usability & conversion: how to make your website sell more

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:: WebBar - Web Marketing Group Barcelona :: -- Min Ahmed's 7 minutes pitch about usability and conversion improvement at 3rd WebBar meetup in Barcelona, 17th of May 2010. http://We


  • 1. Usability & Conversion: How to make your website sell more
    By Min Ahmed
    Amcats Limited UK
  • 2. 2 basic happen on the web
    Get traffic
    Convert customers
    Usability & Conversion: How to make your website sell more
    Concentrate on SEO and Usability
  • 3. Various Ways to get Traffic
    SEO mechanisms
    Value added content
    Increase in customer perception as measured by google
    Affiliate marketing
    Digital marketing emails, news letters
  • 4. Concentrate on SEO
    85% of users click on natural search
    Top 4 PPC = 7 10 in Nat Results (views)
    That means natural search yeilds 2 3 times better results
    Study by Enquiro et al
  • 5. Visibility of Paid Search Results
    Increased risk
    Need to clearly define your PPC Strategy
    Tactical plan that is detailed
    Well Researched
  • 6. Visibility of natural search results
    Lower risk
    BUT more effort
    Value added content
    Build better usability
    Lower bounce rates
  • 7. Converting Traffic
    Usability is not just user journey and better design
    Google pushes sites perceived by customers/users to be best in dealing with a question
  • 8. Converting Traffic
    Model each page in the information architecture to precise user needs
    Users needs modelled to keywords
    Copy and content follow white hat techniques
    Build real estate on the following principles
    Google to you Stay or Go is 20 secs average
    Keep key tasks above the fold
    Do not use marketing fluff