unshackle upstate endorses david nachbar

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Friends of David Nachbar P.O. Box 251 Pittsford, NY 14534 DavidNachbarhas demonstratedthe strongestsupportfor creatingprivate-sector jobsinUpstateNew York.Heunderstands theneedtoreduce taxesandlowerthecost ofdoingbusinessin NewYork.Unshackle Upstatelooksforward toworkingwithDavid tolimitstatespending andreducethe burdenthatwefaceas residents.It’stimeto electDavidNachbar.” – Brian Sampson, Executive Director, Unshackle Upstate

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Friends of David NachbarP.O. Box 251Pittsford, NY 14534


– Brian Sampson, Executive Director, Unshackle Upstate

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David Nachbar f o r S tat e a S S e m b ly

Unshackle Upstate endorses businessman David Nachbar for State Assembly

Unshackle Upstate – a bipartisan coalition of over 80 business and trade organizations representing more than 70,000 companies that employ more than 1.5 million people – has endorsed David Nachbar for assembly.

David believes we must run the state with basic business principles to:- reduce state and local spending- lower taxes and fees- Stop unfunded mandates- end excessive state borrowing “�Career�politicians�have�proven�they�

don’t�have�what�it�takes�to�turn�the�upstate�economy�around.�Bringing�a�business�perspective�and�simple�business�principles�to�Albany�is�necessary�to�balance�the�state’s�budget�and�bring�jobs�upstate.” –�David�Nachbar

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