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Crafty ideas to inspire your event


<ul><li><p>URBAN THREADS</p><p>Crafty ideas to inspire your event</p><p>www.urbanthreads.com</p></li><li><p>Mr. and Mrs. Script</p></li><li><p>Weddings are a giant step into a new life ... shouldnt that big day represent that couple as much as possible?</p><p>Whether the celebration is your own or belongs to friends or family, share your love with embroideredaccents customized to make that special day truly magical. You dont always have to spend big to get a wedding your way. Along with some DIY magic and your trusty embroidery machine, this lookbook provides all kinds of ideas to add some crafty andcustomized joy to the celebration.</p></li><li><p>Let the bride shine on her big day with personalized items. A gorgeous robe embroidered with Bride in her custom colors is a great way for her to feel the magic of the day as she and her friends get ready.</p><p>Calligraphic Bride</p><p>h er big day</p></li><li><p>h er big day</p><p>Weddings come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Some are traditional and some are totally not. Find something to suit every bride and every wedding with a wide range of styles, from classic to gothic.</p><p>Celtic Vintage Offbeat Elegant</p><p>A WEDDING FOR EVERY STYLEDelicate Dress</p></li><li><p>Dont forget about the groom! There are lots of personalized items to stitch for the man of the day, including garment bags, ties, duffels, pocket squares and more. </p><p>FOR THE GUYS</p><p>Calligraphic Groom</p></li><li><p>FOR THE GUYS</p><p>Understated is the look of choice for dapper gentlemen. For a classic look, stick with neutral colors or tone-on-tone designs.</p><p>Style Tip:</p><p>Monogramming is a classy way to add embroidery that guys love.</p><p>Want to make a subtle statement? Pick a light-stitching design in a theme that says something about the groom and his interests, like gears or games. Stitch it tone-on-tone on a tie for a classy embossed look that wont distract on the day.</p><p>Steampunk Cogs</p><p>Inked Alphabet Pack</p></li><li><p>Sweet sentimentsHang sweet signs with outfits, over the backs of chairs, on doors, and just about anywhere else you can think of.</p><p>Betrothed Pack</p></li><li><p>These little True Love Birds come as a mix-and-match set, so you can mix colors, couples and genders to get the perfect set for the big day.</p><p>design Tip:</p><p>top it off</p><p>True Love Birds</p></li><li><p>Cake toppers are the perfect place to add some adorable embroidery. Any design, like these two lovebirds, can be customized to suit everywedding color theme. Stitch them on stifferfabric and then cut them out to make cute stitched accents.</p></li><li><p>CELEBRATE!Not that were overly sentimental or anything, but who doesnt love </p><p>the idea of happily waving tiny yay flags?</p><p>Yay Flag (Lace)</p></li><li><p>Mark THe DayFabric-wrapped items like guestbooks and even signs are a perfect place to add a little embroidery. You can even add the date of the wedding for an extra personal touch!</p><p>Betrothed Mr. &amp; Mrs.</p></li><li><p>Betrothed Happily Ever After</p></li><li><p>Stitch up Mr. &amp; Mrs. Lace bunting pieces</p><p>Make a flag out of your favorite fabrics from your fabric stash</p><p>Stitch your couples initials overlapping on a flag</p><p>Stitch a favorite design in your wedding colors, suiting your theme</p><p>Stitch an ampersand on one flag between your first initials on the other flags</p><p>Stitch a date on a flag and keep it as a keepsake</p><p>Bunting is a great place to really add some extra personality! There are all kinds of different crafty options you can add to yours...</p><p>style Tip:</p><p>Wedding Bunting (Lace)</p></li><li><p>Scalloped Lantern (Lace)</p></li><li><p>dazzle by day</p><p>glow by nightLanterns are a dazzling way</p><p>to add some warmth and glow to the wedding tables. </p><p>Learn how easy it is to assemble lace lanterns with this step-by-step tutorial.