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Marketing Plan for Urban Farm Cafe. UCLA Extension, Winter 2010.


  • Eat Fresh.Eat Well.Eat Local.
  • Agenda1. Background Situation, Solution, Mission, Target Market, Economic Environment, Competition Landscape2. Product Product Overview, Revenue Objectives, Differentiation Strategies, Product Tactics3. Price Profit Objectives, Pricing Strategies, Tactics4. Place Channel Objectives, Distribution Strategies, Channel Tactics5. Promotion Exposure Objectives, Promotional Strategies, Tactics6. Break-Even Point7. Question & Answer
  • BackgroundAccording to the most recent data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 1 out of every 3 American adults is obese 2 out of every 3 are overweight Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place Promo
  • Situation Obesity is largely a result of unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle Americans are increasingly living faster-paced lives, working longer hours, & enjoying fewer hours of leisure time & less physical activity (U.S. Bureau of Labor) 70% of adults say they want to eat healthier (National Restaurant Association) Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • Our Solution Tagline: Eat Fresh. Eat Well. Eat Local. A fun, warm and welcoming caf with simple, modern dcor serving all organic, locally grown, and hormone-free ingredients Quick & efficient service Meals customized to order Located in the heart of Woodland Hills, Ca Socially responsible & LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • Mission1. To be a reliable go-to spot in the community for the healthiest food options2. To increase awareness about Urban Farm Caf brand and attract loyal customers3. Ultimately establish more locations throughout the nation Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • Target Market Woodland Hills & surrounding areas Ages 24 55 Middle class & upper middle class professionals (white & green collar), students, health conscious individuals Characteristics: self sufficient, health & environmentally conscious, positive, socially responsible, willing to pay a premium to meet health goals Promo Break-Even Intro Product Price Place
  • Target Market Median Household Income (U.S. Census Bureau): $72,568 (vs. $55,452 Los Angeles County Median) Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • Economic Environment Currently in Economic Recovery (2009) Consumer spending on goods & services projected to increase gradually 2010- 2011 Restaurant industry projected 2.5% growth ($580 billion) in 2010 Urban Farm Caf scheduled to open in January 2011 right when consumer spending is expected to increase Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • Competition Landscape: Direct Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • Indirect Competition Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • Product: Urban Farm Caf Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • ProductRevenue Objective: $960,000 first year (2011)Strategies: Position restaurant as casual healthy restaurant, encouraging frequent patronage Heavy promotion to develop brand and establish reputation in town Offer customers a fun environment and alternative to nearby chain restaurants Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • ProductTactics: Offer all organic, locally-grown, hormone-free ingredients Involvement in local community Original menu with affordable prices Simple, modern, welcoming atmosphere Excellent customer service Guarantee origin of restaurant ingredients Promo Break-Even Intro Product Price Place
  • Caf Description Cozy & comfortable Simple, yet stylish Color scheme: shades of green, orange, white natural, organic, environmentally friendly Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • Menu (Regular & Seasonal) All organic salads Fresh homemade soups Gourmet sandwiches Deli sides Fruit desserts Artisan breads Homemade jams &spreads Beverages: mineralwater, fresh-squeezedjuices, organic teas, free-trade coffees Promo Break-Even Intro Product Price Place
  • Price Profit 15% Gross Profit Margin Objective Value-Based Pricing Market Skimming Pricing Strategy Strategy Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • Restaurant Overall Cost BreakdownFood 25%Total labor 20%Management 10%Rent 10%Supplies 8%Maintenance 5%Marketing 5%Insurance/Legal 5%Waste management/pestcontrol 2%Utilities 6% Promo Break-Even Intro Product Price Place
  • Pricing Tactics Catering and Business Accounts Events Payment Options Cash, Credit, Debit Business Lunches Pre-paid Meal Cards Free delivery over $100 and within 5 mile radius Payment in Caf or Online Product Bundles Bundled picnic lunches in Discounts spring/summer Quantity Discount Meal deals End of the Day Discount Promo Break-Even Intro Product Price Place
  • Place: Physical LocationLocation Objective Location that meets the following: high human traffic during day, visible to passer-by, accessible, adequate parking, zoned for business, meets size & layout requirement, reasonable lease term, minimal renovations Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • Description of Site Total Space Available: 2,282 SF Rental Rate: $3.25 /SF/Month Abundant parking available freewith validation. Adjacent outdoor patio spaceavailable. Other tenants include: DaphnesGreek Caf, The Coffee Bean &Tea Leaf, Baja Fresh and TheStand. Promo Break-Even Intro Product Price Place
  • Distribution Channel Objectives Channel Objective: To double the number of intermediaries between caf and consumers Strategies: 1) Develop partnerships with local businesses and educational institutions to increase word of mouth 2) Customer Loyalty Program to reward customers as brand evangelists 3) Leverage relationships with suppliers to use suppliers as caf representatives Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • Channel Tactics Customer Loyalty Partnerships Program (Points) Suppliers Yoga Studios Customer Community Reviews Supported Gyms Market Research Agriculture Surveys (CSA) Spas Blog Contributions Cost Effective & Hotels Environmentally Social Media Friendly Schools Mentions Distribution Promo Break-EvenIntro Product Price Place
  • Promotion Exp