nomsg)

    SaturdayGrilledveg-etablepizzawithricemoz-zarellaandtomatosauceon ayeast-freecrust

    Lent i lsoupwith pitachips and amixed greenssalad (babygreens, flax-seeds, lentilsprouts, toma-to ,cucumber)

    SundayBroiledherbedmahi mahi,vegetablemedley, andbabygreenssalad withflaxseeds,lemonjuice,andoliveoil

    Rice or speltpastain pestosauce withcabbage,carrots, andpinenuts,garlictoast,and mixedgreens saladwith tomato,cucumber,flaxseeds, and

    T R Y TH IS .Add sofoods w zing toyouic i v v d k o n yo u erwithasliceoflemonebudsandhelp cleans ora bit of miyourbody. t.ThesesmalltouchesofH v

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

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    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    Gift7T H E P O W E R O F , r

    Have you ever had back pain? Or any chronic pain in the body? The human body wasdesigned fo rmotion.O ne cana rguethat modernman hascomealongw ay fromthe days of our ancestors who hunted and gathered and roamed the earth. Yet, withtoday'stechnological advancesandmodernconveniences also comesonehuge disadvantage:lack ofmovement In fact, few of usactuallyuse the full rangeofmotion thatthehumanbodywasdesignedfor.Thisgift,thepowerofstructural alignment and m a x i m u mstrength,isdesignedtotakechargeof themotion-powered musculoskeletal system:one of theprimary foundationsandframework fo rhuman healthand thesystems that support it .Whenthebody getsout ofal ignmentand failsto challenge and build the muscles that support this structure, it pavesthe way forchallenges with balance, metabolism, visual acuity,fertility, andmany otherfundamental biological processes.

    T H E E G O S C U E M O D E L = >

    The kneesandanklesarealigned withthefeelpointedstraight forward

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

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    T H E 1 0 P R I N C I P L E S O FS T R E N G T H TH R O U GHM O TIO NT heEgoscueMethoddefinesthelawsofphysical health utilizing custom-designed therapies toreintroducesthe laws that will return the body to itsnatural stateof healthfree from painandlimitations.

    All of thestepsinthis ten-step processarepersonalizedto thespecificneedsofeachparticipant. Thereare nomanipulationsorartificialstimulations. Thedynamicprogram becomes a process of transformation in harmony with the body's changes asthe laws are applied and reestablished.This personalized program usually extendstoeight weeks withafollow-upforreinforcementor thedevelopmentof amaintenance program.


    I norder tomaintain optimaloverallhealth andkeepo urvital physiological systems functional,weneed tohaveconsistentmovementhiou rdaily routine. I f wedon't,w e suffer frommotionstarvationand ourbodies will begin to reflect thedysfunctions thatarebeing createdpain,illness,and structuraldefects.Motionis arenewable resource that mustbe replenished constantlyand responsibly.

    HTH E F O R C E O F P S Y C H O L O G YHow weviewourbodiesand thebeliefswehaveaboutthebody's complexityandcapabilitieswilleither resulti n a fullyfunctioning body moving with easy fluidityor onewithout structuralsupport, littleenergy,and farless physical abilityand agility.Therefore,w eneed totakeresponsibility andcreatealifestyle tha tincludes proper exercise.I nturn,we'll beableto dowhateverwechoose knowing thatourbodies willbeabletosupportus.

    BTH E F O R C E O F S T I M U L U SThe body requires constant inputinorder toma in t a in it ssystemsa nd functional i ty, and tocontinue toreplenish itself from thecellsup. O therwise, thebody becomes stagnant,w ebecomelethargic,intellectuallylazy,a nd unable torespond to thedemandsof ourdailyliveswithefficiency and elegance.A body that isstimulatedisalive, energetic, and continual lygrowing.

