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1 CEO of Batteries4less.com & Coryon.com Internet Marketing es4less.com - Founded in 2009 s of #1 Rankings on Google ay Your Way to #1 – Earn it! has made Batteries4less.com a Multi-Million $$ Success Story is presentation online at: ideshare.net /coryon/unleash-the-secrets-of-s Who is Coryon Redd?

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  • 1.Who is Coryon Redd?CEO of Batteries4less.com &Coryon.com Internet MarketingBatteries4less.com - Founded in 2009Hundreds of #1 Rankings on GoogleDont Pay Your Way to #1 Earn it!Google has made Batteries4less.com a Multi-Million $$ Success StoryView this presentation online at: Slideshare.net/coryon/unleash-the-secrets-of-search 1

2. Google Marketing Unleashed Why Google? 800 Pound Gorilla- 80% of US search market What Google Means for your Business? Top rankings mean you get FOUND. How Does Google Work? Ranking based on relevancy & popularityCould Top Google Rankings Make Your Biz Money?Steady, targeted traffic and the best ROIHow to Get Started?Find your Best Keywords & Make a Plan2 3. People are Searching for your BusinessRight Now!What are Keywords?The Exact Ways People Search GoogleWhat are People Searching for?Use the Google Keyword Tool (Google it)What are Target Keywords?The Most Important Keywords Relevancy and # of SearchesWhat does it mean for my Website?Create Keyword-Focused Landing Pages3 4. Winning the Google Popularity ContestHow does Google Crown a Winner?Incoming links and social engagementGet the Votes that MatterGet links from quality, related websitesNot the Ones that Piss Google OffGoogle can smell out low quality linksContent is KingBlogging, Video, Web Pages, & MoreDistribution is QueenFacebook, Twitter, Linkedin, BlogsSEO is Your Ace in the HoleWin the Game and Make More Money4 5. Go to SecretsofSearch.com/Unleashed toGet Started with an Exclusive Unleashed Offer