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Use of online discussion forums. Contact person: Helen Dewhurst,, Foundation Degree Forward ( fdf ) Work Based Learning innovation: Use of online discussion forums - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Use of online discussion forumsContact person: Helen Dewhurst,, Foundation Degree Forward (fdf)Work Based Learning innovation: Use of online discussion forumsThis is a strategy being used to support and assess students working to complete a Foundation degree from within companies in the travel and retail sectors where the workforce is widely geographically distributed (nationally and internationally) and all students are engaging with their learning via a blended approach that utilise shared VLEs (online classrooms). Via the classrooms, students have access to a custom built, integrated e portfolio and VLE functionality. The classrooms are accessed via public web sites and are managed by fdf and used by a network of HE institutions to support their delivery of WBL. The online discussion feature of the systems can be used to encourage students to share, develop and refine their understanding and opinions about a range of topics and learning points and to facilitate assessment. An example assessment brief is reproduced below:Once you have completed your written analysis of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the companys service promise in the current operational climate, you are also required to participate in an e debate to discuss this analysis with your colleagues. You will need to identify three key points that summarise your position on the relationship between the promise and business targets and the management implications of competing on the basis of service quality. You will be expected to make reference to appropriate theoretical principles as part of your postings.This aspect of the assessment is intended to encourage a debate in which you share your views on the topic (demonstrating your understanding and communication skills) and engage in debate with others about these views and theirs. You should consider how your perspective and those of others is likely to be and can be informed and influenced by a range of factors e.g. the role you each fulfil in the organisation.The e debate will be open from 9am on Mon 3rd August until 12 midnight on Friday 28th August 2009 (GMT) and will be moderated by your tutor during this period. By the end date of 28th August 2009, you are expected to have posted at least three discussion points of your own and to have followed the debate in full. On completion of the debate, you will be asked to complete a self-reflective analysis of your role in the organisation in relation to the service promise. This must include consideration of how your perspective on the topic has been influenced by theoretical principles and the group debate exercise.