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  • 8/10/2019 Unleash Your Creative Genius


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    Unleash YourCreative Genius

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  • 8/10/2019 Unleash Your Creative Genius


    Table of Contents

    Introduction ............... 3

    Section 1 Creativity ........................................ 4

    Section 2 How Can You Become A Creative Genius............... 6

    Section 3 What Is Creative Dreaming?..... 8

    Section 4 How To Get That Creative Urge..... 11

    Section 5 Your Creative Imagination .......... 15

    Section 6 Creation From Your Mistakes................... 18

    Section 7 When All Else Fails, You Must Persevere .......... 23

    Section 8 What Is Creative Thinking? ....................... 25

  • 8/10/2019 Unleash Your Creative Genius



    The over-all purpose of creativity is to change ideas or produce

    additional new ones. This Report has been put together for you asan idea creator... more than anything else; you will find in it simplecreative ideas, some of which have lead to great discoveries andadvancements.

    Short stories and ideas from well-known names and also fromsome not so well-known ones...

    We want you to try and put yourself in the persons shoes. Whatwould it have been like for them, when they first had this creativeidea and what would it have been like for them persevering andnot giving up until the completion of their creation?

    We can all develop creative behaviour... it is effective andreinforces high self-esteem. We can all learn to respond creativelyso long as we are prepared to risk changing our thoughts.

    All you have to do is to learn the skills of good communication.

    These include; learning to use your imagination... learning tolisten... learning to deal with criticism... and learning to giveconstructive feedback.

  • 8/10/2019 Unleash Your Creative Genius



    There is no doubt that creativity is the most important humanresource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress,

    and we would be forever repeating the same patterns- Edward de Bono

    reativity is used to cover the process, the result and theattitudes of mind involved in generating ideas. If a person

    comes up with a great new idea or with a number of alternativeideas, then that person is said to be creative...


    When we think of a career which needs a lot of creative thought,

    we usually think of painting, writing, acting or advertising...

    But in effect... every job calls for a bit of your creative powersevery now and then and it takes surprisingly little time and effortto get started increasing your creativity, which is sure to make youa winner no matter what field of endeavour or career youundertake.

    Creativity is behind every new idea, desire and daydream you get -

    from something as small as what should I have for launch? Tosomething big like the best way to say Im sorry to a loved one.

    It also lies behind every great innovation and advancement - fromthe invention of the wheel, to the creation of the light bulb!

    Logic may have eventually worked out the method of rubbing twosticks together to produce smoke, and then make fire... but it wascreative imagination, that first envisioned having the flames of a

    fire blazing in the first place.

    Creativity is such a natural trait, that we often take it for grantedand rarely notice its presence or its importance in our everydaylives...

    Its creativity that allows you to come up with ingenious solutions toyour problems and difficulties; it also gives you the ability tobrainstorm new ideas to help you achieve any goals you like

    whatever they may be.

  • 8/10/2019 Unleash Your Creative Genius


    Every creation made by a person, every tool, every instrument,every utensil, every book, article, song, game, film etc... evolvedfrom very simple beginnings along the line of experimentation andcreative imagination.

    Everything made by people is put together, made up of materialparts; and the idea of every such thing is made up of simpler andmore elemental ideas, united and combined in creativeimagination.

    This is the only way in which we have ever invented or createdanything; and this is always the way in which you must proceed inyou work of creative imagination.

    This one truth is so simple that most people entirely overlook it...you may never have thought about it in this way, until you nowhave it presented to you in this Special Report!

  • 8/10/2019 Unleash Your Creative Genius


    How Can You BecomeA Creative Genius

    It is the child in us that is the source of our uniquenessand creativeness, and the playground is the optimalmilieu for the unfolding of our capacities and talents

    - Eric Hoffer

    he first factor that cuts most of us off from our creative side issimply growing up...T

    You have only to look at childrens drawings, paintings and stories

    to see that creativity develops quickly in early childhood.

    But tests have shown that most of us have lost our creative urgeby the age of seven...

    Why then dose our creativity disappear by the age of just seven?

    Well this loss of creativeness is not very surprising according toProfessor Mark Runco, founder of theCreativity Research Journal.

    Apparently, it takes only about a year in the educational system todiscourage children (and the adults they later become) fromrelating to their creative sides. The professor then goes on to say,

    We put children in groups and make them sit indesks and raise their hands before they talk. Weput all the emphasis on conformity and order, thenwe wonder why they arent being spontaneousand creative

    Is it any wonder then creativity, of all the abilities we possess - isthe one in which most people rank themselves especially low in.

    This is not unexpected, because as we have realized from theabove, creative thinking is generally left out of education... anyactivity which involves imagination, colour, rhythm, or form hasbeen traditionally frowned upon as less intelligent.

  • 8/10/2019 Unleash Your Creative Genius


    Luckily we have more information with which to work with - andcreativity can now be seen as a necessary part of a well balancededucation and personality.

    A second factor that hampers our creativeness is that we assumeand even believe that creative people must have some specialability or have enormous IQs, and since we think our ability andIQs arent all that high, we then go on to further assume - that wecant be all that creative.

    But its really quite the opposite...

    You see highly successful painters, singers, writers, scientists and

    other creative types of people are no smarter than anyone else.

    We all posses a creative side its just a question of how wedevelop this creative side of us, and also how we desire to use it.

    The whole idea of freeing the creative spirit isreclaiming the power that each person has had

    from birth. It's a birthright to be a creative person

    - Adriana Diaz

  • 8/10/2019 Unleash Your Creative Genius


    What Is Creative Dreaming?

    n our analysis of the process of thinking we have found that

    much of our thinking is conscious, purposeful, and logical. Wegrasp a problem, concentrate on it, collect evidence and drawconclusions.


    We also find that there are times when we, can hardly be said tohave drawn the conclusions; but instead we somehow arrive atthem, or they occur to us.

    Sometimes when we are not even consciously occupied with theproblem at hand our thinking has still been going on atsubconscious levels.

    When our problem is one that is very important to us, or one thatcalls for originality, some of our thinking is likely to be of thesubconscious kind.

    Take for example - Albert Einstein, this renowned physicist andmathematician, did not get his ideas from only the mathematicalpart of his brain he creatively imagined many of the laws of the

    universe beforehand. Only then was he able to apply hismathematical ability to that initial creative image.

    Einstein described in his diary how the basis of his Special Theoryof Relativity came to him, as did the groundbreaking creativeinsights of many other scientists, when he fell into a reverie or adaydream during a lengthy car journey

    Mozart also wrote - that the ideas for his most greatest work

    and music seemed to come to him while;

    traveling in a carriage, after a good meal,or during the night when I cannot sleep

    The vision which inspired the Sistine Chapel came to Michelangeloonly after - being outraged with his