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Update to NetWeaver BW EhP1SAP NetWeaver 7.01

Roland Kramer, Solution Architect BW/BI/In-Memory Customer Insight & Action / Field Enablement / SAP AG August 2009 with latest Updates until Q4/2010

Facing the challengeCustomers want Stability AND Innovation

INNOVATION Easy introduction of new processes Fast, tailored support of processes, when required Support new user groups

The answer: SAP enhancement packagesBusiness Driven Enhancements by CHOICE: Flexibility to implement new and enhanced processes and scenarios Switch framework provides flexibility to choose what functionality to use

STABILITY Stay compliant Support core processes Use a stable technology platform Be on a sufficient maintenance schedule SAP 2008 / Page 2 / 2 SAP 2009 / Page EHP Technology Facts 3.0 / Christian Oehler

NetWeaver EhP1 Landing Page on SDNhttps://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/nw-70ehp1

No manual Activation necessary here With the GA of EhP1 this is available automatically. Do not upgrade to the EhP2 Version, choose BW 7.30 as the next Version from EhP1 onwards, esspecially when you have a SEM Add-On Installed on top of BW. SAP 2009 / Page 3

Enhancements Delivered in 2009/2010:Updating your software stack is keySAP NetWeaver BW 7.0 EhP1 (7.01) as THE foundation for all new BI Solutions 10+ Improvements on BW 7.01 + XI 3.1 SP2Removal of 1 millions cells limitation Up to 15% performance gains with query streaming Up to 25% performance gains in the MDX driver Better OLAP universe change management with LCM

Further optimizations delivered in SPSs and SPs based on BW 7.01 and XI 3.1* DF Facade = new communication Interface with EhP1 between Data Federator and the BW Datasources SAP 2008 / Page 4

So what in there for me?NetWeaver EhP1 as THE foundation for all new BI SolutionsThe first shown integration Improvements between SAP and BusinessObjects Products are realized with the release of NetWeaver EhP1 and further NetWeaver EhP1 is the prerequisite for the following SAP BI Solutions: BPC 7.x based on NetWeaver 7.0 EhP1 SAP BusinessObjects Inverse Formulas, contribution of percentage Enterprise Values and Cell locking for BW-IP from 7.20 SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Version 1.0 and 2.0 Native access of SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius via BICS without BusinessObjects Enterprise Platform XI 3.1 Better Support for WebI via Universes Improved MDX Interface Direct Access to BW 7.01 via SAP BusinessObjects Data Federator Improved/enhanced CTC templates for connectivity/initialization with BW (Note 1178800) SAP 2009 / Page 5


BI Consumer Services SAP BEx/Pioneer Queries and Views

Even more possible with EhP1 Stack 6with the delivery of Stack 6 more Possibilities availableBetween EhP1 Stack 5 and 6 a lot of Improvements where implemented with the reflection of Rampups and Customer Implementations. Access via Advanced Analysis 1.0 Office Version possible with EhP1 SP6 and onwards BPC 7.5 based on NetWeaver 7.0 EhP1 SP6 Full functionality of BW-IP from 7.20 delivered with SP6 SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 2.0 acc. complete Backend Functionality with SP6 Improved Stability and Performance for Xcelsius via BICS with latest SP6 Java Corrections. Improved Stability and Performance for the MDX Interface with latest SP6 Abap Corrections. Improved/enhanced CTC templates for connectivity/initialization with BW (Note 1178800) SAP 2009 / Page 6

Introducing SAP BI 4.0 with EhP1 Stack 8with the delivery of Stack 8 you can connect the new BI 4.0SAP NetWeaver ABAP 7.01 SP08 or 7.30 SP01 (see Note 1476156 and Note 1471463) ABAP stack only . No NetWeaver Java stack required, i.e. Portal and BI-JAVA components. Note that the BI 4.x system includes an SAP JVM and Java libraries required to run BEx Web templates. Please Note that certain EP applications and the BW-IP still require certain BI-JAVA components with BI 4.0

SAP 2009 / Page 7

Accelerated Upgrade to NetWeaver BWYour access to the SAP Business Objects World

Lower your TCO and time efforts by Managing your Upgrade with innovative toolsComplete Business Suite 7 connectivity (with EhP1):abap - java connection (available) for connection BW-IP, EP, ESS/MSS, etc. abap - abap (with EhP1) for backend connection e.g. ERP, CRM, BW, PI, etc. java - java (upcoming) for frontend connection e.g. FPM, etc. Note 1178800

2. CTC for BW-Javaautomatic connection between Abap and Java (Note 983156)

1. ASU toolbox (incl. BW Content)one single truth for all pre/post Upgrade Steps (Note 1000009)

Use the predefined content for:upgrade to NetWeaver 7.x BW upgrade to ERP 6.0 EhPx (upcoming) upgrade to any SAP Product based on the NetWeaver 7.x Platform (upcoming) create/modify own content (XML based)

http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/edw-ops SAP 2009 / Page 8

Manage Your Upgrade

Separation of Abap and Java Stack with EhP1 recommended

Business Warehouse

BEx Web


BW Java EP & EP-C Java

SAP 2009 / Page 9

Example: How MCOD Could Be Used To Compensate Dual Stack Systems

SAP 2009 / Page 10

Business Suite FoundationA new component delivered with NetWeaver EhP1

Business Suite Foundation (SAP_BS_FND)Owned by Suite:Follows Business Suite Core Applications regarding timelines, software stack, ...

