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    by: The Le

  • Unorthodox Treasures created by The Le

    Ale Wand Wand, uncommon This innocuous wand is crude to the touch, and always worn down from decades of use. Three times per day you can use the wand to touch a container that holds up to up to one pint of water, which will instantly turn it into Dwarven Ale. When creating Ale this way, the DM secretly makes a Wisdom check to determine the quality of the Beer:


    Roll Result

    20+ Superior Ale. Advantage on all saves vs Fear for 12 hours.

    17-19 Excellent Ale. Advantage on first save vs Fear for next 12 hours.

    05-16 Good quality Ale.

    01-04 Bad Ale, but tastes like good quality ale. One hour after consuming, make a Con Save (DC 20) or vomit and take 1d6 damage.

    Note that a player who drinks the Ale will not be made aware of the Wisdom check result, unless it was 17 or greater.

    Ali's Magic Carpet Wondrous Item, Rare This colorful carpet has a red colored fringe that is constantly in motion, as if it was alive. When rolled out, and sat upon, you can command the carpet to take flight (3 feet above ground) and move up to 50 feet rather using your normal movement during combat. Anytime you move this way, or take damage from an attack, you must make a successful Dexterity check or fall prone (DC 12). The carpet itself is very sturdy, essentially having "50 hit points" and can take damage as a person would. When it reaches 0 hit points, the carpet will "scream" in pain and turn into loose threads. The carpet's hit points can only be regained/repaired by a master carpet maker.

    Amulet of Aid Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement) This amulet is oddly shaped like a potion of healing; when worn by a cleric, this amulet can summon a healing ghost to your side - whenever you or an ally within 30-feet falls unconscious, the Amulet will create a ghost-like version of you and attempt to administer first aid with Advantage, using your bonuses. If the Cleric is of 10th level or higher, this radius is doubled to 60-feet. Note that the Amulet will only attempt first aid if an ally falls unconscious within range; the Amulet will do nothing if an ally falls unconscious outside of the range, even if you walk closer to save them. If worn by anyone other than a cleric, the ghost-like healer will only appear if you fall unconscious, and its first-aid attempt will not gain Advantage. A creature can only be healed this way once per day, even if the first aid check fails. Example (assume you are a Cleric): if your ally within 30-feet falls unconscious, the Amulet will attempt first aid on that ally. If that ally falls unconscious again within the same day, the Amulet does nothing. If a different ally falls unconscious (on the same day) within 30-feet the Amulet will attempt first aid on that new ally. If yet a third ally falls unconscious outside of the 30-feet range, and you manage to run up to them, The Amulet does nothing.

  • Unorthodox Treasures created by The Le

    Amulet of Bewitching Wondrous Item, uncommon (requires attunement) This black amulet has an outline of a snake and dragon with tiny red rubies on the outer edges. When worn, you can use a bonus action on your turns to hex any one creature within 30 feet - when you hex a creature, roll a 1d4: your INT or WIS (your choice) is reduced by this amount and the hexed creature receives a penalty to all its checks by the same amount. Both effects last one hour, even if you remove the Amulet. You can only hex one creature at a time (until the creature is killed or the hour has lapse, whichever is first).

    Amulet of Sight Wondrous Item, uncommon (requires attunement) This mundane round gold colored amulet has an etching of an eye etched within it. When worn by a spellcaster, it allows the spellcaster an Advantage on any spell attack roll. You must declare that you are using this ability before making your spell attack roll, and must take a long rest before using the ability again.

    Amulet of the Crusader Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement) This holy symbol appears wooden to everyone who sees it, except Paladins who can always see the magical aura that surrounds it. When worn by a Paladin, it generates a constant healing effect, healing you of 1 damage at the beginning of each of your turns, as long as you have Lay on Hands pool of healing that is unused. Beginning 5th level, and every 5 levels thereafter, this healing effect increases by 1 (cumulatively).

    DM's Option: The healing effect will only work if the Paladin has at least half of his Lay on Hands pool of healing left unused.