    U N L E A S H TH F P O W E R W I TH I N

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    Gravity isnecessary fo rhealth.Inorder fo rgravitytoexertapositiveanddynamic influenceonthebody,thebody's postures mustbevertically aligned.

    | TH E L A W O F BALANCEInorderfor the L aw ofMotionto beeffective andtrue,t hebody must achieve balance{musclememory),whichisnecessarytoconstantly returnthebodyto the firstL aw ofVerticalLoad. Inorder fo rthis process tooccur, muscles must workinpairsa ndwork equallyonboth sidesof thebody.Beingleft- orright-handed hinders this balance only whenwe violatet helawso fmotion.

    | TH E L A W OFCO M P E N S A TIO NEve nthoughwe are notmoving enoughtomaintain function,we aremoving.It is thecompensatingmovements thatwe areunawareofthat cause problems. Muscles that were neverintended to beinvolvedinvarious postures andactions areused totake overt he functionsofth ecorrect muscles, thereby causing dysfunction,stress,orpain. Functional muscles evenlydistr ibute th eshocksandstressesof our movements.

    | TH E L A W O F D Y N A M I C T E N S I O NThere are 660musclesin thebody.T hemuscles in the frontof thebody,t heanterior muscles,aredesigned tobend theb odyforward (called flexion).Th emusclesin thebackof thebody (knownas extension muscles) are used to hold you structurally erect and allowyou to bend backward.There is abalanced amountoftension betweenthesemuscle groupstha ta l lowsyou tostandupright.Neitheract ivi tyca ntake placeheal thi lyunless they occursimultaneously.

    | TH E L A W O F F O R MA N D F U N C TI O NSimplystated, bonesd owhat musclestellthem to do. A llskeletal motionisinitiatedbymuscularactivity.

    | TH E L A W O F BR EA THA N D O X Y GE NTh ebody can notfunction without oxygen.S oessential isthis law, thatthebodyh asredundantsystems toensure compliance.

    | TH E IA W O F R E N E W A LTh ebody isorganic, therefore,it is in aconstant stateofgrowth orrebirth. Muscles, bones,nerves, connective tissues, cartilage, etc.,are allalive. Ifthebodyis notrenewing,it isbecausewe areviolatingthelawsofphysicalhealth.T hemore lawsweviolate, the fasterwe age anddie.

    EgoscueMethodClinic, in San Diego, CA. www.egoscue.com; 800-995-8434U N L E A S H THE POWERWITHIN

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    D O N N Y E P S T E I N ' SH E A L I N G TH R O U GH E N E R G Y

    Donald (Donny)Epsteinis apioneerinmind/bodydevelopmentand hisworkamazingly bridges dimensions of energy, consciousness and structure.Throughpractitionersof hisworkaroundtheworldandpersonally withDonnyingroupandprivate retreats, individuals areabletofocusontheir humandevelopment and create evolutionary changes that arerealand sustainable.He is thedeveloper ofNetwork Spinal Analysis(N S A ),anapplication developedforuse in thechiropracticprofession, and SomaticRespiratoryIntegration(SRI)utilizedforselfcare awakeningandconnection exercises.Healsohas anexciting revolutionaryapplication and discipline in development. His methods parallel the triad ofphysiologyfocus, languageandmost especially structure. Rather than attemptingtocorrecta"problem"andrestoreyou to aprevious state,Donny'stechnologies helpestablish new strategies, resources and an internal state of enhanced resourcefulnessthat has not previously existed.InNSACaregentleprecisetouch along the spinecuesthe brain to create newwellnesspromoting strategies. Twounique 'waves'developin thecare helpingthebodysuspend theanchorstodefense patternsandwhat appears to belimitingbeliefsandstructures.Newstrategiesforusingenergy, resources, information andmaking moreconstructivechoices are nurtured through repetition and education.Researchdemonstrates that Network Care is linked to enhanced wellness through thewidest range of indicators. It promotes healthier constructive choices and enhances thewellnessbenefits of othermethodssuchasexercise,diet,meditationandyoga.S R Iis a process of checking in with your body's vibrations, and allowing your internalrhythms to instruct, enliven, and heal you. It is a protocol that combines breath, touchanddialogueto put you intouch with your bodyandinstantly change your state. Itaims tochangethetension systemof thebody,toshiftoldwaysofbehavingandthinking. SRI helps you to check in ratherthencheck out. There are twelve stages, andonce apersonlearns how to do the exercises of the each of the rhythms, they have apowerful systemforself-healingand transformation.Epsteinis theauthorofnumerous articles, publicationsandbooks, including HealingM yths , HealingM agic and The Twelve Stages of Healing.For more information,visit www.wiseworldseminars.com,www.donaldepstein.comorwww.associationfornetworkcare.com.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I TH I N

