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  • Our mission:

  • Strategic Ambition 1:

    To INSPIRE our learners through an outstanding teaching and learning

    environment, work relevant ethos, and a best

    in class experience.

    Strategic Ambition 2:

    To INNOVATE through sector leading flexible and dynamic delivery methods

    and curricula.

    Strategic Ambition 3:

    To IMPACT significantly on the economic and social wellbeing of our region

    and its place in the global economy.

    Our academic and support services teams will work in partnership to provide an outstanding teaching and learning environment in which all our learners will thrive. We will be passionate about the success of our learners; challenging and supportive, and ensure that we offer first class facilities and an enriching extra-curricular life.

    The work relevant ethos at the heart of our approach will ensure that our learners leave the University not just with a certificate, but with the practical skills and experience valued by employers. In the increasingly competitive world of work, our learners will stand out from the crowd, enhance their career aspirations, and achieve their goals.

    We will anticipate the constantly changing needs of our learners and be at the forefront of an approach to education driven by flexible and dynamic delivery methods, innovative use of technology, and forward-looking curricula. We will focus on the needs of our learners and employers and set the trends that others will follow.

    Our willingness to push the boundaries and desire for continuous improvement will establish us as a stand-out proposition for all learners, however they wish to learn. We will take the University to our learners, whether they choose to study online, in the workplace, or on campus.

    We will champion the continued prosperity of our city and region as well as its place in the global economy. Our priorities and strengths will be fully aligned with the regions business, economic and social needs.

    The value of our applied research, enterprise and knowledge transfer and the reputation of our academics, learners and graduates, will make us a business partner of choice within our region, nationally and internationally.

    We will have a material impact on the social wellbeing of our community in health, education, sport and culture, and will support local employment needs.

  • We will:

    support our passionate academic staff to nurture the same passion within their learners and provide an outstanding teaching and learning environment across our entire portfolio

    challenge and support our learners to create the opportunity to maximise their potential and realise their ambitions

    provide our learners with the knowledge, skills and experience to succeed in the workplace through our work relevant ethos, this will place employability and real world learning at the heart of our curricula

    establish a supportive and academically challenging environment in which all our learners have a strong voice, are treated as individuals, and benefit from a University willing and able to respond quickly to their needs

    strengthen our commitment to extra-curricula life and enhance our learner community

    ensure our pedagogic practice is sector leading across our portfolio

    work as a single team, continually improving, with academic and support services working closely together for the benefit of our learners.

    We will:

    develop flexible and dynamic modes of teaching, delivery, speed and style, with the ability for learners to easily and effectively switch between modes to suit their individual needs and circumstances

    grow University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL) as a leading sector provider

    provide innovative work-based learning solutions to complement the ongoing investment in campus-based facilities

    innovate in our strong portfolio of programmes to meet the needs of todays learners and employers

    anticipate future regional, national and international market trends and demands

    underpin our flexible approach with sector leading use of technology, infrastructure and partner channels

    deliver a high quality, simple and effective end-to-end learner experience which makes applying, enrolling and studying at the University a first class experience for learners, irrespective of their location or mode of study.

    We will:

    develop a sector leading capability in professional engineering, education, health and the creative industries in partnership with our regional and global partners

    further enhance our reputation as a responsive, employer-focused University and our position as a sector leader in work-based learning support

    develop a portfolio of applied, multidisciplinary research and knowledge transfer services driven by effective partnerships with our regions employers, and our deep understanding of their global markets and needs

    be seen as central to the health, educational, sporting and cultural ambitions of our city and region, and establish the University as a trusted and valued partner

    build a strong partnership with the regional network of schools, colleges and employers that helps to cultivate our future generations capacity to bring value and impact to the region

    produce industry aware, enterprising and motivated graduates

    be a leading resource for local entrepreneurs in the creation and development of new businesses.

    Enablers: People Environment Technology Intelligence Finance ProcessesValues: Quality Valuing People Customer Focus Challenge & Innovation Opportunity & Openness

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