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<ul><li><p>CARDINAL COURIER Unleash Your Inner SUPERHERO</p><p>October 2016</p><p>UPCOMING EVENTS OCTOBER 5 - CWE Spirit Day 13 -End of Fall Fun Clubs 13 - Fall Harvest Parties: 1:30 - 2:15pm 2nd Grade Party: 12:45 - 1:30 14 - 17 - FALL BREAK - NO SCHOOL 17 - National Boss Day 17-21 - Bus Driver Appreciation Week 28 - Colts Spirit Day: Colts vs. Chiefs </p><p>NOVEMBER 2 - CWE Spirit Day 3 -PTO General Mtg: 6:30pm - 7:30pm 16 - Support Staff Day 23-25 - Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL </p><p>DECEMBER 5 - Colts Spirit Day: Colts vs. Jets 5 - Winter Fun Clubs Sign-Up Begins 7 - CWE Spirit Day 14 - Winter Fun Clubs Sign-Up Ends 19-31 - Winter Break - NO SCHOOL</p><p>College Wood Contact Info </p><p>Ph: 317-733-6430 </p><p>Kathy Olssen Principal </p><p>Alissa Carmichael Asst. Principal </p><p>Iman Kiritsis - Student Services </p><p>Mary Adzema - Administrative Assistant </p><p>Anne Bonini - Administrative Assistant </p><p>Stacy Glover - Administrative Assistant </p><p>For reporting absences or late arrivals, please call 317-733-6430, press option 6 for the attendance line or email the office </p><p>at CWE_Secretaries@ccs.k12.in.us. </p><p>Please notify the school BEFORE 8:30 a.m.</p><p>Dear College Wood Families, I feel like I just blinked, and it is October! There have been so many fun activities at College Wood in the past month. We started September with our first family themed night of the year: Science Night. There were so many fun experiments throughout the building for our students to complete and learn hands on about various principles of science. A big thanks to Dow for helping us out again this year. </p><p>Hopefully you also had a chance to stop by the book fair. It is one of my favorite events of the year. I love to watch the excitement of our students as they walk in the LGI room and explore the magical world of books. We also had our first Party with Parents event of the year: Tailgating with Dads. I hope your student(s) had as much fun as mine did playing games on the Creekside track. Be sure to check out some of the pictures from all these events at the bottom of the newsletter. Our goal is to provide quality experiences for CWE families for FREE. I hope you were able to take advantage of one or all of them. Looking ahead, plans are being made for the Fall Harvest classroom parties. You will be hearing from your room parent(s) soon about this fun party for the kids. It is a great way to kick off the long, Fall Break weekend. After Fall Break we will celebrate Bus Driver, Bus Monitor, and Mechanic Appreciation Week. We will spoil them with goodies throughout the week to show our appreciation for delivering our kids to and from school safely all year. Have you been clipping your Box Tops? This is a great month to turn them in. At the end of October there will be a drawing for an iPad. See the Box Top information below for links on how to turn them in and get entered in the contest. Finally, mark your calendar now for our next PTO General meeting on Thursday, November 3rd at 6:30. Mrs. Olssen and some the CWE Staff will be offering you background information about the SuperFlex program that you have been hearing about. They will be giving you tools and strategies you can use at home to continue battling the Unthinkables. Wishing you safe travels if you are heading on an out of town adventure for Fall Break! I hope to see you around school soon. As always, dont hesitate to contact me with questions, suggestions, or if you want to get involved. All my best, Sue Herrmann CWE PTO President 2016-2017 collegewoodpto@gmail.com</p><p>FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIAClick here to be </p><p>connected to our Facebook page.</p><p>Click here to be connected to our </p><p>Twitter page.</p><p>Click here to be connected to our PTO Webpage.