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    GiftsT H E P O W E R O FM odernmedicinereliesheavilyontechnologytoidentify diseaseand todevelopcuresin theformsofmedicines,surgicalprocedures,andtherapeuticinterventions.Forthousandsofyears,however,alternative formsofmedicineranging fromeastern Chinesedoctrinestotribal communitieshavefocusedalsoon anatural, internal ability of thebodytoraiseitsresistance, fightdisease,andcreatehealth.One of the mostpotentbiologicalmechanismsthatpromotesthistype of health andhealingisfounddirectly in themind.Utilized and directedeffectively, ourthoughts,emotions,andmindsetcan be one of themostpotentalliestowardmitigatingdiseaseandmanifestingenergyandvitality.

    D R . A N D R E W W E I L O N S T R E S S A N D T H E M IN DPhysicianA ndr ew W eil,M .D .,research associatein ethnopharma cology at H a r va r dU niversityand author ofH ea lthand H ealing (Boston:H oughton-M ifflin Company, 1985),says, "External, materialobjects arenever causes ofdisease, m erely agents wa itingtocause specific sym ptoms insusceptible hosts. R a ther than war r ingondisease agents withthe hope ofel iminatingthe m , we oug ht to worry m ore abo ut strengthening resistance tothem and learningto liveinbalancewiththem moreof the time."I f we have poor coping skills, deficient social support, and high stress, then the internalbalanceof ourbodiesmay beeasily upset and our resistance lowered. Illnessor disease,then, occurs morefrom ou rvulnerab i li ty than from external agents thata re"thecause"ofour health problems. Themore vulnerablewe are,themore riskwe run ofgetting sick.The factors that place us a t risk range fromour attitudes and appraisals in coping withstress to thekindoffoodwe eat and thegenes w e inherit. O ur mind andbehavior ,ourenvironment, and our geneticpredispositionsare thecommon contributorsto disease.The way wereactto the dailyhasslesoflifeor tospecificstressful eve ntsca n meanth edifference between "coming downwith"a n infection or remainingsymptom-free.Sincemostof them icrobes that a f f l i c t h u m a n sa rea l r eadyin ourbodies, they pla yapar t indisease only when other risk factors lowerou r immunity or otherwise increaseour susceptibility. A s we ha ve indicated, a riskfactoris any c hara cteristic, condition, orbehavior we have that increases our chances of getting sick. Smoking is a risk factor;so isapersistent perception oflife ashopelessoruncontrollable.Excerpt fromW ho Gets Sick:H ow Beliefs,M oods ,and ThoughtsA ffect H ealth (revised and expanded)byBlairJustice.Copyright (c) 1988,2000by BlairJustice. R eprinted by permissionof Dr . BlairJustice.


  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    H E A R T M A T H : T H EH E A L I N G P O W E R O F T H E H E A R TM ostpeople thinkof thebrainas theprimary directorof allhuman functions:directing our muscles, movements, speech, and bodilyfunctionssuch as sleep,eating,elimination,andsex,aswellasdeterminingourfeelings,thoughts,andemotions. Whilethebrainisundisputedlyone of themost importantand powerfulorgansin thebody, thereisanother organ thathas amiraculous power beyond whatmany realize: the heart.

    H E A R T - B R A I N C O M M U N I C A T I O N :researchwe nowknow thatt heheartco n nunicates wi th th ebrainand th erest ofhroughmodenthebody.