    Babbling Fish Wondrous Item, rare This small fish never rots, is always breathing, and small enough to fit into one's ear. When held close, you will always here the fish talking

    in your native tongue, saying "put me in your ear". Those brave enough to stick this fish in the ear must make a Constitution Save (DC 10) or take 4 points of damage. Once inserted, the Babbling fish firmly makes resident in your ear canal, and sings soothing songs of the lakes of whence it spawned; you have advantage on all saving throws against being frightened.

    Bag of Berries Wondrous Item, uncommon (once per day), rare (twice per day), very rare (three times per day) This burlap bag looks large enough to hold a coconut; it's smooth to the touch and is always found in the color purple with a golden strap. Once-to-three-times per day anyone can place their hand in the bag to pull out a handful of berries or other fruit -- this magical fruit is highly nutritious, able to keep your hunger at bay for a full 16 hours.

    Bag of Folding Wondrous Item, rare This sturdy cloth bag is made of high quality cotton, adorned with exotic feathers and sometimes pretty cross stitches. The bag itself is treated as a standard backpack that can hold up to 5lb of material. However, this magical bag has the can be flattened and folded as if it were empty - even if the bag is full. The bag can fold down to 1/5 of its normal size, but its weight and mass will not change. The bag cannot be opened when folded this way, but it can be ruptured -- if ruptured (while folded) it will cause a small rift, causing it to explode for 3d8 damage (bludgeoning) to anyone within 10 feet of the explosion.

  • Unorthodox Treasures created by The Le

    Bag of the Magi Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement) This small red/burlap bag has a picture of a star stitched into it. A spellcaster who sticks her hand into the bag may pull out a small metal sphere. When clenched tightly in the spellcaster's fist, it will empower the spellcaster you receive a +1 bonus to any spell attack roll. At 6th level and every 6 spellcaster levels thereafter, this bonus increases by one (to a maximum of +4 at 18th level). Once used, the sphere will magically disappear. If a sphere is removed from the bag and not used within 5 minutes, it will also magically disappear (even if it is placed back into the bag). The bag only holds up to two spheres at a time, and the bag itself produces new spheres at the rate one every other day.

    Bash Bash Armor (shield), uncommon This large (tower) shield has beautiful etchings of trolls on its front and elegant etchings of goblins on the inside. It's heavier than most shields, requiring minimum Strength value of 16 to use. When using this remarkable shield, if an opponent's melee attack roll against you misses by a value of 4 or more, then the shield will automatically bash itself against that foe, dealing an amount of bludgeoning damage equal to 1d6 + your Strength bonus (if any).

    Belt of Feebleness (cursed) Wondrous Item, rare This leather belt comes with a golden latch and colorful beads sewn throughout the side in fine stitching. When first worn, you immediately gain a +4 bonus to your Strength score! There is a seemingly odd quirk though -- once worn, the belt will become stuck and cannot be removed. However, over time the belt will have the opposite effect. Every two days at midnight, the DM makes a secret Strength Check (DC 5) for the wearer of the belt. On a failed save, the belt STR bonus is reduced by 1. On a successful save, the DC will increase by 1 on the next roll

    (cumulative). This continues until the belt generates a -4 Penalty to Strength. To remove this cursed item requires a special incantation from a level 15 or higher Cleric who is knowledgeable with the history and magical workings of the Belt of Feebleness.

    Bola Bola Weapon (short bow), rare This enchanted short bow looks mundane, but its strings glow green when an arrow is notched within it. Whenever you notch a non-magical arrow, you can imbue it with an explosive tip. A successful attack with the imbued arrow does no damage to its target, but it will stick to its target. If the arrow is not removed, then on your next turn and every turn thereafter, roll a 1d4 for each of these arrows still on the target -- on each result of 3-4, the arrow explodes and deals 1d4+2 fire damage. If the arrow is removed from the target before you roll, it becomes powerless. Note to DMs: The target creature will not be aware that the arrow explodes, so it may not be inclined to remove them. In fact it may take a couple explosions for it to make the connection (INT check). How the target removes the target is up to your discretion.

  • Unorthodox Treasures created by The Le

    Bone Sword Weapon (any weapon that deals slashing damage), uncommon This simple weapon has a yellowish tint, as it is made from the bone of an unknown animal. Although it is made of bone, it is as durable as any metal made weapon, and has special magical properties. When used in battle, you may speak the command word "Power Strike" before making your attack rol