</p><p>mailto:CWE_Secretaries@ccs.k12.in.us?subject=mailto:collegewoodpto@gmail.comhttps://twitter.com/CWEOFFICEhttps://www.facebook.com/College-Wood-Elementary-PTO-Carmel-In-193327594059210/?fref=tsmailto:collegewoodpto@gmail.comhttp://www1.ccs.k12.in.us/cwe/ptohttp://www1.ccs.k12.in.us/cwe/ptomailto:CWE_Secretaries@ccs.k12.in.us?subject=https://www.facebook.com/College-Wood-Elementary-PTO-Carmel-In-193327594059210/?fref=tshttps://twitter.com/CWEOFFICE</p></li><li><p>Supporting your school couldn't be easier than by shopping for your groceries at Marsh, Kroger, and Amazon. </p><p>Please take 5 mins to enroll with MARSH and KROGER today for the school to begin accumulating rewards every time you shop. It is fundraising for our school without having to sell a thing. </p><p> To Register your MARSH Rewards account: </p><p>1. Please visit www.marsh.net, from the toolbar at the top 2. click on SAVE, scroll down to FRESH IDEAS FOR EDUCATION, ENROLL </p><p>YOUR CARD, 3. Enter MARSH school code when prompted: 28418 </p><p> To register your Kroger Rewards account: 1. Please visitwww.krogercommunityrewards.com 2. Click on Sign In or Create an Account 3. Choose your FAVORITE STORE where you most frequently shop. </p><p>You MUST shop at your FAVORITE STORE in order to accumulate rewards </p><p>4. Input your Kroger Plus Card Number (or your phone number) 5. Complete Contact Information, Find organization (school) by entering NPO #10490 6. Click to confirm College Wood Elementary, Enroll </p><p>Target and Meijer have both stopped their school / community rewards programs. </p><p>COMMUNITY REWARDS</p><p>College Wood Elementary is now signed up with AmazonSmile. </p><p>AmazonSmile offers thousands of the same products as </p><p>Amazon.com. However, when you use AmazonSmile, Amazon </p><p>will donate 0.5% of your purchases to the College Wood </p><p>Elementary PTO. </p><p>Link your Amazon Prime account to start earning rewards for CWE. </p><p>Sign-up in 3 easy steps. </p><p>So, the next time you are purchasing items from Amazon, go to www.smile.amazon.com to order the same great products.</p><p>Step 1: Login in with your Amazon Prime account and </p><p>then go to www.smile.amazon.com</p><p>Select your charity by searching for </p><p>College Wood Parent Teacher Organization, </p><p>Carmel IN</p><p>Step 2: Select your charity: College Wood Parent Teacher Organization, </p><p>Carmel IN</p><p>Step 3: Accept Terms &amp; Conditions</p><p>REMEMBER to add or update your bookmark for AmazonSmile!</p><p>http://www.smile.amazon.com/http://www.marsh.net/http://krogercommunityrewards.com/http://www.smile.amazon.com/http://www.smile.amazon.comhttp://www.smile.amazon.comhttp://www.marsh.net/http://krogercommunityrewards.com/</p></li><li><p>Make sure to check the expiration dates and the source code on your Box Tops prior to submitting them. We cannot accept expired Box Tops or Box Tops that are missing the product code. If you cant see it </p><p>clearly, or if its expired we will not be able to count it towards your entries!</p><p>In October, turn in your box tops for a chance to win an iPad mini. For every 10 box tops you turn in on a sheet, you will earn an entry into the contest. For example, if you turn in 50 box tops, you will </p><p>have 5 entries in the contest. All collection sheets must be turned into school no later than October 30,2016. </p><p>Congratulations to Meghan Michael for winning the September Box Tops Contest. Meghan received a gift card to Dave &amp; Busters! </p><p>Check out our PTO website HERE to learn more about Box Tops and our collection sheets. We will have contests all year long, so start clipping and saving </p><p>today! </p><p>If you have any questions, please contact Amy Sevening via email at amybsevening@yahoo.com.Thank you for your support!