    1. Manyof uslearnedthatthebrainran everythingand,consequently,controlledheartfunction.2 . The heartactuallysends more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.3. Th eheart communicatesin four differentways:

    a . aneurological communication through thenervous system (electrical)b. a biophysical communication: thepulse(pressurewave)c abiochemical communication: thehormones. Theheart produces hormones suchasoxytocin,'thelovehormone'd. anenergeticcommunication-electromagnetic.

    4. Thehearthas its ownintrinsic nervous system.5. This heartbra in iscomposed ofneurons,neurotransmitters,proteinsandsupport cells.6. It sends information to the brain via nerve pathways that terminate in the higherperceptualcenters.

    TH E E L E C T R I C A L F I E L D O F TH E H E A R T:Thehearthas apowerful electricalfield. You canactually de-code heart braincthescience ofHeart R a teV ariabil ity.




    Frequency (Hertz) Frequency(Hertz)U N L E A S H TH E F O W E R W I TH I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife



    Chaoscreatesa 'fight 'betweentwosidesof thenervous systemlike drivingacar with your feeton the accelerator and brake at the same time. This is whythese emotions tend to leave us feelingdrained: they are inefficient mental,emotional, and physical expenditures. On the otherhand,coherence creates clarityofthought, synchronization between multiple systems,andultimately less stressandhigher performance.Thus, whenyou arefeelingcaughtup in adisempowertngpatternofemotion,oneofthe quickest and mostpowerful solutionsis to balance your nervous system bybreathing through your heart:

    1 .S hiftyour focusto thearea around your heart.2 .Now feelyour breath coming in through your heart and out through

    your solar plexus.3. Activatepositivefeelings andemotionsbyembodying them whilebreathing through your heart.

    Source: TheH e ar tM a thSolutionby D ocChildre& H o w a r dMartin.I t ishighly recommended thatyouread this book.

    When yo u u s e your heart intelligence to s h i f t perceptions and direct t h eflow o f your emotions, you have theability togenerate and

    magnetizeyouro wn fulfillment.D oc C H I L D R E & H O W A R D M A R T I N

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    E M O T I O N A L F L O O D I N G

    One of themosteffectivewaystomaximizethepower of adirected mindandpositive emotions is to floodourselves withthepositive memoriesandemotionswehaveexperiencedconsistently.Thesecretis tocloseyoureyesandembody with emotional intensity the feelingsof love,joy,fun, and passion, that youhave experienced in your relationship.Don'tjust think about yourpastfloodyourselfwith images, emotions, sounds, feelings, and textures. The secret is to stack one greatmemoryon top ofanother.

    Q U E S T I O N S T O A S K W H I L E D O I N G A N E M O T I O N A L F L O O D*Whata resomefunny timesin my lifethat madem elaughoutloud?*What are some loving times? Sensual and sexy experiences?*When have Ibeen proud ofmyself?Whata resomeof mymost proud moments?*What haveIbeen grateful for in my life? W h y a m Iblessed?*Whataresome spiritual moments in my life?*Whata resome funtimesandexperiences I've had?*Whatdo Iappreciate mostin m y liferight now?

    When you are flooding your past, you might also want to create afuture floodavisionfor howyourlifewillbe.Anticipateanyhappy,fun,proud, loving,crazy, sexy,sacred, beautiful ,romantic, funny,orexciting moments inyour life and experiencethem as iftheyarehappening right now Can you see themagicofyour lifeunfoldbeforeyou?D o y ou feel th epositive emotions that surround you inyourlife? D o y oufindyourself underaChristmas tree withchildrenyetunborn? Envisionanymagicalmoments tocomefrom this dayforward.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    Poison1:EliminateorDramatically ReduceTH E PO IS O NO F?(?OCfSST> TATS ~^

    whatis the skinny on thoseprocessed fatsand why are they bad for you? Butter, margarine,I cheese, French fries,chips,cookies and other tasty snacks are loaded with them. Themajorkinds of

    I fatsin the foods we eat aresaturated, polyunsaturated,monounsaturatedandtrans fat tyacids.OnAmericans consume35-40%of ourtotal caloriesasfat. Saturated fats, transfatsanddietary

    cholesterol raise blood cholesterol.The badnewsis,high levelsofcholesterolin theblood is amajorriskfactorforcoronary heart disease,which leadstoheart attack,andalsoincreasestheriskofstroke.