</p><p>Snowflake Lantern (Lace)</p></li><li><p>Floral Fascinator (Lace)</p></li><li><p>Little detailsSometimes its all in the little details. Small items like jewelery or lace top hats on groom bears can make those pieces extra special, especially when theyre customized for the big day. </p><p>You dont have to go crazy trying to embroider everything. Pick the little things that matter if it becomes too much of a project.</p><p>Beautiful Bow (Lace)</p><p>Tiny Top Hat (Lace)</p></li><li><p>Accents &amp; DecorRing Pillows</p><p>Cake Toppers</p><p>Wrapped Unity Candle</p><p>Lace Bow Tie</p><p>Lace Top Hat</p><p>Bunting</p><p>Lace Lanterns</p><p>Yay Flags</p><p>Table Numbers</p><p>Hooped Accents</p><p>Wedding Pillows</p><p>Table Runners</p><p>Napkins</p><p>Chair Signs</p><p>Favor Bags</p><p>Guestbooks</p><p>Reception Signs</p><p>Brides SideBride Robe</p><p>Lace Fascinator</p><p>Handkerchief</p><p>Lace Necklace</p><p>Lace Earrings</p><p>Lace Cuff</p><p>Bridesmaids Gifts</p><p>Dress Details</p><p>Corset Accents</p><p>Wrap/Shawl</p><p>Veil</p><p>Tote/Duffel Bags</p><p>Lace Shoe Accents</p><p>Garter</p><p>Gift ideasHeirloom Pillow</p><p>Bath Towels</p><p>Stitched Card</p><p>Photo Album</p><p>Hoop Art</p><p>Wedding Quilt</p><p>Grooms SideGarment Bags</p><p>Groomsman Gifts</p><p>Ties</p><p>Cravats</p><p>Pocket Squares</p><p>Handkerchief</p><p>Slippers</p><p>Hat</p><p>Groom Shirt</p><p>things you can embroiderfor the big day:</p></li><li><p>Asymmetrical Bloom Necklace (Lace)</p></li><li><p>Briar Rose Corner</p></li><li><p>Cant decide on a theme? You can never go wrong with classic motifs </p><p>like roses and lace. Change them up to suit your colors and theyll be </p><p>a chic accent to any wedding.</p><p>style Tip:</p><p>Briar Rose Pack</p><p>Mr. and Mrs. Script (Split) </p></li><li><p>SPEll it outLetters and monogramming are great ways to personalize your day or make wedding gifts extra special. Spell out dates, add decorative initials, or even spell out romantic phrases and names in lace bunting.</p><p>Mendhika Alphabet Pack</p><p>Bunting Alphabet Pack</p></li><li><p>DazzLinG DECorWant to make a big statement? Go big with lace! These elegant lace birds in white make a stunning mobile that would enchant around ceremony locations or as reception decor. </p><p>Lacewing Pack</p></li><li><p>Table runners and tablecloths are a great place to go over the top with embroidery! Just make sure if youre going with heavier designs you pick a fabric and stabilizer that are sturdy enough to hold up to them.</p><p>design Tip:</p><p>Briar Rose Border</p></li><li><p>gifts to rememberGoing to a wedding, and want a crafty idea for a gift? Heirloom pillows are a project that the </p><p>bride and groom can cherish in their home forever. Use big gorgeous letters, and add a date to make it extra personal! You can use </p><p>this same idea for wall hangings andhoop art as well.</p><p>Letter Perfect Alphabet Pack</p></li><li><p>classicCustomerCelebrationsUrban Threads customers are finding all kinds of stunning ways of adding embroidery to their wedding events, using everything from classic ring pillows to chic ampersands. Even lace top hats that match the wedding party! </p><p>Theres no wrong way to add a custom touch of classic embroidery to your celebration.</p><p>by Serendipia</p><p>by Lori Fisher</p></li><li><p>by Terri Willner</p><p>by Jacqueline Johnson</p><p>by Nichole Wilkins</p><p>by Julia Foster </p><p>by Leslee Schoofs</p></li><li><p>Mr. and Mrs. Script (Split)</p></li><li><p>wrap it upWant an extra special way to wrap up </p><p>a wedding card, thank you card or special wedding day love notes? </p><p>How about this lace envelope?