unleash your statements' true potential

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Unleash Your Statements’ True Potential Daniel Kim | Product Marketing Manager Sean O‘Donovan | Vice President, Marketing

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This slide deck discusses some of the challenges and benefits of a better looking statement, best practices in statement design and how you can truly "unleash your statements' true potential".


  • 1. Daniel Kim | Product Marketing Manager Sean ODonovan | Vice President, MarketingUnleash Your Statements True Potential

2. Agenda Purpose of a Statement Business Challenges with Poor Statement Design Benefits of a Better Looking Statement Designing Best in Class Statements Statement Delivery Statement Trends Colour Printing 3. What is The Purpose of The Statements You Issue? 3 4. Statements Purpose Provide customers with a recordof account(s) and transactionsfor a defined period Demonstrate compliancewith regulatory mandates4 5. Potentially What Else? Customer communications vehicle A key element in an integratedmarketing program or campaign A tool to reduce customerservice overheads A tool to reinforce yourbrand with your customers5 6. Business Challenges with Poor Statement Design Customer dissatisfaction Call centre inquiries for statement related complaints typicallyrange between 20-35% Brand deterioration & missed brand impressions Legacy systems and custom coding make it difficult to respondto statement change requests High costs associated with monthlystatements 7. 3,000 Messages Per Day The average North American is exposed to 3,000 of marketing messages per day Weve trained ourselves to zone them out 8. What Gets Read? They also receive between 15 to 20 transaction documentsper month Its the ONE type of mail that 95% of people open And spend an average of 2-3 minutes reading! 9. Benefits of Great Looking Statements1.Improved Branding2.Improved Customer Experience3.Reduced Call Centre Inquiries4.Targeted, Personalized Marketing in Multiple Marketing MessageZones5. Rich Text and Images6. Decreased Costs7. Broader Design and Layout Options8. Check Image Support9. Deliver a Better Look Online10. Staying in the Game 9 10. An Opportunity Exists Create a delightful customer experience Positively impact customer service Expose and cross sellproducts and servicesvia marketing messages10 11. Design 12. What Should A Statement Do? Facilitate communication Market brand consistently Be convenient Find key information on statement easily Be easy to read Provide an opportunity to cross sell and up-sell additional products & services 13. Form Follows Function Ergonomics logical flowimportant information first comfortable do not hunt for info Smart documents display what is necessary remove what is not necessary 13 14. Document Reengineering Focus time and effort on design that affects the impact of thedocuments purposeUse space efficientlyProportional fonts vs. Fixed width fontsUse narrow if applicableLegalWell designed, user friendly, intuitiveThe reader should not have to thinkabout itConsider print and electronicproduction realities 14 15. Fonts: Type Style & Size Use solid, plain easy to read fonts Some people may prefer a larger type size Twelve point is a good size for most writing Ten point is the minimum size to use Dont .. Combine more than three different fonts on the same page busy and confusing for the reader Use all capital letters ITS HARD TO READ15 16. Fonts: Type Style & SizeSerif or Sans Serif? A serif typeface makes text easier to read Leads your eye from letter to letter A sans serif typeface is good for titles Draws your eye down into the body of the textSerif fonts Times New Roman, Constantia, New Century SchoolbookSans serif fonts Arial, AvantGarde, Calibri 16 17. Better Looking Statements A Great Customer Communication VehicleFrom ThisTo This17 18. Better Looking Statements A Great Customer Communication VehicleBrand ReinforcementPersonalized contactsEasy to read and decipherTargeted Marketing Messages18 19. Creating Best-In-Class Statements Ideally tightly integrated withbanking/brokerage system Data redesigned from the groundup using enhanced data from coresystem Allows Personalized & 1:1marketing down to customerlevel More effective messaging Better communication of yourofferings 20. Advanced Statement DesignTemplate should vary from front vs inside pages 21. Advanced Statement Design Differential templates for print statements vs. eStatements (B&W and/or colour) 22. Advanced Statement DesignAbility to append check images (various layouts) or to add promotion materials to statements inserts, newsletters, notices. 23. Statement Trends 24. Statement Trends Present and FutureFROMTOPrint and mail onlyOnline statement options One data stream Multiple, merged streamsSingle item printing Multiple item printing Black and white Full Colour 25. Differential Bundling 26. Embedded Links Clickable link in text based ad that takes reader directly to relevant web content Clickable ad that takes reader directly to relevant web content Allows them to respond in real time to a marketing promotion 27. eInsertion Insert /newsletter Content served up IN THE SAME PDF as the statement when user opens the statement onlineStatement Datafrom CoreProcessingSystem Doxim BPM Doxim ECM Print Lettershop Mail 28. Data Insertion & MergingSupplementaryData Insertion:Data FileAllows supplementary data to be added to the statement data stream before processing e.g. Airmiles Points on MastercardStatement Datafrom CoreDoxim ECMProcessingSystem Doxim BPMSupplementary Print LettershopMailData FileData Stream Merging:Allows two separate print streams to be mergedtogether post processing, before printing/ outpute.g. Adding newsletter to statement print run 29. Color Printing 30. eDelivery Savings Colour Printing SavingSaving Laggard Doxim average e-delivery Doxim best practices s 31. eDelivery Trends Average opt-out from printed statement > 50% Doxim top 10 percentile of clients > 85% eDelivery 32. Doxim Offering 33. Color printingeInserts andeNewsletterseStatements Doxim StatementSolutionsBetter Looking Enhanced data Statementsstreams In-line Newsletters 34. Visit www.doxim.com to learn moreContact us: [email protected] us on Twitter: @doxim_incSubscribe to our YouTube channel: DoximTVLike us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/doxim