us international visit to chicago & new .us international visit to chicago & new york ......


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    This mission aims to assist high-growth B2B Tech companies, seeking to identify partnerships and to explore business opportunities in the US.

    The US has reclaimed the top spot as the UKs most valued trading partner, accounting for 4.4 billion of the total value of all exports in April 2016, and is ranked the fourth easiest country to do business with.

    The Market Visit to Chicago and New York, organised by the Mayors International Business Programme and London & Partners, offers London businesses the opportunity to connect them with senior-level tech executives at one to one meetings, roundtables and networking events as well as with international investors at investor pitching events.

  • Alain Falys, Co Founder and CEOYoyo WalletSector: TechnologySub-Sector: Retail

    Yoyo Wallet is a mobile-first payment, loyalty and personalised marketing platform for retailers, brands, and the consumers they want to serve.

    Alex Grant, FounderTouriocitySector: TechnologySub-Sector: Leisure-Tourism

    Touriocity provides private and personalised city tours in the world's greatest cities.

    Barry Whyte, Chief Operating OfficerDecoded Sector: TechnologySub-Sector: Education

    Accelerated learning programmes for organizations undergoing digital transformation.


  • Beata Green, Strategic DirectorHead Channel Sector: TechnologySub-Sector: Business-Services

    We are a UK-based software company who specialise in developing premium web and mobile bespoke applications. Whether youve already got an idea or a business problem that needs solving, were here to help with our crack team of technical experts.

    Carl Engelmarc, General ManagerShopitizeSector: TechnologySub-Sector: Retail

    Shopitize is a mobile marketing platform that drives shoppers to store to purchase, validates the purchase via a photo of the receipt and delivers a range of rewards, all without the need for retailer or pack integration. Clients: FMCG brands & retailers incl. PepsiCo, Pernod Ricard and Kellogg's.

    Carl, McGregor, Commercial DirectorEyeteaseSector: TechnologySub-Sector: Transport

    Eyetease is a multi-award winning technology company specialising in disruptive digital media propositions for taxis. Ranked in the top 20 tech start-ups in the UK and top 250 fastest growing UK businesses.

  • Dana Denis-Smith, Chief Executive OfficerObelisk Support Sector: TechnologySub-Sector: Services

    Obelisk Support is an award-winning business that pools together extremely able ex-City lawyers to provide high quality, adaptable and affordable legal support to law firms and in-house teams globally. Through its flexible business model, lawyers can be placed with clients on an interim basis, or can work remotely for the client, either on stand-by or as backup legal advisers.

    Damian Hamp-Adams, Chief Executive OfficerRocketseedSector: TechnologySub-Sector: Advertising

    Rocketseed is a next generation Email Media solution. It transforms everyday business email (i.e. normal business correspondence done via email) from being a communications form to being an interactive marketing and CRM tool. For everyday business email, Rocketseedenhances engagement.

    David Hesketh, COO & FounderFinancial Skills (Trading Hub) Sector: TechnologySub-Sector: Cyber

    Financial Skills Limited (trading as TradingHub) provides trade surveillance software to banks, hedge funds, asset managers, regulators, brokers, exchanges and a host of other institutions. Products include surveillance tools to identify market abuse and rogue trading risks in client data. Products identify market abuse, rogue trading and behavioural finance influenced performance.

  • Emma Sinclair, Co-FounderEnterpriseJungleSector: TechnologySub-Sector: Data

    EnterpriseJungle build innovative enterprise software for the worlds largest corporations: Using the power of the cloud to bring together systems, process and intelligence, they deliver game changing tools for large companies that give employees and employers a competitive advantage by intelligently leveraging big data and cloud technology, with low cost of ownership and short time to live. Their suite of SaaS solutions provide business insights, in real time, that were previously unavailable - and give customers a competitive edge.

    Guy Mucklow, PresidentPCA PredictSector: TechnologySub-Sector: Financial-Services

    A leading SaaS business providing data validation and predictive behavioural services to improve the management of customer experience in ecommerce

    Graham Williams, CEO & Co-Founder CloudBanterSector: TechnologySub-Sector: Advertising

    Cloudbanter monetises and unifies mobile messaging for SMS, Instant Messaging and Voice for the financial and usability benefits of Mobile Users, Mobile Operators and Advertisers across all phones globally.