</p><p>BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION</p><p>Box Top Collecting Tip: Ask grandparents, aunts and uncle, or neighbors to save their Box Tops too! Add their collection to yours to boost your chances of winning and to </p><p>help support CWE. </p><p>Expenses over $100 </p><p>Family Science Night - $113 Donation Drive Supplies - $171 </p><p>Principal Fund - Superflex Costume - $183 Principal Fund : Equabeam Blaance Equipment - $298 </p><p>Pizza for Tailgate with Dads - $452 Minnestrista Cultural Ctr Performance - $475 </p><p>Ipads for Boxtops Contest - $502 Staff Discretionary Fund - $690 </p><p>Conner Prairie Field Trip - 3rd Grade - $700 Donation Drive T-Shirts Order #3 - $1485 </p><p>Spirit Wear Inventory - $2409</p><p>For questions regarding PTO Funds, please contact our </p><p>Asst. Treasurer Jill Lipnik at </p><p>JLLipnik@aol.com</p><p>To submit a check request, please click here for a form!</p><p>TREASURERs REPORTIncome over $100 </p><p>Food Sales Science Night - $331 Spirit Wear Sales - $643 </p><p>Fall School Picture Income - $2745</p><p>Remember, to be entered into the contest, box tops need to be taped or glued to a collection sheet. </p><p>Get your Box Tops Collection Sheets here!. Make sure you include your student name, grade &amp; teacher. </p><p>mailto:JLLipnik@aol.comhttp://www1.ccs.k12.in.us/cwe/pto/formshttp://www1.ccs.k12.in.us/cwe/pto/boxtopsmailto:amybsevening@yahoo.commailto:JLLipnik@aol.comhttp://www1.ccs.k12.in.us/cwe/pto/boxtopsmailto:amybsevening@yahoo.comhttp://www1.ccs.k12.in.us/cwe/pto/boxtopshttp://www1.ccs.k12.in.us/cwe/pto/boxtopshttp://www1.ccs.k12.in.us/cwe/pto/forms</p></li><li><p>We would love to add more pictures all year long! Committee members, teachers &amp; staff please feel free to send us your pics of classroom activities, events, field trips or special </p><p>recognitions of our students! </p><p> Email to collegewoodpto@gmail.com with Newsletter / Website Photos in the subject line.</p><p>STUDENT PHOTOS</p><p>Thanks to all our volunteers, especially Dimple Shah, for their hard work in pulling off a successful second annual Tailgating with Dads. </p><p>Book Fair: Thank you to parents, students and teachers for another successful year at the book fair. The girls won the All For Books competition and celebrated </p><p>by wearing pajamas to school on a Friday. Over $1,200 in loose change was collected and was used to purchase books for every classroom, plus Scholastic matched that total and donated books to children in need. Thank you to all the </p><p>parent volunteers who made the week possible and to Adrienne Cary and Krista Lyons for their leadership.</p><p>Science Night: Another engaging and educational CWE science themed family night is in the books. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who made the event possible and to Hallie Hacker and Leslie Street for their amazing organizational skills. We so </p><p>appreciate DOW for partnering with us again by providing experiments and volunteers for the evening. We value their partnership and commitment to helping </p><p>grow future scientists.</p><p>During the seasons of giving and special recognition, families often wonder what teachers and staff members want or need most. </p><p>While no tangible gifts are ever expected, a list of classroom wishes and staff favorites are available to parents and students to make potential gift giving decisions simpler. </p><p>The "CWE Staff Favorite Things" spreadsheet can be viewed HERE.</p><p>Donation Drive Tax StatementThank you again for your contribution to the CWE 2016 Fall Donation Drive. </p><p>Click here for a printable receipt for tax purposes. College Wood is a 501c3 non profit and all Donation Drive contributions are 100% tax deductible. Please contact Sue Herrmann at </p><p>collegewoodpto@gmail.com with any questions.</p><p>http://www1.ccs.k12.in.us/cwe/uploads/File/pto/Links/2016donationdrivereceipt.pdfmailto:collegewoodpto@gmail.comhttp://www1.ccs.k12.in.us/cwe/uploads/File/pto/Links/2016donationdrivereceipt.pdfmailto:collegewoodpto@gmail.commailto:collegewoodpto@gmail.commailto:collegewoodpto@gmail.comhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TmO2Y9hVm2obOyU1vkLKYomM0Oq5sUCpa2ED2rmW4Vo/edit?pli=1#gid=46900474https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TmO2Y9hVm2obOyU1vkLKYomM0Oq5sUCpa2ED2rmW4Vo/edit?pli=1#gid=46900474</p></li></ul>


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