</p><p>Sealed with Roses (Lace)</p></li><li><p>a vision in whiteYou can never go wrong with a tone-on-tone stunner in white. If youre not sure how to incorporate some of your favorite designs into the big day, stitch them all in white for an instant and classy bridal effect.</p><p>Baroque Punk Swallow</p></li><li><p>romance in blackOf course for some, traditional isnt at all what youre </p><p>looking for on the big day. From the offbeat to the downright unusual, wedding trends dont always have </p><p>to be the norm. Thats the fun of making it yourself...</p><p>Gather Ye Rosebuds</p></li><li><p>A differentkind of weddingIf your idea of the big day is less white and roses and a little more dark and steampunk, we have you covered. Everything from elegantly gothic to Dia de los Muertos and beyond, its never been as easy to make your wedding the way you want it with these unique designs...</p><p>See more of this gorgeous custom steampunk gown on the blog</p><p>Clockwork Natura Pack</p></li><li><p>If you stitch your lace in cotton, you can customize it with fabric dye for stunning ombre effects!</p><p>design Tip:</p><p>Evenfall Lace Pack</p></li><li><p>offbeatCustomerCelebrationsUrban Threads customers have found all kinds of unique ways of using embroidery to personalize their big day! Everything from steampunk to gorgeous, colorful lace has been crafted into offbeat weddings of crafty stitchers.</p><p>Embroidery lets you add your own unique twist to your big day, allowing everything from non-traditional colors to alternative motifs you just wont find with other ready-made wedding items.</p><p>by Maris Wolff</p><p>by Felix Eddy</p></li><li><p>by JeanelleATaustind</p><p>By Wedding Favor Bags</p><p>by JBGmax</p><p>by Annemieke</p><p>by Natalia Demina</p><p>By Ann Marie Mullins</p></li><li><p>Til death do us partGothic and offbeat weddings can have a lot of drama and glamour. Just because its not traditional doesnt mean it cant be just as classy and beautiful. Take the classic ideas and turn them on their head. A tone-on-tone pillow in black instead of purple. A gothic choker in dark tones instead of white. Wall hangings and accents with a darker flair. Your day, your way, no matter what your style.</p><p>Til Death Do Us Part</p></li><li><p>Black Rose Choker</p></li><li><p>DARKLY ROMANTICCoordinate your couples look with something totally unique. The elegant Gothic Nouveau collection works well on guys and girls finery, and let you find a look for both of you that suits your own wedding style. Perfect for dark fall weddings!</p><p>See more of this darkly romantic custom couples look on the blog</p><p>Gothic Nouveau Pack</p></li><li><p>Dark Adornments Cuff Bracelet</p><p>Dark Adornments Flower</p><p>Lace accents are an excellent way to dress up an alternative look without going overboard on embroidery.</p><p>STYLE Tip:</p></li><li><p>See how to make a custom candle wrap with this easy tutorial</p><p>Til Death</p></li><li><p>skulls &amp; bats &amp;dresses ... oh my!</p><p>Mix in some skulls and bats for a full-on Halloween or Dia de los Muertos event. Theres no reason to shy away from the </p><p>dark side when its this pretty!</p><p>Spooky Delicate Dress</p><p>Ghost Baroque Bat</p></li><li><p>Dia de los Muertos Steampunk</p><p>Gothic Fantasty</p><p>a wedding for every style</p></li><li><p>a wedding for every couple</p><p>LGBT couples can customize their weddings to their own tastes and styles. Mix-n-match </p><p>designs and flexible options mean every couple can have something that represents </p><p>them and their interests on the big day.</p><p>Love and embroidery are for everyone!</p><p>Mrs. and Mrs. Script</p><p>His Cameo</p></li><li><p>www.urbanthreads.comSee more wedding ideas, offbeat or otherwise, at </p><p>If youre going for an offbeat theme, dont just search for wedding stuff! Elegant and spooky designs in the Halloween and Autumn sections are perfect for an October wedding!</p><p>style Tip:</p><p>Ghost Baroque Pack</p></li></ul>