  • Husayn Kassi, Chief Executive OfficerOnfido Background Checks Sector: TechnologySub-Sector: Enterprise

    Onfido delivers next-generation background checks, helping businesses across the world verify anyone, anywhere. Powered by machine-learning technology, Onfido is a fast and simple way for businesses to verify identities and and carry out adverse history searches - remotely and at scale.

    Jan Quant, Chief Executive OfficerScreendragonSector: TechnologySub-Sector: Data

    Screendragon is process & project management software for high performance marketing & agency teams. Balancing design and technology, Screendragon supports the flow of information & sharing of marketing assets, for greater efficiency, compliance and quality in the marketing function.

    James Harrison, Chief Executive OfficerSky-Futures Sector: TechnologySub-Sector: Data

    Sky-Futures is a drone enabled data company focussed on the O&G industry.

  • Jon Chapman, Sales DirectorFixFloSector: TechnologySub-Sector: Property

    FixFlo designs, develops and sells software to assist with residential and commercial property management. Its core product is used in c.400,000 rental homes to assist with repair reporting and repair management. The company has clients across a range of sectors and countries.

    Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEOPavegenSector: UrbanSub-Sector: Energy

    Pavegen are a clean technology company that manufacture and develop flooring, converting the energy from footsteps into renewable electricity. Every step taken can be harnessed and used to power lighting, advertisement displays and signage, or stored in batteries for later use.

    Sarah McVittie, Co-FounderDressipiSector: TechnologySub-Sector:

    Dressipi is a proven leader in the fashion personalisation space, offering every woman their own digital stylist. Each customer is able to access their own personalised edit of what suits them best, advice on how to create outfits with new garments or items they already own - all in their best size.

  • Shira Feuer, VP MarketingLost My Name Sector: TechnologySub-Sector: Retail

    Lost My Name is a marvellous award winning startup that plays at the intersection between storytelling and technology. It has created both the best-selling and the most technologically advanced personalised picture books in the world, delighting over 1.6 million children in 178 countries.

    Robert Timms, DirectorTranslate Plus Sector: Technology Sub-Sector: Enterprise

    Translate Plus is a leading provider of B2B language technology and services, helping clients to communicate in any language and in any medium. Founded in 2008, we have grown to an annual turnover of over 7m and more than 120 permanent staff, the majority of which are based in our London HQ.

    Ryan Kliszat, CEO & Co-FounderVerticlySector: TechnologySub-Sector: Advertising

    Verticly is a leading marketing attribution and one to one conversion technology platform. It enables brands and retailers to connect with individual consumers through the media they use to deliver personalised messages and offers that drive purchase, both offline and online.

  • Sandra Sassow, Chief Executive OfficerSEaB Energy Sector: UrbanSub-Sector: Energy

    SEaB Energy has developed the patented, award-winning Muckbusterand Flexibuster, compact and easy to install micro power plants that turn food and bio-wastes into heat, electricity, water and fertiliser.

    Titus Sharpe, CEOMVF Sector: TechnologySub-Sector: Marketing

    MVF is one of the UK's fastest growing tech companies and is an international leader in customer acquisition and lead generation. MVF uses proprietary technology, data driven analytics and in-house digital marketing expertise to provide the world's leading brands with high volumes of new customers.


    The Mayors International Business Programme helps ambitious high-growth (scale-up) companies from Londons technology, life sciences and urban sectors to expand their businesses internationally.

    The programme is supported by BDO, Benoy, KPMG, LCCI and PA Consulting and is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

    One-to-one and one-to-many mentoring and ongoing guidance from entrepreneurs and business leaders

    Focused workshops and events that provide the opportunity to learn from expert advisers

    The opportunity to join high-profile targeted trade missions led by our team of international business experts

    Live leads for specific business opportunities in North America, Europe, China and India

    Tailored to fit a companys specific internat