    D W H A T A R E P R O C E S S E D O R T R A N S F A T T Y A C I D S ?Theyareman-madeorprocessed fats ,whicharemadefrom aliquid oil. Whenyou add hydrogentoliquid vegetableoil andthenadd pressure, theresultis a stiffer fat, likethe fatfoundin a can ofCrisco. Trans fa tsare also called hydrogenated fats.

    QWHYS H O U LD I CARE A B O U T T R A N S FATTYA C ID S ?Inclinicalstudies, transfat tyacidsorhydrogenated fatstendtoraise total blood cholesterollevels and LDL {"bad") cholesterol and lower HDL ("good") cholesterol whenusedinstead ofcis(naturally occurring) fa t tyacidsornatural oils. These changesmayincreasetheriskofheartdisease. According to the comprehensive Nurses' Health Study, the largest investigation of

    women and chronicdisease,trans fatsdoubletheriskof heart disease in women. A recent 10-yearstudy showed s imi l a rresults with men eating the most trans fa tshaving twice the risk of heartattack. Additional dangers ofprocessed fatsinclude poor circulation, poor elimination, excesscongestion,and toxicityin thebody.

    QAREA LLFATS B A D ?No, not allfatsarebad "Good fat"is amajorsourceofenergyfor thebody. These"good"unsaturated fatsinclude the essential omega 3fat tyacids thathelplower risk of heartdiseaseandcancers. Some unsaturated oils are also used by the body for construction of cell walls and help intheproper functioningofnerves.TheAmericanHeartAssociation'sNutritionCommitteestronglyadvisesthat healthy Americansoverage 2limit their intakeofsaturatedfat and transfat toless than10percentoftotal calories. Additionally,theFoodandDrug Administration(F D A )isrequiringtha t foodmanufacturers listtransfat onfood labelsso itwillbeeasierforconsumers toavoid transfats .Manufacturershad until January1,2006tocomply.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I TH I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    T I P S T O R E D U C I N G T R A N S F A T T Y A C I D S I N YOURDIET: Useoliveoil and garlicin placeofbutter. Limitcommercialbakedgoods (cookies,pastry, crackers). Limitsnackfoods andchips. Avo i ddeep fa tfried foods and fried foods atrestaurants. Limitpackaged , convenient foods.

    Processed fatsare fatsthataredestroyed through cooking(attemperatures above118 Fahrenheit) such that theyareunusableandtoxicto thebody, thus resultinginacidanddiseaseconditionsin thebody. Examplesoffoodsthat containprocessed fatsare butter, margarine, cheese, whole milk, meats, etc.Thedangersof bad fats(orprocessedfats)include poor circulation (leadingtohighblood pressure), poor elimination, excess congestionandtoxicityin thebody.Inaddition, the body is not able toperformthefunctionsthat good fats(or unprocessedfats)provide.

    Be certain,however,to getyour essential fatty acids.


    1.They build cell membranes.2.Theyaid in theproductionofhormones.3.They raisemetabolismand c r e a t eenergy.4.They protec tthebodybybufferingandneutralizingacids .5 .They providel u br i c a t i o nto thebodysothatthecellsarefreetomove.