NetWeaver Addon:Independent of NW release planning




SAP_BS_FNDNetWeaver SAP 2009 / Page 11

Implementation Scenarios for EhP1Different Target Groups, different OptionsEnhancement Package Installation

NW 7.0

Solution Manager - MOPZ

NW 7.01NW EhP1

NW 7.1

Enhancement Package Installer (SAP Ehpi)

NW 7.11NW EhP1

JSPM NW 7.0 SAP Ehpi

NW 7.01NW EhP1

NW 7.01NW EhP1

SAP 2009 / Page 12

Simplified Installation: Enhanced SAP lifecycle tools2 1. Enhancement of Solution Manager - Maintenance Optimizer calculates the correct software component versions and support package stack you need to install depending on chosen Technical Usage - In addition Maintenance Optimizer provides a definition file, which can be read by the installation tools in order to create a valid import queue

2. Enhancement of installation tools: - SAINT is able to update server components - SAINT gets automatic selection according to the stack definition - JSPM is enabled for extended SAP enhancement package stack definition - JSPM installs selected packages as a bundle SAP 2009 / Page 13

Solution Manager (Maintenance Optimizer) & Managed Systems

Generated via Maintenance Optimizer

Managed Systems Stack.XML ABAP SPAM JavaOnly with SP14



Java SLD

OS-Tools + Kernel

OS-Tools + Kernel ABAPSolution Manager System: - Maintenance Optimizer - Business Blueprint & system landscape data maintained (SOLAR01 & SMSY) SAP 2009 / Page 14

JavaOnly with SP14

SPAMOS-Tools + Kernel

JSPMOS-Tools + Kernel

SAP enhancement package Switch Installer (ABAP)2

New Installation Tool SAP enhancement package Installer: Use the best out of two worlds!

RELIABLE Mature, stable and optimized Switch Upgrade Technology Look & feel like applying Support packages, not like upgrade SAP 2009 / Page 15

MINIMIZED DOWNTIME Shortest possible system outage for enhancement package installation Simplified process, smart tool Easily add Support Packages

Note 1248905 - SP Equivalence for update/upgrade to EHP 1 for SAP NW 7.0Installed Release SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Support Package Stack 15/BI Patch 17 Support Package Stack 16/BI Patch 18 n/a Support Package-Stack 17/BI Patch 19 Support Package-Stack 18/BI Patch 20 Support Package Stack 19/BI Patch 21 n/a Support Package Stack 20/BI Patch 22 Support Package Stack 21/BI Patch 23 Support Package Stack 22/BI Patch 24 Support Package Stack 23/BI Patch 25 Target Release SAP EHP1 for NetWeaver 7.0 n/a Support Package Stack 0 Support Package Stack 1 Support Package-Stack 2 Support Package-Stack 3 n/a Support Package-Stack 4 Support Package Stack 5 ( min. requirem.) Support Package Stack 6 (released 02.2010) Support Package Stack 7 (released 07.2010) Support Package Stack 8 (released 12.2010)

Compatible with the new BI 4.0 Platform also for BEx Web Applications , Note 1476156 SAP 2009 / Page 16

Prerequisites IRelease all SAP related objects (please note that you need an access key for activation, this is new since there are Maintenance Keys necessary) NetWeaver EhP1 including SP-Stack (currently Stack 8, Stack 5 released 8th of September) ERP EHP4 DVD including SEM604, FINBASIS 604 (Upgrade) SAP Business Suite Foundation (SAP_BS_FND) 7.01 as Install see Note 1171147 SAP Kernel 7.01 NUC/UC (currently Patch 102) Latest SPAM/SAINT Update 700/003x (currently 0041) SAP MMC Update on Windows OS (available from the Kernel 7.01 DVD) Note 1142832 - Installation Enhancement Package 1 for NetWeaver 700 PasswordsPI_BASIS 701 SAP_ABA 701 SAP_BASIS 701 SAP_BW 701 SAPK-701DHINPIBASIS SAPK-701DHINSAPABA SAPK-701DHINSAPBASIS SAPK-701DHINSAPBW 3DD62AEC78 3DC721976A 3EC433FE19 3ED240976A

Please Note that there is an important attachment with the Note supplied

Note 1172899 - BI_CONT 7.04: Information about installation and upgradeSAP BC 7.04 K-704DHINBICONT 1415818AD7

Note 1321293 - BI_CONT 7.05: Information about installation and upgrade Note 1256600 - Using transaction SAINT to install SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4 Note 1254946 - BI_CONT 704:Information on Add-On Support Packages Note 1426981 - XPRA: Initial Mode objects get overwritten after UpgradeSet the BW component to not changeable during Upgrade of EhP 1 with transaction SE06

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