    Unprocessed fatsare any fats thatoccurintheir natural state.Thebest examplesare the fa tscontainedinavocados, olive oil, almonds,and flax seed oils.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    Poison2:Elim inateorD r a m a t ic a l ly R e d u c e

    T H E P O I S O N O FTj. "57/ ->^Va.S-My - & & * Cmftxti. 'W e know fats and oilsareterriblefor us, and tha tthe dailycup of Joe and otheraddictionsareonlydoingusharm.But meat anddairy arestaplesof theAmerican and increasingly,globaldiet and it may behard toimaginea lifewithout strawberry milkshakesandcheeseburgers.Thetruthistraditional thinking ab outnutritionis killingusprompting growing ratesinheartdisease,cancer, obesityand more . W emustopenourmindsto new waysofeating,includingincorporatingaplant-baseddiet.InThe Food R evolution: H ow YourD ie tC anHelpS aveY ourLife and Our W orld,internationallyrenowned authorJohn Robbingpresentsthe followingstatisticsin order toimpartthenegativeconsequencesof sustaining ameat-based diet:1H E A R T D I S E A S E Riskofdeath fromheart diseaseforvegetarians comparedtonon-vegetarians:Half.*Theblood cholesterol levelofvegetarians comparedto non-vegetariansis14percent lower.Dropinheart diseaserisk forevery1percent decreaseinblood

    cholesterol: 3-4 percent.*Incidence of very high blood pressure in meat eaters compared to

    vegetarians: 13 times higher.

    C A N C E R*Impactonriskoflung cancerforpeoplewho f requent lyeatgreen, orange,and

    yellow vegetables:2 0-60percent reduction.*Most common cancer among American men: Prostate cancer. Riskofprostate cancerfor menwhose intakeofcruciferous vegetables(broccoli,Brussel sprouts, cabbage,cauliflower,collards,kale,mustard green andturnips)is high: 41 percent reduction.

    *Riskofcolon cancerforwomenwho eat redmeat daily compared tothosewho eat itlessthan once a month: 250 percent greater., by JohnR obbinswithpermissionof ConariPress,imprintof RedW heel /W eiser,


  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    T H E C H I N A S T U D YStart l ingImplications fo rDiet,W eigh t Loss, an d Lon g-Term H ea l thby T. Colin Campbell ,Ph.D.and Thom asM. Campbell II

    TA Telivein asociety thatspendsmorepercapitaonhealth thananyother societyin theworld. Yet,I/\I two-thirdsofAmericansareoverweight,over15millionAmericans have diabetes,theincidentof* V heart diseasehasbeenat thesamelevelforover 30years,halfof allAmericans takeaprescription

    drug every week, over100mil l ionAmericans have highcholesterol,andone-thirdofyoung Americansareoverweightora reat risk ofbecoming overweight. A ftermorethan40vearsof research on the impactofnutritiononhealth,however,Dr.Campbellhasconcluded tha tthemajority:ofthesechallengescomes downto onesource: nutrition.

    T . C O L I N C A M P B E L L ,PH.D.senat theiarchfor mo

    T.Colin Campbell has bforefront ofnutrition resethan 40years. Heis theJacob GouldShurmanProfessor Emeritusoi Nutritional

    Biochemistryat Cornell University He hasreceivedatola of 74grant-years

    ofpeer-reviewed research funding andauthoredorco-authored more than350scientific articles

    HedirectedtheChinaStudy-triemost comprehensive studyof healthandnutritioneverconducted.Leadbylongtimeresearcher T. Colin Campbell,theongoing study began in1983wilhapartnership between CornellUniversity,Oxford University,and the ChineseAcademy ofPreventive Medicine.

    Hereceivedthe1998 ResearchAchievementAwardfromiheAmericanInstituteforCancer Research

    He hasappeared beforecongressionalcommittees and federal stale agencies;over25 TVprograms;andbeentheleadstoryinUSAToday,the NewYork Times,andwidely publicizedTVdocumentaries.

    Cancer,heartdisease,diabetes,and many otherdiseasesthatplagueourmodern society,can infactbepreventedaswellas treated by a whole foods, plant-based diet.Basedon a27-year grantfromtheNational InstitutesofHealth(NTH),theAmerican Cancer Society,and theAmericanInstituteforCancerResearch,Dr.Campbell revealedfollowingspecificfindings about protein: Low-protein dietsinhibitedthe initiation of cancer by

    aflatoxin, a mild toxinfoundinpeanutsand com (aflatoxjnisone of themost potent carcinogens ever discovered)

    A f te rcancer initiation, low-protein diets dramaticallyblocked subsequentcancergrowth

    Cancerwasconsistently promotedbycasern, which makesup 87% ofcow'smilk

    Even at high levels of intake, "safe" proteins from plantsdid notpromote cancer

    Proteinis avital componentin ahealthy body. Itfunctionsintheformofenzymes, hormones, structural tissue,andtransportmolecules, whicharenecessaryforlife. Proteins existaslongchainsofamino acids. When proteins "wear out," they mustbe replacedthroughthefoodsweeat. Whenwedigest protein-basedfoods,theresultingaminoacidscan beusedtobuildnewbody proteins.

    Foodproteinsaresaidto be ofdifferentquality, dependingon how wellthey providetheamino acidsweneedtosynthesizenewtissue proteins. Accordingtothesestandards,thehighestqualityproteins couldbeobtainedbyeating humanflesh,followedbyanimalflesh. Thegreatestefficiency, however, inbuildingneivproteins doesnotequalthegreatesthealth."Low-quality"plantprojein,which allowsforslowbutsteady synthesis of newproteins,is the healthiest typeof protein.AllofCampbell'sfindingspointto thesame conclusion: peoplewhoconsumethemost animal-based foodgetthemost chronicdiseases,andthat even small amountsofanimal-based foodcause adverse effects.Source:TheChinaStudy: Startling Implications for Diet ,Weight Lossand Long-term Health,by T.Colin Campbell,Ph.D. withThomasM.CampbellII.Printedbypermission from BenBellaBooks.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-2 VitalLife


    I S N ' T C H I C K E N S A F E ?Contrary topopularbelief, chicken is not a healthyalternative toeatingredmeat.Inmany ways,consuming poultryisevenworse. Theprocessthattakes a chicken froma farmto the kitchen table is a harrowingone filledwithopportunities forpoisoning.Chickens aresubjected to numerous levels of contaminationbefore they are forced out of their packed cages,dumped intoscalding tanksandpassedthroughdefeathering machines.Atthe end of theprocess,thechickensaresubmerged intoachilledholdingtank, dubbed "fecalsoup,"consistingof apoolofwaste and bacteria. $3Ye-According to formerUSDA microbiologist GeraldKuester:"Withtheadventofmodern slaughter technologies thereareabout fifty pointsduringprocessingwherecross-contaminationcanoccur.At the end of theline,thebirdsareno cleaner than if they hadbeen dippedin atoilet."'

    .2 -.2,5% /Go/As onJ

    cc s f

    pm/eiV ///c f e * t y -eif (tuncacrtJ./7'Ss

    S O M I T H 1 N G TOT H I N K A B O U T . . .If the quality ofyour ow nhealthisn't enough tokeep youfrom eatingchicken,here's moredisheartening facts aboutthe waychickensareslaughtered. Did youknow that chickens arecrammed into tiny, batterycageswith at least threeother birds so they areunable tostandorspreadtheir wings? Or that chicksaredebeakedwithoutanesthetictoprevent themfrominjuring each otherinthe unnaturally confinedconditions? O rthatmodern farming methodsusing growth hormonesand artificiallightingmeanthat many chickensoutgrow their bones,resulting in fractured andbroken legs?

    1g Storyofdad Nlgfcrt.and 1m

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I TH I N

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    I F Y O U 'R E G O I N G T o .Continue to eat m eat,follow these guidelines:

    Ea tmeatat one meala daymaxH Combine your meat portion with lotsofwater-richfoods.Make surethemeal includes asalad,orsteamedvegetables-sidesthat will cleanse,notclog.And try tomaintain acleansing diet for the remainder of the day.Q Eatmeatin themiddleof theday. This will give yourbodyachancetodigest, andallow moretimefor you toea t cleansing foods.

    S O M E T H I N G T OT H I N K A B O U T .. .If you enjoy eatingmeat,you should know whatcreatestheflavorsandtexturesfound inbeefandchicken.The tasteisfromtheuric acid,ortheurine, of the animal.Uric acidis highly toxic,andcancause arthriticpain in thebody.Thechewable texture comesfromtheputrefactivegerms that tenderizethemeat. These germs,whichare from thecolon,floodtheanimalonce it skilledandsoftenthe tissuesfor"proper" consumption.

    Choose meats that are:(1 )Freerange(2 )Kosher(3)Antibiotic-free(4) Organic

    Stayawayfrom redmeata ndchoose leaner cuts.Chooseseafood it can be agreat choiceforprotein,essential fat tyacids,andnutrition aslong as you getanatural, cleansource. Tw ooptions fo rfresh, naturalseafood:

    (1)www.vitalchoice.com(2 )Monterey BayAquaraium"Seafood Watch"Program lists best choices, alternatives,and fishto avoid, www.mbayaq.org

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

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    Poison3:El im i n a t e or Dr a m a t ic a l ly Re d u c eT H E P O I S O N O FCows Don'tDrinj^Cowj I V f e lk . . .Why Would You?

    btity 'S feoofThe medicalfieldand onslaught of media coverage encouragepeopleto drinkmilkand eatdairy products because"Itdoesthebody good." However, thiscouldn'tbe farther f rom thetruth.TH E M ILK M Y T HDairyproducts are now in vogue with many people who fallprivyto "white mustache" celebrity endorsementsand media coverage and assumethistype of diet to be a health advantage. Many people viewmilkand other dairyproducts as ameanstoguard against degenerative diseases, suchasosteoporosis. But howmuchdo youreallyknow aboutthiswhiteliquid?Intruth,theremay bebetterwaysto get your calciumthanfromthesehigh-protein,high-fa tproducts.Recent studies on theeffectsof dairy products have shown that dairy makes a greater contribution to osteoporosis,kidneyproblems, and certain forms of cancers. In Dr. T. Colin Campbell's ProteinStudy it was found that cancerwasconsistentlypromoted byCasein,which makes up 87% ofcow'smilk protein.1Additionally, women who eatdietsrich in animalfoodsexcrete moreValcium in their urine, providing a negative calciumbalanceahigh riskfactorforosteoporosis.1 J ? CfaJCtQ,QW H A T is C A L C I U M A N DW H YD O I N E E D IT?

    Calcium is a mineral that the bodyneedsfor numerous functions, including building and maintaining bones,teeth, blood clotting, the transmission of nerve impulses, and the regulation of the heart's rhythm. Ninety-ninepercentof thecalciumin thehuman bodyisstoredin thebonesand teeth.Theremaining1percentisfoundinthebloodandother tissues. Thebody gets thecalciumitneedsin twoways.One isthrough eating foods thatare calcium rich, the other way the body getscalciumis by pulling itfrom thebones. Animal protein increasesthe acid load in the body which makes blood and tissues more acidic. Toneutralizetheacid,the body pullscalciumfrom thebones, thus weakening them.A recent report publishedin theJournalofPediatrics suggeststhatboosting consumptionofmilkorother dairyproductsis not necessarily thebestway toprovidetheminimalcalcium intakeof atleast400 milligrams per day.

    HW H A T is O S T E O P O R O S I S ?Osteoporosis is a disease of bone in which 1) thearr

    Collapse ofvertebrae leadstochronic painandcharacteristic bent spine, while thefracturesof thelong bonesimpairmobilityand may require surgery. Hip f rac ture , in particular, can result in permanent disability.Itis estimated that 10 million Americans have established osteoporosisand another 34millionhaveosteopenia,orlowbone mass, which leadstoosteoporosis. It isresponsibleforover2m